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4.5 | 1,979 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
When travelling becomes hectic you find easier methods to arrange and organise things so that effectively and effeciently you get through everything and that's where the use of Organizers come into effect.

What I loved about AB::
1.Feel::It feels like you are holding a great organiser not basic one
2.Quality::Found no issues howsoever in stitching or anything
3.Compartments:A lot of compartments to hold everything well.
4.Zip::Quality zip
5.Price:699Rs then 10% discount :)

1.Could have made handle bigger

I have given a detailed video review to give you more idea by comparing with Swiss Military Green Unisex Wallet (TW-2)

If you found my review resourceful please click helpful. Thanks in advance.
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By Anup Viswanathan Thampi
The product can hold 2-3 passports inside. However, this has trouble holding stuff like Cheque books or artifacts of similar dimension.

For example, you should keep your aadhar in a separate compartment which is not zipped/closable, so you risk those documents falling out. But this is bigger than your typical bag organizer, which never seem to hold anything beyond a passport without ruining the documents.
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By Anirudh Ramesh
I needed a non-leather bag to carry documents. I browsed many products and seeing the overall good review of Amazon Basics Black Bag Organizer, I purchased the same.

Here are my observations:

1. The product was shipped to me on the date notified in advance without any hassle and follow-ups.

2. The packaging was good. It was in a cardboard box and well packed.

3. It is noticeably big. I would advise people to check its size twice before ordering it as many men don't like that size of the passport holder.

4. Its material is of good quality and the bag is robust. It has, and zip quality is satisfactory. It has a sufficient number of pockets.

5. Though it seems like a durable product, it is not a fancy, and exquisite. It does not look stylish at all.

6. This passport holder is over-priced.

Overall verdict: A durable product but it is
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By Manoj Krishnan
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4.4 | 2,216 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing build quality at this price. Looks long lasting product. Very comfortable and having enough compartment to carry laptop and lunchbox for daily use and laprop + 2 pairs of clothes for 2 days trip.
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By Rakesh Panchal
Love The design but the description said 16" laptop compartment, I have a 15" laptop which didn't fit in the laptop compartment. So that sucked but other than that it's a good bag.
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By Amazon Customer
I liked this very much and purchased. It was looking stylish and best fit for my use . Unfortunately the item I received was damaged, one of the shoulder strat was detached from one corner. I placed a replacement request, but after few days my replacement order got autocancelled . Returned the item.
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By Anish
4.5 | 491 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
At price of 850, the merch is worth money.
Being 27ltrs it has proper utility and look is also great.
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By sameer
Nice bag and have lots of space to keep product. value for money. I will suggest to buy this bag I already buy duffle bag of gear and it has been more than 3 years still I am using. I wish this bag will be same
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By Vinayak Pandey
I am 6" and chest 43cm, when I tried that bag, it looks like schoolbag. Then I gave way the bag to my cousin. This bag wont look nice unless it fully packed up.
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By Barun's Shopping
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4.3 | 1,815 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Most Laptops usually comes with a shoulder bag but I am a big fan of one side Laptop bags as it gives me a classy look and fits well with my professional attire. So, I was on a search of buying a classy leather laptop bag and then I found this on Amazon. Although I was a bit skeptical as this isn't the leather one but the reviews have convinced me to get this and it is inexpensive.

And, here I am trying to brag about how awesome this bag is. Did it suffice all my needs? No, It is not one of those leather bags comes with a space of a godown but it is enough to accommodate a laptop, charger, dairy and a few little stuff. And I am pretty okay with it because now I happen to carry what is relevant and important so
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By Munnagkumar Anne
Beautiful product and indeed worth for its price. Needless to say the bag defines all variants of taste, class and style. Absolutely perfect for gents and and particularly office commuters.
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By Samrat Biswas
Good product. But design wise, it could have been better.

