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Reviewed in India on 12 May 2021
It's the year 2021, and we live in the 'Age of Information', where data can also be called as 'digital gold'. All the data from our digital existence is processed by Artificial Intelligence. Everything is guided and run by algorithm. Yet, we are unaware of how these algorithms affect us with the advances in technology.

"The World as a Neural Network: The story of AI and our future" by Niraja Bandi and Arghya Chakroborty is a collection of essays which helps it's readers understand the growing influence and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily life activities. The subject of AI is so fast that even an experienced techie finds it difficult to comprehend and this book details the information about the origins of AI, it's importance and the future in simple layman terms.

As an Engineer, I did come across a few projects on AI and the sheer technical knowledge required to understand and implement the algorithms is a herculean task. But the results are worth the effort.
AI can be seen as a boon, if it is in the right hands. With every good thing, there always comes a curse. And AI also has it's fair share of adverse effects in this era of digital gold. All these relevant issues are comprehensively explained in the book.

If you are a science enthusiast or just a person who wants to know more on how our data is processed, then this book is a must read.
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