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Reviewed in India on 9 September 2019
I've played on local games and local multiplayer versus AI bots even on veteran difficulty and also playing squads. Yes the game is difficult and yes the AI is so good it can be very frustrating. Squads is where the game really shines, build your squad, customize everything about them and bring them into battle. The DLC maps are so much better than most of the regular maps.

These are some of the smartest AI bots I've fought against in a game. Playing Modern Warfare remastered while a great game your gun choices, perk choices and options are very limited. IMO the multiplayer and squad aspect of team deathmath, free for all, etc blows those idiotic AI bots in black ops 3 right out of the water. I skipped the campaign portion of this game.

As for the DLC? choose your DLC carefully, some is worth it, some is not. The standout dlc maps are Bayview, Fog,Ignition,Unearthed, Collision, Departed (for sure maybe even one of the best dlc maps) I think maybe people disliked this game because of the difficult aspect of it and the low TTK timing. I've been shot and killed so many times without even be able to get off a shot back or even turn around. This game is notorious and infamous for getting shot in the back I kid you not I think it might even be programmed into the game that when you fire off shots or kill an enemy the AI comes to your exact location ASAP right up behind you, shoot you in the back and kill you without you ever even hearing them. (which is why the amplify perks is so important)Keep in mind the AI bots hear everything even from across the map you'd think you were an elephant to them, so dead silence as well. It's just too bad you can't turn off the dam music, if the could patch that? that would be fantastic. The other reason I think people may not like the game especially versus the AI is the AI has X ray vision can shoot and kill you without actual line of sight (like seeing thru walls or cover that you can't. The AI can spot you, even if you can't spot them.

I can't write a review about online gameplay with ghosts since I haven't played any of the cod titles online only local/lan. FFA with 17 bots is just total fun insanity. Its also extremely fun to try and find the best combinations of loadouts, perks, etc it really is a lot of trial and error and different combos for different maps.
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