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If your query is not answered by our help pages or through information provided in Your Account, you may contact us directly through chat or telephone.

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On Contact Us page, you can select the contact medium, chat or phone, to contact Amazon. If you select phone, an Amazon Associate will call you back instantaneously.

More Questions

It's asking me to add an image of the item/a screenshot of my screen while trying to contact you. How secure is this?

Images shared by you will be used by Amazon only to solve your immediate issue and to improve the quality of our Customer Service. We request you to share only the exact image requested by us and refrain from sending any personal photographs.

Why do I need to add images?

When you contact us for an issue, we may ask you to share a picture of your item or screenshot. This allows us to see what the issue you're seeing and helps us in investigating the issue to resolve it.

How do I upload images?

To upload an image, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit Contact Us and click Call Me.
  2. Select your issue. If it requires an image to be shared, it displays the Add photos option. Click on it to upload images and wait a few seconds for photos to be uploaded.
  3. Once done, click Phone to contact us.


  • The file format of the image should be .jpg / .jpeg / .png
  • Please ensure the images are focused on the issue and are not blurry.

What's the maximum attachment size for an image?

You can upload images of size up to 25 MB.

Can I add multiple images?

Yes, you can add a maximum of 5 images of the issue. Please ensure the total size of all the images is not above 25 MB.

Can I add images if I select chat?

Yes. Our Customer Service Associates will share a form link in your chat window to add images in case the situation demands the same. You can add images directly through this link.

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