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Reviewed in India on 18 May 2018

What a book, I mean, really what a book. It just magnificent. It has all that a good book needs; great characters, friendship, love, hope, fear. It talks about some sensitive topics as well such as slavery, rape, abuse.....

I've read nearly 75% and realize it'll end soon so I slowed down my pace but if you are avid reader you know the pain of slow reading. Well anyhow, I finished it and here I'm writing the review of this book.

One innocent girl, in order to save his brother, becomes a spy. A boy, one of the finest soldier(or about to be a soldier) hate the way his kingdom rules and plan to run but something comes to him and he chooses to stay and the story goes around these two characters.

Read this book and you'll be amazed the writing style of Sabaa Tahir, it's very plain and simple. The pace is well maintained. My favorite line from this book "Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be. Too much fear and you're paralyzed. Too little fear and you're arrogant."

And Amazon, thanks for the bookmark I was really hoping for one.
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4.5 out of 5
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