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4.4 | 811 customer reviews
710 of the 811 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
overall i like this product.
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By Aarjav Patel
A good bathroom product .It has a rack to keep a set of dress or bath robe or large towel or toiletries , hooks for hanging nighties etc. and a foldable towel rod to hang wet or dry towel.Price is also reasonable. I recommend it .
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By Arati Mohanty
You should provide SS Screws and Screw Caps.
This will avoid rusting.
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By Satish Kulkarni
4.4 | 722 customer reviews
638 of the 722 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
High quality and best product hold strong
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By Vinay K.
Good quality. It is quite big and takes lot of clothes. Loooks premium as well in the bathroom. Will buy one more.
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By Harshal Magar
Good product. Reason the take awayb1 star as it got far cheaper just in days time post my order.i still have to get the fitting done to check the durability. But on prima facie it’s good. I checked at retail stores and it is prices 1500 to 1600 for similar product
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By Hitesh
4.4 | 618 customer reviews
529 of the 618 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome. Made of good quality materials and has a good finish. Highly recommended...!!!
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By TechPort Aravind
Everyone is asking how to clean. Here is the thing I did :-
I bought a sterile needle from nearby medical store and used it to clean the holes, and now it is working as it used to earlier... Give it a try and pressure would be back to normal.
If you found this helpful, just press the helpful button...
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By Amazon Customer
Everything is fine; Its design is attractive and it's elegant, artistic,..but, its nozzle holes are very thin. In areas with low water pressure, the jet flow is slow. It takes much effort to insert a wire into pores to remove blockage. Its parts, especially the black round cap with holes, are not removable for cleaning. So, utility-wise, not worth the money. Kohler needs to improvise to suit Indian conditions. Else, its attraction will be lost.
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By K V.
4.3 | 469 customer reviews
380 of the 469 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was skeptical before purchasing it because I saw similar items in local shop and price was almost double than this one. However I decided to go for it and using it for about 10 days. It's really nice product and am happy to have it in both my bathroom.
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By Amazon Customer
Writing this review after many months of using the product. I bought two of these for my home. Am very satisfied with the purchase. Finish of the product is good, though I agree that for the price, quality of metal should have been more. But, all in all a wonderful product for using as a rack and for hanging used towels for drying. Folding feature ensures that this does not dominate the bathroom when not required.Exactly what I wanted. Simple three screw wall mount and hassle free assembly. There is NO rusting or anything like someone reported. Functioning perfectly and looks really good.
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The rake is good. But the bottom hook and the flat on which the hooks are welded is not Stainless steel 304 as claimed by them. It has started rusting within a week of fixing.
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By Raghava Sasikumar
4.4 | 222 customer reviews
195 of the 222 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I took help of plumber to install it but it can be installed by anyone with some basic tools. It provides unrestricted water flow during bath. There is no issue so far in last 3 months.
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By Rajiv
Fed up with leaking shower head, starting to look for Metal Shower Head. Finally zeroed on Alton Shower Head.
Promptly dispatched by Amazon. Out of the two I ordered, one was partly bent on the side. Amazon promptly arranged for a replacement.

Quality of the shower head is good. Feels heavy. I have a 1 HP Pressure Pump. After opening the tap completely, water flows at full pressure. No leakage from sides. For Hot water, 0.4 hp pressure pump, water pressure is good.

Pleasant bathing experience. My House is only ground floor. Hence water pressure is poor. With the geyser pressure pump, water flow is okay. Being 12 x 12 in size, installing a pressure pump for geyser for maximum performance is recommended if is only Ground Floor and First Floor Residence. If it is above two Floor Residence,
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By Shivakumar M.
A word of caution - since this is a rain shower, your head will get wet every time you shower. Tilting it will defeat the purpose as water pressure will be reduced and won’t cone evenly. Consider if it suits your needs!
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By Buyer
4.4 | 220 customer reviews
192 of the 220 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased in sale.
Installed it with ease but the water flow is not as foamy and smooth as of Jaguar. Product picture is little different from the actual product received.Snapshots attached. See the water outlet part.

I purchased 3 pieces at different times, when offer available at same cost of 599.

Looks good.
Quality is also good.

