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Amazon India houses a wide collection of Marathi eBooks. You can find a variety of genres like non-fiction, fiction, romance, cookery and kitchen, politics and many more. You can also find your favourite books translated in Marathi. Some of the bestselling Authors, with translated works include Swami Rama, Swami Rama, Shivaji Sawant, Ranjeet Desai, Suresh Padmanabhan, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Chetan Bhagat, S.L. Goel and many more. Find a large array of the latest and the best-selling Marathi eBooks like Shrimanyogi, Gudgulya, Chanakya Neeti and many more on Amazon.in at discounted prices, and enjoy swift delivery and easy returns. Read these eBooks to your loved ones and ensure wide smiles always. Read eBooks on any device including smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop through free Kindle App. Always find Marathi eBooks at best prices here at Amazon.in

Maharashtra has been a land of rich cultures and traditions. With the diverse kingdoms that ruled the entire region and the topographical position it is situated in, there has been a large number of tales that rose from the state. Being largely land-locked, the state sees the Arabian Sea on one side and a few large south-flowing rivers on the other. With a diversity of people living in the second-most populous sub-national entity of the world, Marathi, in itself, is a language of very rich and beautiful dialects. Amazon India offers a large range of the latest Marathi eBooks at attractive prices. Translated works of popular titles also available in eBook format.

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Marathi literature is a large body of the Indo-Aryan language written in Devanagari script. Marathi literature has seen a lot of changes because of the various periods the language has been through. Beginning with the mostly religious and philosophical writings of the Yadava period, Marathi literature was massively influenced by the Islamic invasion, Konkani language due to the Goans, the strong Marathas and the standardised language after the British colonialism. Because of the mix and melange of the various cultures and traditions, you can find a large series of latest Marathi eBooks at Amazon.in and enjoy great deals.