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Reviewed in India on 20 May 2018
I can't find RoA or WW17.. is it released?
Anyway I have this idea:-

Name: Frost
Titles: Shadow, speed skeeder
Abilities: Multiweild(can weild one weapon every two fingers)
Identify IV
Parry II
Monster analyze V
Reflect XI
Dash X
Teleport III (if you please)
Blade of ethernist (three attack combo that deals 5000percent damage)


takedown (if caster of this ability dies, so does the target in one hr) cooldown 2days
blindness (makes opponent(s) blind) cooldown: 2days
extreme dash: a high spped dash that if used offensively deals 10000percent damage to the opponent

Race: Darkgoblin
Bravery: 8 (though due to his speed, he is rarely hit
Redstone lazersword
Redstone lazersword
Boots of mountains
Ninja armor
Ninja knuckles
Thief's glory (head dress)

Damage: med
Health: med
speed: blindeningly high
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