Upper issue compromised at offer price availed.
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By Naval Kishore Singal
Excellent quality, very sturdy and great value for money. This one is the best tap which can be purchased without any second thought.
Water flow is adequate and can be controlled easily. Foam like flow .
I bought 4 taps and all are working perfectly for last 6 months .
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By Sreejesh
The flow of water is very low. I am pretty much disappointed having bought this and thinking of buying new taps since my replacement period is ended. I never expected such a product from brand like Hindware to sell in Amazon platform. If Amazon can see my review and remove this product from sale it will be better for their reputation. This is a fair review from a returning customer of Amazon.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 199 customer reviews
179 of the 199 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Similar product available at the retail shops. They hardly give discount in excess of 15 to 20%. I was skeptical at first but it turned out to be just fine. Yes I can see slight alignment issues with the whole piece. May be a mere few degrees. But no complaints as the price is lower. I am fine if its works for few years.
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By Anup Kumar
Purchased on 16 May 2018. Good while it lasted.. but the spout broke today at the swivel base without any reason, with normal use!
Made of brass but apparent defect in workmanship / design which affects its durability.

To Seller / Amazon : Disappointed. Listing says 7 year warranty and Amazon Exclusive. But how to claim ? Please advice. I wish to return this for exchange under warranty. The base is fine - the detachable spout has broken at base even with very careful daily use. (Only a replacement spout can work too - please contact me)

Update 20 July: Seller asked to return broken spout and has sent a new replacement. All good again. Updating review to 4 stars for product, 5 for Seller.
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Broke into two while turning the spout.just 4 months from the day it was purchased.
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By V.Subramanyan Potti.
4.3 | 326 customer reviews
275 of the 326 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
completely changed my showering experience. just love this shower, the mist nice mode is really good and soft. all the modes at really great any useful. The massage mode is also really useful. The build quality could have been better seems to be made of platic, metal would have been better. installation was also really easy, you don’t require a plumber to do it.
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By Aryan
The components inside the box were in proper condition, but, not the box itself. Installation is easy. The hose-holder requires drilling to install.... If you want to install it right way as soon as you receive it, I would recommend an additional holder, which has the water inlet and hose holder together. So as to avoid the need to drill 2 holes for the holder. Over-all I like the product. Received it today.
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By Suhas
I am using this with my instant water heater of Panasonic make. The original shower head by Panasonic finally got broken after repeated falls from hand for the last 12 years, so I did some research on Amazon and replaced with this one. This one looks much better than the original one but weighs around one quarter of the original one. This one actually weighs like a feather. So, according to common sense, it won't last even 2 years of repeated falls to the floor like the original one.
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By Old School
4.3 | 311 customer reviews
265 of the 311 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It has a nice shiny finish and does not look as though it will get corroded in the wet and steamy conditions of the bathroom. I installed it in 2 bathrooms opposite the shower. It should be fixed about 5 feet above the floor (depending on the height of users). On the top you can keep a spare dry bath towel. The towel currently in use can be spread over 2 of the 4 hooks provided so that it dries out. That still leaves two spare hooks for hanging clothes, which is very handy. It gives the bathroom a polished hotel like look and is also very practical.
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By Ambar Chatterjee
Superb quality and excellent finish. Caps given over screws to give fine look. Strong and sturdy.
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By Swati S
Pros: Good finish, Cheap. I did receive screws with caps for the screw head.

Cons: Very light. While the material claimed is SS 200 series, the mounting bracket is White metal. It is very thin too. Any accidental hit, it will break. The lower Bar with hooks has incorrect holes. Result: the mounting brackets are not parallel. Pipes (rods for placing the towel) are very thin hollow pipes. Overall, it is a cottage industry product, electropolished for the shine.

Conclusion: On the whole, if you are looking for a cheap solution which you are willing to throw away for a new one, after a couple of years, you can go for it. This is not for me. I would rather spend a couple of 100 more to buy a more sturdy one, Engineered properly.
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By Cheenu
4.3 | 289 customer reviews
237 of the 289 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Super product
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By Karthik
nice product
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By vishnu sygal
Intially it seemed nice! But after 20 days, the shelf corner near the wall got chipped! It is because of the tension wires connected to a plastic knob..

Should not buy.. I had purchased after reading good reviews.. However I do not agree..
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By Jazz
4.3 | 262 customer reviews
216 of the 262 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got 2 of these. There are some negative reviews about these. Specifically complaining about water pressure and mist being cold. That is just how physics and real life work. A shower head or a faucet cannot produce pressure out of nowhere. And mist by it's very nature will lower the temperature of water.