The primary compartment, which is designed to keep the laptop, should have an additional pocket (or laptop sleeve) to protect the laptop from its accessories (e.g. cord, adapter, etc.). I believe, it is one of the key features which is missing in this bag.
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By Souti Dutta
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4.3 | 1,703 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The Wallet feels of really good quality in hand , with good number of pockets for your different cards.
Has to be the best one in this price range.
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By Saurav mallick
Worth for money... real good product
... real good quality... no complaints. Perfect product
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By kamal
nice colour i love dis dark blue colour its quite different.smooth n soft wallet n light weight.value for money
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4.4 | 513 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really nice bag...looks nice with a classic killer branding (i dont like those jazzy and brand covered product). got it for 533 rs...the material is a very sturdy, woven and strong unlike cheap polyester can definitely carry heavy items. i mean u can overpack and u would still have a everything safe inside. quality of chains and other fabrics is also of very good quality
best part is that it has a DEDICATED SHOE COMPARTMENT ON ONE SIDE.
moreover i got a fresh one nov-2018

excited to use this. please see pics
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By Shailu
Buying a bag online is not as easy as it seems. This bag says one thing loudly "Premium".
The shoe compartment : enough for any size shoe.
The design : exotic, stylish, classy
The build material : strong and water resistant, soft to touch
Shape : excellent, the total cylindrical bags look waste in front of it
Zipper : ultra premium, it just glides
Space : can load up luggage for upto 3 days trip
Size : yes it is larger than those other bags in the same price bracket
Color : in love with it (its in vouge too!)
What for : gym, short travels, I used it as a cabin baggage too. Works great.
Add ons : The side pocket is massively huge, it alone was able to store my charger, headphones, cigarette, lighter, deodorant, lens, wallet, keys, vitamins bottle, chewing gums and tissue paper (10). Still it had space to navigate your way in and pull
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By Ash
Good product at this rate. I got it for 599.
Quality is of material and stitches are very good. Total three compartments, all of them are zipped.

Hidden feature is it does have shoes compartment which is not mentioned in product descriptions. You can easily carry two pair of shoes in it. Shoes of size 10 can also be easily fits.

Main compartment is spacious enough to carry one bottle, one gym towel and may be two pair of sport cloths. Other side pocket is spacious enough to carry all other accessories including mobile, wallets and keys.

Overall I am satisfied. And yeah, look and color is just wow..
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By Khushal
4.4 | 448 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It has been 45 days since I bought this.

I am frequent traveller in train where I want to keep my mobile (S8), power bank (Lenovo 13000), headphones, charge cables and some money close to me. This product completely satisfies my requirements.

The build material of this bag is rough which is close to jean material. Zipper are like the ones in wildcraft bags. It has enormous space even after filling my personal effects mentioned above.

This bag is NOT water proof but it is water resistant upto some level.
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By Nandha Kumar
Good quality waist bag. Cloth material seems higher than average. Chain quality satisfactory. Separate pockets found for different things to keep. Key holder clip found inside. Headphone opening available. Straps and Clip found very good Quality. But obviously its not worth Rs.890/- at all. Rs.500/- is perfectly ok for this pouch bag. Timely delivered by Amazon. Packaging was excellent.
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Extremely poor stitching and finishing. Gaping hole in pouch at unboxing and unpacking.. loosely stitched!
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By muayboxe
4.3 | 906 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
1. Looks cool and is sturdy. Got compliments.
2. My long search for a light weight laptop bag ended here.
3. Zips are soooo smooth. Water resistant lining on the inside.
4. Has two net pouches one either side which is convenient. I use one for water bottle other for umbrella.
5. Only two main compartments so if you are looking for travelling bag then it's a no. It is meant for carrying a laptop and couple of note books and small lunch box.
6. The first main compartment ( the larger one) can house your laptop in the padded pouch. There is a small division too in the same compartment.
The second main compartment is smaller and has small tiny divisions inside so u can have your accessories/ stationary organised.
7. Value for money.

