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9 May 2019
Just the cotton waterproof layer that i needed over my rubberized coir mattress, this summer, to avoid coir degradation due to sweat, adding to the mattress life.

Needed to stay for rent at a flaming hot town in Tamil Nadu this summer & many sweaty uncomfortable sleepless nights on the clumpy cotton filled bed later, waking up with severe lower back pains, had to address the 'which bed provides best back suport for hot climate' issue. After much research online & with local people, zeroed in on a reversible coir based bed. Bonded core for firmness with one side foam atop rubberised coir layer for winters & the other side plain hard rubberised coir for summers. Got a popular brand reversible rubberised coir single mattress for 3.7k & solved the back pain issue overnight - for a back sleeper, the firm coir support made the discomforts disappear that fast!

Then came a dual issue of 1) possible faster coir degradation due to sweat in peak summers 2) the overly hard coir bed though a boon for back, creating body pressure points making sleep still slightly uncomfortable. That's when i remembered the popular brand from my home neighbourhood Trance Linen - it's their 100% rolled cotton pillows & waterproof pillow covers that used to save my sleep during Bangalore summers (foam bed was okay there even in summers!). Checked Amazon & found that Trance had listed a 100% cotton topper for single mattress. The size listed didn't match my regular 72x36inches single rubberised coir mattress & i was not sure if one side of the topper was waterproof so i clicked on Trance seller to go to their storefront page to raise a product query. Pat came their response in a few hours that i would need to buy 2 of their products to meet my purposes of water proofing my bed plus adding a softer top layer, adding the links to purchase them on amazon. They asked me to place the order & share the order number with the exact dimensions i need so that they can tailor the items for my mattress size. Did so, items were shipped the same day, & got the single bed waterproof cover with skirts & single bed mattress topper with slide on elastic at the corners the day after & my most restful peaceful sleep then on!

Thanks again, to the Trance team for excellent quality 100% cotton products & their professional customer support. Never appreciated their products as much as now when facing 48 degree celsius humid heat & able to sleep thanks to the fully cotton comfort.

I have covered the coir bed with Trance waterproof cover with elasticized skirts that cling under the bed, so that the coir lasts longer despite sweat due to humid heat. On top of the covered bed i have secured the topper using the elastic band at the four corners. They remain intact & does not move when one turns or moves in sleep.

Mattress cover is relatively more breathable than other common waterproof brands, so feels cooler & doesn't rustle even half as much. I've been using Trance pillow waterproof covers for over a year now & mattress covers are similar & good quality too. The skirts with elastic can beveasily slipped over mattress sides to the underside to stretch fit & it holds on okay to the mattress. Lift the mattress to adjust the elastic ends tightly farthest possible at the underside of the mattress so that it stays taut. I have added the topper with elastic atop followed by a bedsheet well tucked in around the edges & they remain intact even after much tossing & turning.

Mattress cover is easily washable in machine too is an added plus. Especially useful to prevent body fluids from spoiling costly mattress stuffings. Useful for kids' & elders' beds, during sweaty summer cover for all beds or if you are one of those eat, drink, work, live & sleep in bed kind of person, like some working from home professionals...

Pros if any is the price maybe. I had to shell out almost the price of the mattress itself 3k+ for the mattress waterproof cover plus the mattress topper. However as my sleep solution would not be complete & long term, without them, i pleasantly bore the extra financial burden :-)

Final verdict: doubly recommended round the year for relatively warm climated countries such as ours.

Tip for long life of your firm mattress - turn & flip the mattress once a week head to foot, top to bottom (if both sides are usable) & vice versa. Add a breathable waterproof layer like Trance. Add a topper like Trance that is 100% cotton for top layer comfort. Sleep well!
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