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Reviewed in India on 9 February 2018
Is dealing with people your biggest stressor? It is for most and life has gotten more complex with the Internet. Here people can say anything and everything with little repercussions. This book explains that we should think of each communication online as a way to build trust. Many people also wish to be influencers. Since life is all about relationships this book explains how to be well liked by those you are in contact with online.

I will say than telling a lie to someone to help them save face may not always be the wisest thing to do. However, the advice to admit to your mistakes is valuable.

The original "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is still a great book to read and I'd recommend it. This book is also well worth taking the time to read as it provides a modern and positive message which is inspirational. I thought the author expressed his ideas well and gives very thoughtful advice.

Also, I did not originally like this book when I first read it. Maybe I wasn't ready and needed to be more humble to accept the messages this book provides. On the second reading I agreed with most of the book. It took five months for me to read this book again and I'm glad I gave it a second chance.
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