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Reviewed in India on 7 February 2019
The Sialkot Saga. Another gem of a book from Ashwin Sanghi. The master storyteller. It's just not possible to praise his work with the collection of words I have. Just phenomenal. A grand saga and an absolute conspiracy tale. The Sialkot Saga has everything you want. Thriller, history, mythology, love, romance, conspiracy, politics, tragedy, suspense and what not.

As always, the books of Ashwin Sanghi never fails to impress you. It's always wonderful to know that, you follow the works of an author and he never leaves for anything less than spellbinders. The Sialkot Saga is one of them. It's my third book of Mr.Sanghi after Chanakya's Chant and The Krishna Key and I just can't wait to get my hands on The Rozable line. The work takes you into itself just with the sheer brilliance of writing.

The book by usual standards is a huge one. As the name suggests, it's a Saga but the one that never bores you at any point. It's not just content but the writing style that grips you onto it. The book is covered with easy flow of stories which catch up one after the other but also has a deep roots within itself, giving hints at regular intervals waiting to be revealed at the very end of everything.

The books has been written as sections of every decade after the joyous and also the horrific events of Indian independence. The little significant parts of ancient historical India and the rulers come into picture at regular intervals after narration of each decade. The best part of the story is the inclusion of every event of national significance that has happened after the independence of India was attained.

The story majorly revolves around two businessman, one from a Marwari family who goes on to become a huge business tycoon with his sheer brilliance and the other muslim young man coming from the background of Mafia and goes on to become the Central Cabinet minister. The entire take includes the business rivalry between the two men. But all of that is only on the surface. The bigger picture is was being woven in the background only to be revealed at the end of the book.

It's important to mention the way the characters have been developed and the effort taken to manage each one of them and also have connections running around to take the story forward. It isn't just about narrating a story but the precision to which it has been taken care of in respect to the characters, the events in the story, the events related to the history of India and all political high-dramas is what makes this one a must read.
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