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Reviewed in India on 27 October 2019
This book should be read for the ideas that it it talks of. Most of them appear common-sensical like, build up assets not liabilities. Some I personally had some difficulty swallowing, like pay yourself first even if you have creditors screaming at you to give their money back as this will pressurize you into generating brilliant financial solutions.

Kiyosaki's examples of success are often his own, for example he tells of when he bought a house which was down in price and then sold it within hours by advertising it and made a fairly huge profit. One wonders how he did that without checking what the state of the property was and how could he be so sure of finding a buyer when the market was down and everybody was selling.

However, personally I would still recommend reading this book because it does offer insights that could work. Just make sure you take a good look at what are truly your limitations instead of following the author's advice blindly and burning your hands. Got it for Rs. 159.
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