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Reviewed in India on 30 January 2020
(Also reviewed on For The Love of Fictional Worlds)

A Heart So Fierce and Broken picks up where the first book left off – so no, this book DOES NOT standalone – but it does give a whole new perspective to read about – the deliciously stout Commander Grey, who is now on the run from Prince Rhen and Harper; the two people who is the most dear to Grey.

Now, rumours are bound afoot in Emberfell, about another heir to challenge Rhen’s claim to the throne; it doesn’t help that Rhen and Harper’s most trusted man isn’t by their side. On the other hand, Grey is trying his best to live a life in hiding, away from the palace and without any emotional attachments. But things, reality for that matter has a way of cropping up, when you least want it; and that’s exactly what happens with Grey.

I swear, I don’t want to give away any more spoilers (beyond what I have already given you) but I swear; if you haven’t already picked up this series; you are missing out on a lot!

A Heart So Fierce And Broken, killed me and there’s a part of me that hasn’t survived reading it – the fact that Brigid Kemmerer made sure that her readers realise that even Fictional heroes are susceptible to human errors and trust me, that lesson was learned harshly with the pieces of my soul never going to be whole again!

Again, per usual; Ms. Kemmerer writes in such a fabulous way; that I honestly wanted to binge – read the book while simultaneously trying to savour it as well! And believe you me; it wasn’t an easy task AT ALL.

Also Lia Maria; our princess was somehow the PERFECT choice for our Commander Grey – she gave me a solid foundation and strength to stand for what’s right + unconditional support that he had rarely gotten from anyone else *heart eyes*
Also; I absolutely adored that she gave some amazing page time to wonderful secondary characters; and the team that was forged in some trying and traumatic circumstances, now is solid and standing right behind Grey for what seems to be an epic confrontation.

And that cliff-hanger? I barely survived the year’s wait till this beauty released and now you want me to wait a WHOLE YEAR for the third book? I mean; how mean can one author be? But I will wait, cause I NEED to know that everything will be okay with Rhen, Harper and Grey (oh dear Lord, please let everything be okay!).
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