Note the picture is of the 4 months old bag.
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By Manjula A
Nice bag!!
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By Bhavesh Jaswal
picture and product a little different not a very good but usable
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By Santanu
4.4 | 400 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good bag. It's measurement is really perfect. It's look is also quite attractive. Quality materials used. It has one big slot of the size of the bag. One half pocket. One small pocket. Total 3 pocket.
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By Sourav
1. Quality of the material is top notch and it's a water proof material.
2. Zips are super smooth.
3. Excellent Stitches.
4. Two small compartments and one main compartment is very useful.
Finally bought this for 360₹..
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By Santhosh
Product is very good and as expected, the size is medium which can fit your iPad and carry other essentials
Has 3 zips and has 2 sections in the main one
The strap is adjustable and convenient
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By Kalyan
4.4 | 381 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the first time I am giving a product 5 stars. The stitching quality looks excellent, the material is pleasant to touch and feel. Overall it looks like a very expensive backpack but fortunately isn't. Please note that my feedback is based on first look only and maybe the bag will go bust within few months of daily use thus turning my view on it's head but damn I am impressed with the first look !!! Also, can't comment about water resistance, since untested !!!
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By Sagar Gupta
I brought it in 772 bucks, using it for 2 months, it's very stylish and looks very classic, this backpack is quite spacious and has 2 compartments in front side and a compartment in its backside, faux skin also looks durable and I think it is a reliable product
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By Priyanshu
Nice ....looks like it can take the hard jurneys with me...seems like a good companion.
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By Rahul Dey Halder
11 Offers from product price
4.3 | 704 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My only issue is that the warranty card is not signed & stamped by the vendor. Do the warranty still stand valid without the stamp?
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By Kashmira Jain
Good to carry, comfortable, enough space but there is no outer pockets.
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Got damaged product.
Stitch quality is not good. Got it for 1750₹
Not worth the money
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By Yash V.
4.4 | 341 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased after reviewing hundreds of messenger bag options available online and suddenly came across this one. To be honest HP was never into consideration set but the moment I saw the finish, functionality and features ...I was clear this is the product I was looking for.
Even the RFID safe pocket to store your wallet and nice place to hold your power bank for charging on the go were really useful features. It's fabric is very good and it's perfect Office Bag.
I strongly recommend this bag.
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By Vin
I am using this bag for a month now. Am listing out the pros and cons.
1. Excellent finish and craftsmanship
2. Well protected and padded laptop compartment
3. Unique styling and features eg. magnetic lock in one of the compartments
1. Space in the main compartment is an issue. At the most a notebook apart from a laptop and iPad can be squeezed in. Not much room for a laptop charger or anything else.
2. The secondary compartment also doesn’t have much space. Difficult to accommodate basic travel stuffs like mobile charger, headphones, business cards etc
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By Tamal
This backpack does not come with the power bank. I bought the product thinking that power bank is provided along with the backpack. However, it does not come along with the power bank. Keeping that in the mind 4999 is too steep price for a backpack! Loved the product, would have loved it even more if the price was less.
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By Prateek
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4.2 | 8,541 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cutest packing i have ever seen. Bag is amazing zipper can be good but rest of all its the perfect bag ...cute colour same as shown in the picture.....but aqua colour gets dirty very fast love this bag basic is best❤❤❤❤
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By Aakriti singh
The material is sturdy and well-stitched. The bag appears to be durable. Unfortunately, I had to return it because I purchased it under the impression that it will fit a 15.6" laptop, but that didn't happen. I should have known that a 21L backpack would not be enough, but I read multiplr reviews and bought this anyway.
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By Pranjita
Nice product. Decent it looks.
1. And the most important point - Quality. Only one word, Excellent.
2. But if we hope to get a waterproof backpack, it should not be your choice. a little disappointment. So I marked 4 star.
3. Second important point - Size. Its small in length. Length is 17 Inch. But have reasonable space inside to hold things which are not long in size. It can comfortably accommodate A4 size page inside. Length more than A4 size will be little difficult to stack inside. But its sturdy to carry weight.
4. Inside Compartments - One compartment is inside which is for small tabs and not for laptop. And very thin and doesn't have padding. In length, only half of A4 size can be kept but things come out as its thin. One Zipped pocket is also available but to keep small things like pens, pencils etc.
In short,
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By Sumanta Bhattacharjee
4.2 | 5,301 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality laptop backpack.Recived in new condition.There are two small pockets inside the bag and one big pocket on top of bag and a seperate laptop compartment .I liked the grey model but that is overpriced with a price tag of 2k.This bag is made of polyster,it feels durable and should last for some years.Also the material on the bag feels like it's quite waterproof.
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By Mohammad Arish
This can only be used to carry a laptop(13-15 inch) and it's charger and a book or two. It's a perfect fit design and looks really well put together. Very classy too. Material used on the bag is very soft. It could be prone to dirt easily. Zips are smooth and clean. Lenovo Branding on the bag looks luxurious. Nothing about the bag feels cheap.

