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Reviewed in India on 10 January 2014
I recently bought this external hard drive for my computer. It's my 3rd WD external. The other two are working fine for the last few years (quite a few years, in fact) but they are different sub-brands and have much less capacity (a 1 TB external was a dream at that time). So going for the WD was an automatic choice and a no brainer. I found the price on Amazon to be the lowest available online in India. It was a good Rs 1000 cheaper than on flipkart. However, I found the price was pushed back up almost immediately after my purchase. Lucky me :-)
Amazon's packaging was superb. No complaints on that count. Absolutely as it should be with an international leader. It was delivered on time.
So cheap price, on time delivery, excellent packaging. What more do I want from Amazon?

Now the product itself.

Before buying I found a few negative comments about the length of the jack. For me it was not an issue at all. In fact I don't understand why it needs to be a long jack. As long as it is not dangling from the USB port I am fine with it. I use an iMac and it's just fine for me.
Regarding speed I don't have too much experience with other externals. I am fine with the speed. I use it to back up my photographs. And at a time I wrote some 200 GB of data. I set it up and went to sleep overnight. I don't really care about how long it took.
Regarding quality of data protection or longevity of the product, my data in all the WDs is still intact, touch wood. So I don't really know what to say. An electronic product can always fail. Mine hasn't so far. I have the data in 2/3 places. So I have the backups of backups and I am not depending on any one hard disk.
This was my first online purchase of an external hard disk. Previously I would always tell the shopkeeper to give me an external that would work on a Mac without any need for formatting. And they have. I am quite illiterate about these things and don't want to learn how to format an external hard drive for Mac.

But this time I found this external was pre-formatted for Windows and it did not reformat itself for Mac automatically. For making it work on my Mac I had to reformat it. Not a big deal. But I thought this is worth mentioning and perhaps the only negative.

One major negative about Western Digital's online warranty registration - it is so bloody complicated to just get registered. They want all your details. And everything is mandatory. For example, I don't have a land phone at home. But they don't care. You have to give them a land phone number. No escape.

Getting a Nobel in rocket science is perhaps easier I thought.I seriously gave up after several failed attempts. Is this a deal breaker for me? Not with a small external hard disk. But if I have to buy something expensive from WD I will probably not or think twice.
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