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Reviewed in India on 3 July 2017
The best rendition to Ramayan from the worst-hit woman of Ramayan. Well narrated. Urmila has got all in her as shades, muted over canvas of time. She is portrayed as tempestuous princess in love, vivacious bride, insecure wife and ambitious woman who did not bother to impose herself on her husband to become his ultimate distraction.
We know what happened to Ram, Sita and Lakshman when they ventured to forest following Dasarath’s orders. But what happened in Ayothya when they were away ? Who managed the broken family and abandoned state affairs? How did they mend the irreparable loss ? How did the completely shattered family survive, after losing Dasarath to grief and after Bharat went away to Nandigram ? Here comes her entry, the most neglected and less lime-lighted character who exists for namesake in Ramayan.
The actual princess of Mithila. Legitimate daughter of King Janak. Lakshman’s neglected wife. The legend has completely ignored her saying she slept for 14 years when Lakshman was away. In Kavita Kane’s view, she is glorified as the woman of substance who fights the odds. And not to forget, Kavita doesn't ignore Kaikeyi all in her negative shades. Wonderful amendment softened my views on Kaikeyi !
There are quotes, which made me fall in love with Urmila, the enchantress.
You could always call her secretive, masking her feelings beautifully lest anyone intrude into her inmost realm of hidden thoughts. It was a defense Urmila had evolved since childhood.
Four sisters, married on same day, living in similar wretchedness but each accepting and acknowledging life differently – Mandavi bitter, Kriti wiser and she catatonic. And Urmila smiled at her self-description. She existed. The course of time and events plodded on, uninterrupted, pausing for none.
Let me hate you passionately as I loved you. Would hatred be strong than love ?
One of the greatest things about this book is, the outline of the story is unchanged. It just gives voice for Urmila, to see things from her view. Kavita Kane’s writing style is simple and beautiful. Captures the inner feelings of a woman perfectly. After finishing Menaka’s Choice, I wish to enjoy Urmila’s perspective one more time. In few years, Kavita will leave a mark in the literature field for this beautiful work.
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