There is also a review mentioning cold water pressure is fine but not the geyser water. A geyser needs a minimum amount of water pressure to even work with a normal faucet, forget about showers. My geyser wasn't even passing hot water because the pressure was very low. I installed a pressure pump in my water supply just to be able to use these new geysers in the market.
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By Amazon Customer
Ordered this second time after using the first product for more than an year. The mist mode is an amazing thing to experience, kids would definitely like the experience. Installation is super simple, hand tightening of this product was enough for a leak proof installation, in my case.

A word of caution - If you are getting hard water in your bathroom, you might need to perform frequent cleaning ( to remove limescale ) to keep this shower head in top condition.
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By Ajeesh
xcellent-xcellent-xcellent. all functions are working properly. esspecialy mist & rain is awesome. bring it guys & xprince the new way of bathing...!!! ✌
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By Srijan Bhowmick
4.4 | 156 customer reviews
132 of the 156 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its really good one. Even though its plastic it looks good enough. Especially the mist feature. Its an experience. A must have if you have adequate water pressure. Actually there are 5 functions instead of 6. The 6th function which is water saving is almost equal to closing the tap. All these 5 functions are good. However when the tap is closed theres a little bit of remaining water dripping for a short time. I guess its coz of the size. But this is nothing of concern. Its worth the price and easily installed with no leak. Not sure about the durability since i just recieved.
P.S - I would always advice the 6 inches to this which is equal in function but the water throw/coverage is better since its bigger.
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By Roni
I just thought to give it a try because I like misty showers. It has several types of shower modes. My favorite is mist. Its relaxing, and I can just keep standing in front of it for long time. But in 2-3 months use, its nozzles have probably expanded and the misty feeling has reduced.
I have ordered another of this type but from hindware at 1.5 times the price, this Alton is better in performance .... so far
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By Aditya
No attachment for the shower head ... you need to hunt for the attachment ... I returned it very same day
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By shibu g
4.3 | 197 customer reviews
166 of the 197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is best quality product with enough space for toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, handwash etc. Value for money.
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A must have for people who have a space issue in their bathrooms. The plastic quality is great and cup holders are big enough to hold anything from tooth brushes and razors to a can of shaving gel.
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By Big Booster
Product is sturdy and made of good quality plastic. Thankfully the colours are sober too. Ordered two more after the first.
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4.3 | 188 customer reviews
157 of the 188 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wow. I mean wow. I was looking for something small to keep my basic hygiene items in and did not want to buy a stand because honestly it's a pain in the butt to find someone to drill holes and install a stand. I was not 100% sure about this product but I've bought a cutting board from these Hopiko guys before and that was pretty decent too. The product came today and I'm genuinely surprised at how premium it looks. Soft, well moulded plastic with solid functionality. I know, I know, lots of praise for a toothbrush holder but then I'm a writer. But this isn't a paid review, lol. Anyway, installation was a breeze. The glue is high quality and I'm confident it will stay. And as the pic indicates, it looks awesome. This is the first time I'm living alone so I'm having fun doing up the
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By Two Wheels to Glory
All the toothbrushes, pastes, tongue cleaners, face washes … go into this... sink looks so much more cleaner without the clutter... Brought 3 of them... Best part is the sticker... no drilling required. Super strong sticker.
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By kavita
The product fell down after an hour. After sticking it to the bathroom tiles. And is not sticking anymore
I only kept a facewash and shampoo which didnot weight even half a kg
Also it came in contact with water. Maybe water is the reason. But its waterproof.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 330 customer reviews
267 of the 330 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good, no problem with product till now,

Before fixing towel hangers , tooth brush holder into wall,
don't forget to make sure that no water or electric pipe lines inside the wall.

Check with builder for water pipe line and electric plan, for just to fix stand , if some thing goes wrong we need to spend more money to fix water pipe lines and electric pipes.

