About Items Fulfilled by Amazon

Fulfilled by Amazon indicates that products are stored, packed and dispatched by Amazon.

A Fulfilled by Amazon item, identified by the logo, indicates:

  1. Orders containing items Fulfilled by Amazon worth Rs. 499 or more are eligible for FREE delivery
  2. Fulfilled by Amazon items may be eligible for Guaranteed Delivery in select cities.
  3. Products are stored, packed and dispatched by Amazon
  4. Order delivery tracking to your doorstep is available (For more details, refer Track Your Package)
  5. Products can be returned easily by visiting our Returns Support Centre

  6. A free replacement is available if the item qualifies (For more details, please refer: About Free Replacements)
  7. Amazon handles all customer service
  8. Orders may be placed using Pay on Delivery as a payment option (For more details, please refer: About Pay on Delivery)

Note: If you're looking for a particular item, enter a few keywords in the search box on the Amazon.in home page and we'll show you matching results. To filter the results to include only items Fulfilled by Amazon, look for Amazon in the left navigation and check the box next to this logo.