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Reviewed in India on 9 May 2015
It was purchased and read in one sitting. I found the book intriguing, to say the least. But for me to give the sequel a five star rating, I'd like to mention a few points.
1) The plot needs to be developed a bit more slowly. Frankly speaking, I found the book a page turner, but what I found missing was the proper development of the plot. True, the author revealed the secrets as we go along the book, But a bit of a back story between the characters would have been better. I read the previous book which wasn't a part of the series. Still I found that the lead characters in positive and negative roles needed a bit more development.

2) I can imagine the amount of research that would have went into the creation of this wondrous piece, but I think that the people who weren't familiar with the concepts of Indian Mythology would have needed a bit more of background stories surrounding the myths. The creativity in perceiving the various meanings of Shlokas was amazing, but the readers would find it better if the background story was explained in a bit more detail.

3) The action scenes seemed to be a bit rushed. When you talk about adrenaline rush, mere seconds feel like hours. The same could have been portrayed better. The feelings of characters on both sides could have been detailed. The thoughts going on during the action sequences matter more than the actions taking place. Try to insert these in the following books.

Overall I'd say the book brings out entirely new perspective to not one, but two of the world's biggest mysteries. Mahabharata and the conquest of Alexander the Great. I'd wait for the next release and will be among the first to purchase it.
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