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Reviewed in India on 19 February 2021
This was so beyond insta-love-y. I couldn't see a single reason why these guys liked each other, other than maybe that they had no other teenagers around. It was very flimsy and there were all these declarations of love, cue eye-rolls.

The amount of curveballs that this book throws at you, at one point you just want to give up and let it hit you in the face. All the drama seemed so unnecessary and seemed extremely made up to feed the MC's ego. Like, I know that is what books are supposed to do, have the universe revolve around the MC but there is a limit to what I can accept.

Alll the science stuff was pretty fun tho, which bumped my rating from maybe 1.5 stars to 2 stars. It made the entire book bearable and occasionally enjoyable for me.
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4.5 out of 5
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