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Reviewed in India on 14 May 2020
It was a total waste of time. The book was recommended to me by a friend, now we don't talk anymore.

The book seemed interesting while reading the synopsis, but turned out exactly opposite when I read the actual book. First of all the writing was very childish, full of mistakes and very poorly written. The author needs to work on her skills a lot if she wishes to continue. There was no logic in the story, things just happened and we as readers were expected to just accept them, while it was a load of BS. The story was so predictable that at a point it started irritating. I wanted to stop reading but continued anyway in hope that things might take a turn, but that never happened. And since there was no such thing as a plot, things randomly happened and all that felt ridiculous.

If you have read the review till here, I'm sure you will try to avoid the horror of reading this cr@p (if you really are smart) but in case you still want to read it, first of all, Best of luck, I hope you are able to hold on to your sanity. Stop reading the review right away since I'll be throwing in some spoilers below, even though the whole damn book is a spoiler as it literally spoiled my mood. Anyway, the book revolves around a wannabe cool college-going rich guy who for some reason cannot wake up on time. One day while walking on a street, he spots a girl, for whom he falls almost immediately. Luck was on his side and all the stars align, the girl joins the same college, comes and sits next to him. After a few days of boring drama, they start dating. One day he finds out that the girl he is dating is long dead. She died on the very first day of joining college - all this while this guy, Sid, was dating her ghost, who for some reason was given a few days to spend on earth, just like that. His heart is broken, and now the story turns supernatural - Sid regularly meets the ghost of the girl, Angel Jaswal/AJ (Angel? seriously??) and finds out a ridiculous tragedy story about AJ's parents, who apparently used to torture her and died along with AJ in a road accident. Even after death, AJ's parents still want to torture her (I don't know why) by killing his boyfriend, Sid. Now sid needs to save his --- so one day he stumbles upon an Occultist in a jungle, who for some reason loved doing magic on various things. He assures Sid that he will capture the souls of AJ's parents in a bottle so that they can no longer trouble them. The deal is made, the rituals are to be performed, ouija is involved, and some childish spells later, he announces that he has captured them. The occultist happens to have things like Magic powder, Magic glasses, Magic this and Magic that (I'm not sure if he was actually an Occultist or a magician) but anyway, a blue light appears to take away AJ, but these people start pleading for her life and somehow convinced the blue light to spare her (Nature's laws don't exist in this book, some persuasion can do the job) - The blue light gives them two-hour notice (Really? 🤣) and asks them to find AJ's body so that it can revive AJ. The occultist/magician also possesses a Magic Compass which is also a Body finder. He reads another ridiculous spell and now the compass, instead of showing North, starts to show the direction of AJ's body. After some silly drama, the guys are able to locate her grave, takes precisely 15 minutes to dig the grave and retrieve the body, which again, luckily isn't decayed (even though it's been quite a few days since she died, I bet she was mummified or her coffin had deep freezing capabilities) - Luck is playing a big role in this book. So the guys, again, luckily find a shortcut which takes them to the place where the Blue light is waiting for them (the blue light seriously needs to get a life, I mean it does not have any other work to do) - So just like the lamp genie, the blue light grants AJ her life back by pushing her soul in that dead body. The blue light warns them about consequences then all by itself, makes sure that the memories of people are wiped off, I mean seriously the blue light needs to get a life.

After all this BS, the book ends and so your expectations. So far, the worst book I've ever read, save yourself from this horror. Please.

Note to Author: Next time please try to add some story, also try explaining things rather than leaving all to Magic. Logic is also important.
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