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21 June 2017
Most of the positive reviews are something I would also agree to. Works as it suppose to.

Don't expect this to clean your dirty car magically without effort, rather its meant for 2 main purpose over any normal cloth we use for car cleaning. First, it is meant to trap fine dust particles so you dont end up scratching the car while wiping, secondly, it will absorb water, so when you wipe a wet car after washing, it will not leave any water marks.

What I found as my process of washing the car. If your car is parked in dry place but you have fine dust over it, a dry microfiber can be used to wipe that. But if you are washing the car with sticky dirt and mud, use conventional method.

1. Use plain water (running water or bucket method) to first soak the entire car.
2. use microfiber (this one) or sponge type cloth to apply soapy water (shampoo or car shampoo) to clean the muddy / dirty car. Start with windscreen and windows then go down. Remove all dirt / mud with this soapy water.
3. Apply plain water to wash the soapy water from the car body.
4. Wait a little for water to drip down and dry off.
5. Now the main use, here the microfiber shines. Use this cloth to wipe off any remaining drops of water from car body, start with windscreen and windows and then gradually go down.

This cloth is washable and retains the effectiveness even after washing so it lasts long. At least should last 6 to 8 months minimum with regular washing and even more for those who will wash once a week.

The size is good, quite large and for me, perfect for my hands (i am 5'10) and my car (Ford Aspire)

Works good.

The price is cheap but quality of product and size is not. Worth the spending, so I would recommend it when compared with locally available materials and microfiber.

The set of 5 are coming in different colors and in a nice zippy plastic bag.

Note 1, before using the cloth, wash it once with plain water since some of the colors may dilute and come off, but I didn't mind, since effectiveness is not hampered at all.
Note 2, remove the tag before using, since some time, that tag may end up scratching the car while wiping.
Note 3, wet microfiber (this cloth) will take time to dry off, so better to hang it in home rather keeping on dash board or such place in car.
Note 4, since you get multiple, keep each separate for windows/windscreen, interior, and exterior.
Note 5, Once you use a microfiber, beware, you will certainly get addicted to it and probably will never use any other materiel for washing.
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