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Reviewed in India on 5 April 2018
I got this for my son's crib. He usually coughs at night and wakes up in the morning with thick green nasal discharge. It starts off with a cough and then turns into a full blown cold followed by fever. This had turned into a cycle. With him having to take antibiotics every other week. Because it would get so bad that he would find it difficult to breathe and the doctor even said that he started showing early pneumonia symptoms. Let me spare you allll the details when we had to nebulize him day and night.

Anyway I started noticing a pattern and realised it could be the dust in his crib mattress which could be causing the problem. So I changed all his sheets and threw away the crib bumpers I kept to protect him. Anything which could accumulate dust was done away with. I laid down a clean rubber sheet and covered it with a washed cotton cloth and then put on the bedsheet. He seemed a little better when he woke up the next morning. I placed an order for this. And I received a set of TWO mattress protectors. Although it was mentioned in the description, I missed it completely. This is quite convenient because whenever I put this in the wash I can use the other one.

I measured my baby's mattress and got a protector slightly bigger than the mattress. The mattress protector has a Terry (towel like) top and a rubber sheet like bottom. Because of the Terry top it is not as hot as it would have been had I used a normal rubber sheet

If your child suffers from frequent cough which escalates to the point that you have to nebulize your child. Consider buying this. It has helped me a whole lot.
Also keep in mind that your child doesn't inhale second hand cigarette smoke and there aren't any pigeons nesting on his windows. Their droppings and feathers may end up in your child's room aggravating the condition.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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