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Reviewed in India on 14 July 2019
I have six dogs. One Lhas Apso and five Pomeranians. So, when the tick and flea infestation started, I was terrified.

I tried to hand pick them and destroy using kerosene. Nothing worked. It only increased with every day. (Advanced stage).Then I did some research and stumpled on this product.

What I did is showered the dogs using Himalaya Erina-EP Tick and Flea Control Shampoo, 200 ml -

While using this shampoo, after five minutes of massaging, the ticks and fleas kind off come off in an intoxicated state. I didn't want them falling off and later, once again they find my dogs. So, I picked them one by one and put it in kerosene, burning the liquid aftermath. That way ensuring they'll never escape.

After that, when the dogs are dry I applied Vivaldis Single Pipette Treatment Of Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice Infestation For Dogs Upt 0 - 10Kg -

I was amazed to see the results. The medicine worked for 45 days. But again, it was rainy season, so the dogs have the habit of going into it. Also, they play outside a lot. So, I knew I have to be careful. Now I noticed, one or two ticks popping here and there and I have ordered my next batch.

I'll say if your dogs have a habit of playing outside, then the infestation risk is higher. So, always keep an eye out. Take them to your vet if they show signs of allergy or skin rashes. These tiny bitches will give diseases to your lovely pets.

Note: Remember, always be patient with your pet. They can't help themselves, you have to care for them. It's disheartening to see people leaving their pets on the streets because they couldn't control this. Don't do this. You don't dump a family member on the street just because they got lice infestation. Pets are one of your family members.
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