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Reviewed in India on 22 July 2019
I have waited for almost 2 months to write this review because I wanted to use the product thoruoghly and then give an honest review to the other customers. I was very skeptical on buying a mattress online without trying it physically but then the company's 30 nights trial and 100% money back policy encouraged me to take a chance and place an order on Amazon. Trust me I don't regret my decision of buying the mattress online and would like to buy in future from the same manufacturer. Given below are some of Pros & Cons of the product for you to help make a better buying decision.
* The orthopedic memory foam is available at a very competitive price of 16K and sometimes the product is also listed under lightning deals so if you are lucky then you can also seal the deal at 15K. At this price point it's difficult to get orthopedic memory foam mattress
* The mattress is having a genuine memory foam effect and you can easily see the impression once you get up from the bed
* Mattress is super comfortable to sleep on and it distributes the weight evenly so that you don't get the sinking feeling like the other memory foams
* Some people have complained about feeling hot when using this mattress but as of now I haven't experienceed it. Instead the mattress allows the air circulation to happen and it keeps the body temperatures moderate as it has a cooling gel layer
* You have an option of getting the mattress customized as per your bed size so that you can find a perfect fit for your bed. The customer service people will call you to confirm on the mattress size and then ship the order
* The mattress comes in a vaccum sealed pack and hence the delivery is hassle free and once you puncture into the plastic wrap then within 15 secs the product comes to its original shape
* The mattress comes with a mattress cover along with a zipper on 3 sides so you need not worry about buying a mattress cover. The mattress cover is also washable in nature so you can easily remove the cover and wash it when it gets dirty
* The mattress is completely odorless and has no fiberogens which insticate the allergic reactions

* Would have been good if the mattress cover was not white in color because it might get dirty very soon
* The mattress is not good for sitting and working for long hours as because of the memory foan you might get the sinking feeling and the posture won't be comfortable

The best thing that this company is doing that they are donating mattress to homeless centers which is a good CSR initiative taken unlike the other companies who keep the entire profit for themselves. Keep up the good work guys. As far as I'm concern, I'm actually becoming a lazy cat slowly and gradually. :)
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