This bag cannot be used for a overnight travel bag as there isn't any room for keeping a tee or a jeans.
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By Jash Jacob
After searching a lot, decided for this bag for office going.
Colour: Black
1) Professional & Compact look.
2) Strong & Sturdy
3) size for up to 15.6 inch laptop
4) comfortable while carrying on back, it's lightweight.
5) Budget friendly, just purchased on Rs 928/-.

1) Don't have water bottle pocket on side.(you have to put bottle inside if necessary)
2) Not a bag for travelling, very less and compact space. Only for office/daily use.
3) very few dedicated pouchs/organiser. But what is available is sufficient for a laptop and it's accessories plus space of few files.
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By Prasant
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4.3 | 536 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
First the colour is perfect. And also I can assure you that the look is classy and very aristocratic. One can easily carry this to every event. The body doesn't contain any artificial artistry or glittering nonsence. Even the simple look of the body give it 5 star. I got it yesterday and showed it to my friends and they are ordering it soon. Let's dig into the details of the bag - the logo looks amezing and so high in class. Inside the wallet the compartments are very strong and well knitted you can have your goods inside it. The material is also good . And the quick access pocket in the back give it a finish to deserve 5 star. Honestly speaking I have tried those other variants which comes in between 800 to 1500 are not at all reliable and can't be compared to this. The
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By Richard Choudhury
I just loved it!!!quite spacious yet handy.quality is good enough.Light weighted.Has slots for sim,coins,cards,pen, currency,i-card everything.You may customize them according to the need.
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By Pallabi Sarkar
It's a good piece for the six odd hundred bucks...
Shall change the rating to five or one after one month of use. The zip quality is not up to mark at first look.
Rest, it's of perfect size, not cumbersome like most of other passport holders. It has just about enough space for two passports, cash/coin of foreign currency, cards etc.
Same product one gets in onboard shopping or AVA stores of Air India at much higher price, close to the MRP.
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By S Chatterjee
4.4 | 239 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product . But I got the bag in a locked state . The default unlocking code of 000 did not work . Had to try multiple combinations for unlocking . Request the seller to verify the number lock / enclose instructions on unlocking before sending it to customer .
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By Priya
Excellent product.Meets with expectations.
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By Amazon Customer
Horrible experience I had with this delivery. First of all, the size (especially the length) is smaller than what is specified. As a result, I have initiated the return and the pickup schedule has repeatedly got postponed. If the return pickup does not happen, Amazon should provide another alternative (like dropping it somewhere). Both the product and Amazon experience has been horrible.
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By Ravi
4.3 | 354 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I take this bag for 5 days in himalayas
It was comfortable bcz taking somewhere around 15 kg luggage in hilly terrain needs a good design, and impressed by this one
Don't think twice if you want a travel bag
This would be a right pick
There was continuous rain all day
It's water resistant.... Outside it will look its wet but it's alright inside
For its look.... 4.8/5
For its water resistance... 4.5/5
For its capacity..... 4.9/5
Overall... 4.8/5
I Buyed this product for rupees 1355
And I think it worthy
Although you can buy same product in festivals or time of sale it's sometimes reaches to 1099 as well
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By Vicky Mehta
I was in search for a travel backpack and while searching on Amazon all looked quite costly to me. I was in strict need for a bigger bag and 60 litres turns out to my choice. Afte a few searches, Trawoc offered a result for mere 999 rupees and I did not look back!

