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2 June 2019
Review after day one of set up and usage. I was skeptical about the performance as I had read mixed reviews here but since I have testing gadgets at home I was pretty sure that I will order a refund if my piece fails my test. It was heartening to see that this switch works as described by seller. My test bench

1. 0 to 290 V Variac for variable ac voltage
2. Mastech multimeter
3. Uni T multimeter


1. The switch has a default setting of 170 for low and 270 for high voltage. Current setting was not 40A but was at 63A.

2. Voltage accuracy can't be verified as my two multimeters have a difference of around 10 volts but this switch was 3 volts less than mastech indications always.

3. The setting up is exactly as described in the manual but I found the push buttons very hard to press. The set button as well as the up down button.

4. Fitment on rail was easy and no size issues.

5. Build quality is good. As we can see its a chinese product renamed by an indian seller. I took this from Amazon and not alixpress considering the warranty which the seller is offering.

6. Few ppl have written that it was not cutting off the supply immediately. In my switch it was cutting off instantly in case of low voltage as well as high voltage. No delay at all.

7. Reconnect default time is 30 seconds which I find a bit too much so I have reduced to 9 secs in my switch. This 9 seconds delay will always be there even if supply is interrupted and you will have to wait for this time delay always. Indians will feel bad for this time duration as the neighbor will have his/her lights on 😋

8. Also the high voltage limit of 270 seems too high to me so I got it down to 250v. Depending upon the distance from your distribution transformer you can decide whats good for your household. I got my current setting down to 20A since my normal load is unlikely to exceed 12A. You can get it down to whatever you like but dont leave it at 63A as its too high.

9. Overall a good product and does the work as described. I just hope that its longlasting.

After 5 days of usage: Working fine however I thought of testing the overcurrent limit today. Brought down the current trigger from my adjusted value of 20A to 6A. As I increased the load the switch tripped off at 4.5 A. It kept on tripping everytime. Current overprotection is not very accurate. I increased my current setting to 15A thereafter. Atleast its tripping earlier and not later.
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