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Reviewed in India on 12 July 2020
Amish is back!! And this time he brings forth a chapter in our long forgotten history. The legend of King Suheldev of Shravasti kingdom. The tale is set in 10th century AD , a time when India was fraught with divisions and was facing invasion from foreign invaders like the Turks. Turks were brutal warriors filled with the sole purpose of destruction and loot. The book starts with the gruesome seen of destruction of the revered Somnath temple. Amish describes the massacre brutally, you literally get transported to the era of 1025 AD. The events of the Somnath temple set in motion a chain of events , which change the life of Suheldev and set him on path for his grand journey. How Suheldev unites a thoroughly divided India and beats down the Turk to the last standing man form the remaining of the book. Amish is a master storyteller and describes the caste division beautifully. He shows the inability of the kings of that era to overcome their petty differences. As typical of a Amish tale there are grand battle sequences, thrills and deceits all culminating in the grand battle of Baharaich. This tale is a reminder of the age old proverb United we stand divided we fall. This book couldn't have come at a better time when we all Indians can take a leaf out of the life of Suheldev.
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