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Reviewed in India on 23 May 2021
My Rating: 🌟🌟1/2
Type: Standalone
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Primary Characters: Shadow king & Alessandra Stathos,
Narration: Limited third party

I am an amateur in this genre and still trying to explore and understand this big fantasy world. I picked this book for 2 reasons. One because of reviews/ popularity and other this being standalone, as many fantasy books are generally series. This dystopian world of power and deception wasn’t for me. This book was severely underdeveloped, and wholly uninspiring. In short I was disappointed.

The plot blurb was really interesting and the beginning was promising. Female protagonist Alessandra was antagonist. She was murderous, self-absorbed and wicked. She has set her eyes on Shadow king. She wants to rule the kingdom, have power, be remembered, and have a strong reputation. Her plan seemed simple. But is it really that simple to work on?
1) Woo the Shadow King.
2) Marry him.
3) Kill him and take his kingdom for herself.

I was super disappointed with Kallias, the Shadow King. He was supposed to be the strongest and intimidating person in six kingdoms, but he just lagged in all. The man is called the Shadow King and yet we never get more than a passing understanding of what that means. His powers weren’t properly explored.

The voice of the novel didn’t resonate with Shadow world. There was no consistency in writing. Plot era altered from semi-automatic revolver to arrow. From Switching on light to burning candle. It varied in a blink from page to page. Eg- “In the name of Devil” to “Name of God”

There was a lack in character depth. Plot was promising but was very downgraded. Romance was bland with no chemistry. Writing style was pathetic.

I wish The Shadows Between Us would’ve been something more sinister. Sadly, this book just flopped for me. What are your thoughts? Don’t let my thoughts hamper your decision to pick this up. Read and decide for yourself and let me know your views.
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