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28 December 2018
This is my second purchase of this surge protector (6 socket variant). I bought my first one in 2017 and over this year, I've found it to be a very reliable surge protector with excellent materials, craftmanship and build quality; and a nearly 2 meter, supple 3 core cable. The best part is the univeral sockets, that take nearly any country's (US, UK, AU, etc) plugs.

More importantly, the fit is worth a mention. Unlike a lot of cheaper power strips I have used earlier, the Belkin grips the plugs with a solid feel that doesnt allow for any toggle, sparking or loosening. This in itself is the single biggest pro of the product - secure, universal sockets that dont allow the plugs to fall out even if mounted on the wall or upside down under the table. Let me also point out that there is a wall mounting option behind the surge protector, although I did not receive any screws etc with it so you have to figure that out on your own.

Please note that the price tends to fluctuate quite a bit. Most of the time it is priced around Rs 1200 but you can get this at an often discounted rate of Rs 940. However, some buyers have reported price as low as Rs 699 and it is an absolute steal if you can snag it at that price, though such deep discounts are relatively rare. I would say, buy at your convenience (while periodically checking the price) unless you have an urgent requirement. But any any rate below Rs 1000, it is a good deal.

The only gripe I have with this product is that there is only one switch that controls all the sockets, instead of individual switches per socket. Except for that, this is near perfect, and the best value for money surge protector I have used till date.

Highly recommended.
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