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Reviewed in India on 24 February 2021
The book is 500 pages long and boring. Took me 3 tries, over 8 months to finally finish the book. The book could have been cut in half and it would have been twice as interesting.

After reading S&B triology and SoC duology, your image of Nikolai has been set so high, but this book fails to build on that. The book is titled King of Scars and I still don't understand why half of it is set in Fjerda following Nina and her crew, who doesn't really have anything to add to Nikolai's story and how he deals with the Darkling's aftermath. You get very little information about how Ravka and it's people managed to get back to thier lives after the civil war. You don't get to read about Nikolai being the king we all thought he could be as often as you wish.

After some time you get to a good part of the book, and you start to think finally you are getting to the meat of the story but no, suddenly you are yoinked into Fjerda where Nina is talking to a tomboy, who is "not like the other girls" and likes to ride horses. It is so frustrating that this happens so often in the book that you lose track of what you are reading. And don't get me wrong, reading about Nina is an absolute pleasure but not in this book. You'd think Nina would make any story fun but somehow not this story. Maybe Nina's story could have been told in a different book.
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