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Reviewed in India on 11 October 2019
I have owned & used a few tripods. However, the cheaper ones are either missing a few critical features or weighs too much for it to be comfortably portable. In my hunt for that compact tripod - I stumbled upon the Slovic Aluminum tripod. I picked it up for 1399 though I see that the price has now dropped to 1299. I say this because even at 1399, this is an excellent tripod & offers great value.
Fair callout - I am no pro photographer. But I love to travel & my work sometimes takes me around the world. For the most part - I travel alone & hence having a tripod which is compact & light is critical to me. I do click a lot of time-lapse & night shots which mostly require stable setup. Glad to report that this tripod ticks all the right boxes.
Adjustments wise - this tripod comes with a slew of settings to play around with in order to get the right position & angle. The entire head unit & base camera mount is fully adjustable as well as lockable for position.
The highlight are the 2 separate bubble levels placed strategically on the head unit which ensure you always have your setup to level. Now I find this extremely handy since I usually find myself using the tripod on grass or uneven ground & I do not need to rely on the gridlines in the camera to see if its all at level. Super useful feature indeed. Another handy feature is the quick release base mounting plate. With a large swivel lock - you can release & replace the entire base plate. This means you can have the baseplate attached to your DSLR permanently & snap it into the tripod whenever needed.
The tripod legs come with ball socket type stands which adjust freely to give the stand stability without any fuss. Each leg has 2 clip type locks which open & extend the height of the stand all the way to 60cms. Additionally, the entire base unit itself is placed on a screw-type mechanism with a lever to increase or decrease its height.
There is a plastic handle to carry the tripod around along with an easy black bag with shoulder belt. Makes it easy to travel. I also found it easy to mount my GoPro Hero 5 session & Hero 7 Black. Great for time-lapse or long exposure shots.
I find the stand to be study & reasonably compliant when subjected to the elements. Being built of Aluminum & plastic - it won’t rust & should last for many years to come. The tripod can take a max 3 kg load which should suffice most full-frame DSLRs even with a 300mm lens (or more). The base can be tightened to balance the additional load from the lens & locked for good. I have also used a smaller sized Sony RX100 M5 on it as well & it worked well. The stand also comes with a phone mount which is handy too.
Standalone - the stand weighs 1150 grams which is light by all means. I am still playing around with the settings to get more creative angles on the photos. I am traveling to US next week & I plan to take the tripod along this time for more fun on the trip :)
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