The highlights of the product are as follows:
- Quite Spacious for fulfilling almost all your needs
- Waterproof Material for better convenience
- More than enough Compartments for all kinds of needs
- Sufficiently Lightweight
- Strong and Smooth Zipper
- Waist Belt for added convenience
- Missing Laptop Compartment
- No Rain Cover (but, it is waterproof)

At the price range of less than 1K, this is a sure shot choice.
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By iShahrukh
Problem with any rucksack is once you put anything inside in bottom,you can not easily find it.My suggestion is that if it's possible than it should have chains on side and it should open like a bag in two halves.
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By viren
1 Offer from product price
4.4 | 204 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This Bag Is cheapest Price Good Quality
Super Product
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By Kuldeep Jaypal
Just awesome,the bag is just fabulous, it's look,space,size everything is good.Has got rain cover and yes it's same as shown in the images above and also the colours are very vibrant which is awesome and it is actually 27 litres and has laptop compartment which is very soft and outside impact resistance.overall a very decent backpack got it at Rs 1299 which the bag satisfies perfectly, don't think just go for it and one more thing the image makes the bag look bigger but trust me it's not that big u won't be disappointed from the size... good luck
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By Ankit
Overall Bag is Good 👍😊
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 603 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't like carrying phones in my pockets because of the risk of abrasions on the screen and lens, so a belt holster is always a requirement for me. As a gamer, I use big phones that are well within 6.5 inches and over (currently a Moto G6 Plus), so I need a holster that fits my phone and my contours - ergonomics is my main concern.

Most of the time I need to get my holsters custom-tailored. This one has the same soft and smooth feel as my custom-tailored ones (which are all recycled cloth).

It hangs quite comfortably on my belt, and the strap is sizable and comfortable enough to wear as a snap-on tactical belt.

It's also got a surprising amount of wiggle room for my phone to fit without wobbling, but is still flush with its contours.

I even like the blue color. Goes well with most of my jeans.
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By Pranab Pant
Nice rich look and quality wise also good. I used the product for power bank 20000 mah purpose is it perfectly fit thank q amazon.
But the delivery is late i have paid extra 80 Rs but 3days after only reached my home.
Note:- Delivery boy activity is worst he told your location is wrong so i couldn't deliver ur product.
I order lot of time all person are correctly deliver the product some one deliver people is worst and speaking ash. Then why u should extra cash for speed delivery amazon.
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By Selvakumar
A good product for keeping money, credit cards and a smart phone on one's person, away from unholy prying eyes. Ofcourse, shouldn't keep credit/debit cards along with mobile phones, it should be the one or the other. A small inside pocket will make a big difference, as otherwise notes tend to come out as well, when you need to take the phone out.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 507 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product. Perfect to keep check books, pass books and pay slips. All 3 of them. Perfect size too. Worth the money spent. 999 rs is perfect. Good hardware used. Sufficient space for all my documents to fit in. Looks elegant and rich.
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By Wilson Patil
Multiple check book holder bought from amazon .in is Avery useful item to hold all my cheque books and cards and other important documents. Product was delivered on time and packing was good. What I like about the product is it’s quality and finish. Very useful product and and I am very happy with it
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By Sushil Mahajan
Recently I have ordered 2 days back and I have got the product on time. looking at the reviews earlier, I ordered this product on Amazon. I was feeling confident about this product that it will good in terms of quality and material and else. The moment I opened the box, I was amazed with the finishing and smoothness of the leather. This product is top notch. the size is also just perfect to fit 6 to 8 cheque books and passbooks along with 8 to 10 credit/debit cards.

Don't think too much, it is every day essential product which everyone will love.
Thank you Sukeshcraft for this lovely and amazing product. Looking forward for some more top notch quality product. ☺☺
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By Jatin Bhatli