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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 18 June 2021
As always , book is awesome and kinda crazy not gonna lie.
1: Book is just as awesome.
2 : Had a lot of ninja vibe.
3 : Story has mystery .
4 : Everyone loves ninjas and this book series has ninjas.
5 : The author builds up the story and the plot so well.
6 : This is a bit of shocking that Wyatt teams up with Chase.
7 : Jokes were funny as usual .
8 : Book was soo filaarious.
9 : Just love the book.
Dislikes :

The story was so good and I loved the mystery .This book series never fails to touch our hearts.Im in love this series and I wanna be a ninja because they sound so cool.Your books are great.But there is a mistake too : Every story has mystery, investigation and betrayal so every book does kind of have a same matching vibe.Love the book though.
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