About Seller Communication Centre

Seller Communication Centre is a system that allows you to view all your correspondence with sellers on Amazon.in. Your correspondence is shown in two tabs - Inbox (received items) and Sent Items.

To access your correspondence with sellers, go to Seller Communication Centre.

Using the Seller Communication Centre, you can:

  • View past communication with sellers on Amazon.in.
  • Respond to sellers quickly and easily using the Reply option.
  • Send files to sellers. File types supported are plain text (.txt), PDF, images (.jpg, .gif and .png), and Word documents in .doc and .docx format. The entire message should not exceed 10 MB (including attachments).


  • Amazon.in reserves the right to delete or remove any attachment containing inappropriate content. Amazon.in reserves the right to decide what it considers inappropriate content.
  • You can use any information the seller provides to contact the seller, but we strongly recommend that you use the Seller Communication Centre. This service ensures mail is filtered for spam and possible phishing attempts, and we will maintain a copy of all correspondence.
  • If an e-mail you sent to the seller bounces, the seller will still be able to view it in the Seller Communication Centre. If you don't hear back from the seller within 2 business days, please Contact Us.

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