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Reviewed in India on 10 September 2018
In August 2017, i had the neck injury due to an accident . Since then, i am on medication ( since last one year ) due to my injured neck ( neck stiffness and neck & shoulder pain ) . Besides conservative medications, i have tried many techniques ( consulted by Doctor and information available on net ) to overcome my neck pain naturally ( eg , neck exercises , Sun-rays, Light massage with extra virgin oilve oil , Vitamin B12 tablets , etc ) . Purchasing this White willow orthopedic pillow has been one of my steps to reduce neck pain naturally.
My sleeping habit - I am a ' side-sleeper' ( viz either sleep right side or left side ) .
Before this pillow , i had tried many things ( eg all kinds of normal pillows , without pillows , rolled thick towel etc ) . But , it always resulted into some kind of neck pain and stiffness in the morning ( 20% or more )
Although my Doctor had not consulted me to buy any kind of orthopedic pillow, yet i bought this item a week ago . I never thought that this could be so beneficial for me but ,since i had tried everything as per my doctor consultation and available information , so i thought that i should try this pillow too .
In my case , after one week of using this pillow , i customized it according to my sleeping habits to minimize the neck pain in the following way -
1. When in sleep ' left-side ' , i use "4-inch-part'' of the white willow pillow.
2. When i sleep ' right-side' , i use '' 3-inch- part'' of the white willow pillow.
3.When i sleep '' on my back '' , i don't use any pillow at all .
This is the way how i customized my sleeping habits and optimized for the maximum benefit (viz reduced my neck pain ) .
My current neck status in a week -
Neck stiffness - 1 % ( before using this pillow ,it was 8-10%)
Neck and shoulder pain - 2 % only ( before using this pillow , it was 20% )
Medication - reduced to half ( as almost negligible pain now in a week itself )
I pray for myself that this Pillow works for long time ( in my case ) .
Thanks White White Willow and Amazon !
P.S. - Dont take it as some kind of medical advice as neck cases are very specific cases. One method could be beneficial for someone , and the same method could be very disastrous for another one ( thats my personal experience , for example , as you can see above , even for one single person , that is " me '' , i have to customize ' three very different sleeping patterns ' for a single night to minimize my neck pain )
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