Order a Subscribe & Save Subscription

Subscribe & Save offers savings on the prices offered by participating sellers, free standard shipping, and the convenience of automatically recurring deliveries.

To order a Subscribe & Save item, visit the

To order a Subscribe & Save subscription:

  1. Select a Subscribe & Save eligible item.
  2. Set your preferred quantity and delivery schedule.
  3. Click Subscribe now.
  4. Review your subscription address or click Change to edit it.
  5. Select Amazon Pay balance as the payment method for the subscription.
  6. Review your subscription order and click Subscribe now.


  • Before each shipment, we'll send an e-mail notification to let you know your next order is being processed so you can make any necessary updates, if needed.
  • Amazon Pay balance is the only payment method to pay for items delivered as part of your Subscribe & Save orders. However, customers who had subscribed before July 4, 2018 will be able to switch between Pay on Delivery (POD) and Amazon Pay balance.
  • For existing Subscribe and Save subscriptions: You can pay for Pay on Delivery orders by cash at all locations and by credit or debit cards in select locations. Please check with the delivery associate if you can pay by credit or debit cards.
  • For existing Subscribe and Save subscriptions: If the Amazon Pay balance is insufficient at the time the amount is charged and your account is eligible for Pay on Delivery, your order will be shipped with 'Pay on Delivery' as the payment method for the entire order. If your account is not eligible for 'Pay on Delivery', your order will be cancelled if you do not recharge your balance on time. You will be notified if your orders have been shipped with Pay on Delivery or if your orders have been cancelled due to insufficient Amazon Pay balance on or before the dispatch date.
  • For new Subscribe and Save subscriptions: Ensure you maintain adequate Amazon Pay balance before the order ships, additionally we will notify you if the balance isn's sufficient to cover the order cost.
  • Online payments using net banking, debit cards or credit cards cannot be made for Subscribe & Save subscriptions. Online transactions in India require a pin / password authentication and hence, future subscription orders cannot be created automatically without your intervention.
  • If you wish to add a new subscription, ensure that you do it by the Last date to update this order displayed in Your upcoming deliveries. Otherwise, it won't be delivered until the following Subscribe & Save delivery day.
  • Subscribe & Save orders receive free standard shipping on all deliveries scheduled to arrive on your monthly delivery day.
  • Some items may be subject to quantity limits.

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