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Reviewed in India on 26 January 2019
The creatures outside looked from pig to man,and from man to pig,and again from pig to man; but already it was impossible to say which was what.
~~Animal Farm by George Orwell
~~Year of publication: 1944
~~Genre : Political satire

Plot: In Manor farm,England , rebellious animals overthrow the human power considering them as their only enemy.

Now, they are free and will live harmoniously ,they thought. But, with passing years they again are in deep subconscious control of other dominating animals and their circumstances are much worse than being under humans.

This is my first book by George Orwell and I am just awestruck by his fine literature.
There are many characters in the story and being a short memory person I was now and then forgetting,what character represented which role.
My favourite were Clover and Boxer, both of them were hard workers and very loyal and the most evil I felt was Squealer the 🐷,who kept manipulating the farm animals about his leaders achievements.

Being a fiction, message of the story was completely real.
Book is about communism, being rebellious, corruption and how things can be manipulated by simple propaganda of ruling party.
I felt the whole political scene where people vote just to get the temporary solutions without understanding the real problems of the society.
This book is very honest about how ruling parties manipulate the society for their own benefits. Divide and rule always plays a major role.
This masterpiece explains the exact scenario of today's politics and society.
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4.6 out of 5
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