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Reviewed in India on 8 April 2021
Coming as it does as a sequel to an already admired book, I began reading this book with very high expectations. My anticipations for the book were of a rich plot, replete with equally well etched characters. I am glad to share that; I was not disappointed.

We are introduced to a character, seemingly lost in a forest and amidst a whirl of thoughts. Contemplating about death, ‘Am I going to die?” they wonder as they lie in thier pool of blood. You can feel the dark underlying plot building up from the very beginning. It is difficult to talk about this book without potentially giving spoilers but, for those who have read the first part- the story proceeds from the cliffhanger where the last one ended. Dhruv has chosen to move on and a person from her past is back again. This is even as, Dhruv returns in her life and together they try figuring out their relationship.

Anuradha had thought that she had left everything behind, away from Gurgaon (sic) and moved to Mumbai. Alas! That chapter in her life is far from over, things begin to happen and there seems no way out. The book is an absolute delight and hard to put down once you start reading. The author keeps the reader engaged till the very end.
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4.2 out of 5
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