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21 July 2019
If you need to read one book in your entire life, it would be the "Power of Now". Though I have read several spiritual classics and seem to understand the teachings it convey, I realized that I did not gather the underlying message portrayed by those great spiritual texts. It is Eckhart's wisdom showed me what those spiritual texts are actually conveying.

The first radical concept, we live only in the Now, takes time to understand, intellectually, we may seem to understand but to put it in practice it is a different story. We constantly live in the past or future but never in the present. In fact we never really live in the present moment. Eckhart in a very crystal clear manner portrays how we live in a dysfunctional way and opens our eyes to the Present. In the present moment we find our salvation and not anywhere else. If we practice what is presented in the book, we will be giving a present to ourselves.

Do buy and read it. I have recommended this book to all my friends.
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