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Reviewed in India on 14 July 2020
I read this satirical piece of Orwellian literature just last week and I was amazed by it's power in the simplicity. How much cruel meaning can hide in plane sight of simple words.
The more I read Orwell , the more I understand what he tried to warn us against . And how much he was ahead of his time.
Animal Farm reads as a Children's classic where the animals are in rebellion against the oppressive humans who only take advantage of their skills. They establish self governance in "Animalism" but they could never imagine the sinister turn events take at the end.
In reality , it is a parable and an allegory. It is a historical document of the Russian Revolution and the establishment of Stalin in Soviet Russia. The events and people are symbolised as the animals in this Manor Farm , which again mirrors , Russia.
Along with the historical value, this short book makes us realise how much "Power" is dangerous. It poses basic human questions of who is the ruler and who is to be ruled. It is a pioneer in the ideals of caution and the stability of conscience , a theme which stayed with Orwell throughout.
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