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6 January 2019
Sigh...I really, really wanted this gel to work a lot. I really did. It seemed amazing, being flaxseed based and cheap and affordable in the long run, not to mention 300ml would last a really long time, but it's failed me.

It has zero hold, ZERO hold. My waves have lost a lot of definition since using this, and have clumped weirdly, making my hair look like dreadlocks. My hair is still really dry and frizzy despite looking shiny, but the shine is more like a "coated in oil" kind of shine rather than a natural, healthy shine. Its weighed my hair down terribly, and I can't bring myself to finish the bottle at all.

However, there are some good points to this. It has absolutely zero cast and acts more like a creme gel than a gel per say. So it may actually work for those people who dislike the cast that gels give. Also, it has castor oil as the third ingredient, which I suspect really weighed my hair down and caused even more frizz. But, if your hair is really high porosity and loves castor oil, this might actually work for you.

I feel like this gel won't suit fine, thin and wavy haired people at all, as well as low porosity hair. It just sits on top. However, the idea is in the right direction.

If the gel had a little less castor oil or if it even was entirely removed, I feel like it might have a bit more hold. Perhaps a different version of this hair gel replacing castor oil with another lighter oil like argan oil? Perhaps a little more hold? I'm sure that version of the gel will explode in the CG community as an affordable gel in high quantity.

But at the moment, I won't buy this again. I'll stick to my Arata Hair Gel, but I have hope that the company is listening to the needs of the curly girl community.

Should you buy this gel?

If your hair is highly porous, thick, coarse and resistant to buildup, and if you've got a texture beyond 3A, I'm sure you can grow to like this gel. It won't suit people with wavy hair, medium to low porosity hair, fine and thin hair prone to buildup.
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