Be care full
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By Nagdeep KN
It's extremely wooow product. Looking awesome. I purchased 2 of them 2 feet for my two bathrooms. It's strong and shiny too. Finishing is no question. Price is 300-400 less for this item as compared to market. So best deal I would say.
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By Amazon Customer
Quality is not good. At description it say 100% SS . But a lots of White Metal used at the Body . It is so sensitive. If you will put little pressure it will be broken. It is not Value for Money also not as per product description.Providing lots of fake informations on Quality of the product. Price is also high compare to quality. All are Very Cheap Quality China product. Only these peoples are purchasing form garbage china market .. then putting their Level and sold .
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By suvendu mishra
4.1 | 881 customer reviews
704 of the 881 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using this since 4 months now it's working fine. It really focus the water jet stream, i like that. Very smooth and easy to handle also light weight.
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ALTON SHR20855 ABS Health Faucet with SS-304 Grade Flexible Hose Pipe and Wall Hook (Chrome) - This is the description of the item as displayed in the Amazon website. But when i received the Faucet i realized that the Chrome is only the pipe and not the entire part and hook. I recommend Amazon to correct this and make it clear what is Chrome plated and what is not.
Else the product is good and just few days in use, i cannot comment on the durability and other aspects of the product right now.
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By D B Bhat
The pressure of water released from the faucet is not up to the mark, in comparison to the one we were using earlier (Grohe). Therefore no quick cleaning and thus consumption of water has increased.

There is no 360 degree swivel as described in the image and descriptions. Therefore the hose twisting is still a problem.

The cap from the top has come out and not fixing now. Therefore we are using it without cap now.

Overall not satisfied with the quality. Product is not as described.
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4.2 | 277 customer reviews
224 of the 277 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality stainless steel material at affordable price. Worth to buy it... Firstly to ensure that either this brand delivers a good quality product or not i just order 1 set of this and today when i got the delivery I'm amazed to see its durability flexibility and style too. As i need more quantity of the same product so I'm doubtless now as it is really a nice product at reasonable cost.
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By Dolly V.
The thickness of the pipe is quite less (compared to the PVC/synthetic pipes), however no issue in fitting to the geyser or the basin bib cock, as the nut size is correct. Not sure if this will impact the amount of water flow, but my plumber said it should be fine. This should be mentioned in the product description. I purchased a similar product in local hardware shops for less, as I needed one additional piece for the solar water connection. Overall the product quality looks good.
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By Nimisha
worst quality product, i have ordered 24 inch, but i got 18 inch, quality is very worst, its not suitable for geyser application, i feel ashamed of buying in amazon, don't encourage this kind of product in your portal
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By Nethaji KV
4.3 | 138 customer reviews
116 of the 138 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product, sturdy and hard plastic. I have read many reviews here stating its not as shown in the image, but they did not zoom it. The image also has tiny holes on the bottom plant which are smaller than the holes that are there on the upper plank. Small to ensure that the toothbrushes won't fall down. I hv ordered one to see how it is and ordered two more. For the ones who are complaining that the price is high, you can go for this product- B01NA84ER5 (type this in search and check) affordable and sturdy.
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By Simi Reddy
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Product is good..but different design with the image they are posted...inderside have holes so if we keep the slim brushes it will fall into the is ok
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By franz
4.4 | 91 customer reviews
82 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The plastic quality of the product is outstanding no doubt. The installation process was very well explained outside the box however just few fitting were missing and m sure that will be taken care but the quality of the product is awesome
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By Guneet Kaur
Fisrt about product. It is really good product. Easy to install and can handle lots of weight.
Product is really good. But price is higher. It should be approx 1000 inr. I don't know if I want to shift it then how to get magic sticker again. Amazon delivery sometime can be very bad like in this purchase. Amazon delivery person return the product and mentioned that customer didn't accept. After that my struggle start. Call to customer care and again calls. Finally delivery.
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By Viren
no drilling, very STRONG adhesive. Hope they make such corner STRONG self-adhesive, plastic (so it won't rust/spoils if metal in this polluted world) and with DOORS (dusting/cleaning will be less) for CORNER shelf,
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By Vinu
4.2 | 177 customer reviews
149 of the 177 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The very best I've ever seen for this prize. Went to many Malls but this is fine and prize worthy. Packing was done outstanding, so good that it tuck me 30 min to open and was so happy to discover the cabinet without any dammages.
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By Edith
its very good cabinet...but so many stains comes due to water deposite so u have to clean it up...and there is no hole in the cabinet for water or in general air to go in...may be its good but i dont think my electrian made a hole by his tool in the bottom rack of the cabinet just to water get out... trust me in every day life some water comes in cabinet after using toothpaste or brush or razor or other things so some holes shd be there for water to go out and to avoid condensation..
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By Manish B.
Got rusted completely on two sides and top in totally dry conditions even before we started using it.
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By Amazon Customer