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4.5 | 1,115 customer reviews
990 of the 1,115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I loved the color and fabric. The sheet is super comfy and the material feels the same after 7-8 washes so far. I love how the color never fades after several washes and never noticed any shrinking issues. Fits good with my proper king sized bed.
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By 𝓝𝓮𝓱
Bed-sheet looks good ,
It Doesn't bleed , Thread count is also good (See Pictures)
Neither too heavy, nor too light ,
Easy to wash and Easy to Dry
Good value for money
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By Jitendra
Unfortunately, Amazon does not half half point rating system. Ideally, it would rate this bedsheet as 3.5 for its’ printed design & vibrant look once spread over the bed. However, the fabric quality could have been better? If you are looking at high GSM/thread count, this particular piece is not for you. But if an easy to store/light summery fabric is something that you need, you are most likely to love it. I was also amazed at the service Amazon fulfilled this order. Placed at order on 6th Feb, it got delivered on 7th Feb. kudos!
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By Neetu
4.5 | 913 customer reviews
827 of the 913 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This red one makes me GO MAD ! I am in LOVE with Solimo Bed sheets, Till now we have placed 8 - 10 bed sheets. Guys go for it. The material is very nice and its smooth and cold when you actually want to feel and touch it. It is very soft and just just beautiful.
There are beautiful design, from Imperial Trails to Abstract, all design are just beautiful. OMG. beautiful.........Amazon from where do you get these brands Man, Hehe, its just awesome, never seen in local markets.
Its the best you can get, it's just beautiful and worth the money. I love you Amazon.
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By Lotus
Solimo is a well known brand n one can always go wid its class products... The bedsheet delivered is jst like it's pic .colours r vibrant..the big plus is its extra sized pillow for the it at a deal of 500 only..
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By Meenakshi
Look wise extremely good.
Material- Poly cotton, yet not that slippery. 60 % cotton
This blue color goood
worth buying @625
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By vibhum sehgal
4.4 | 1,743 customer reviews
1,557 of the 1,743 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am reviewing this product after 3 month of use it's beautiful, nice, soft babric, no colour fade after washing, come with two pillow cover, perfect for king size bed, its little bit transparent and this is value for money
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Sheer Value for Money!!
The color, comfort,softness is still the same since the day I bought it.
I would definitely recommend this product to all.
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By Swapnil
Worst product ever... please don't buy this bedsheet. The color from pillow covers is bleeding and has stained my bed headrest see the blue colour in the picture. Bought this product trusting Amazon brand and it's utter disappointment. Who is now going to pay from my stained headrest which is not getting cleaned. See the picture and decide. Amazon are you listening.
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By Hemant Bisht
4.4 | 1,703 customer reviews
1,533 of the 1,703 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Starting from the packaging of the product to using it.
1. The packaging was 4.5/5
2. I don’t use anything new, if its not washed, so I soaked it for 1 hour to remove any starch, to my surprise the pillow cover didn’t even leave a tinch of blue, no starch was found. 5/5
3. After a wash, m using it... it feels that i am sleeping on a cotton bedsheet after ages. It is very smooth and has the perfect luster. 5/5
I recommend this product highly. 🤩
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By Sagar
Reviewing after about six months of use. Color has not run and the quality of color is very good. Quality of material is also good as per what was purchased. Only complaint is that it doesnt help protect against cold at temperatures close to twenty Celsius or below. Especially if the fan is on. Need to cover with two layers in such cases.
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By Rahul Madhavan
Actually bedspread isn't pure cotton as mentioned.. Moreover description says pink and looks very dark and attractive but it's purple in reality and kinda dull..Overall an okay okay product

This review is after nearly washing it twice and using it. Color hasn't faded. But as the material iskinda polyester it keeps slipping away no matter how good you make the bed. Moreover lots of wrinkles show up on the bedspread as if it is crumpled even after you sleep and wakeup once. Total waste.
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By Lakshmi
4.5 | 571 customer reviews
522 of the 571 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's pretty much beautiful ... as it looks in a photo is even more beautiful than it is ... If you have to take a bedsheet then you can buy this bedsheet without any hesitation.
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By Amazon Customer
A decent product , soft and seems good.. only after usage would we know the quality
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Even though the claim is being made that it is a cotton bedsheet but my experience does not say so. It is a very thin bedsheet. It seems to be polyster mixed. Due to lack of any thickness, the shape is never maintained of this bedsheet and seems to be a very cheap product.
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By Sudha
4.4 | 476 customer reviews
411 of the 476 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this bedsheet for regular use I usually use Bombay dyeing products because of their high price i was searching for an alternative this bedsheet is very soft n nice print looks equally comfortable thanks amazon Ur sallimo products r great
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By Laboni Paul
The bedsheet looks exactly the same as shown on Amazon.The colors and patterns look soothing and attractive.It is a great bedsheet for people who prefer lighter colors.

I purchased it for 609rs and so it is a good product at this price.

The only thing I don't about this bed sheet is that it is too light.
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By Subhi
Bit different in color. It s pale not dark (as shown in pic). Still, looks good.
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By Susan
4.4 | 445 customer reviews
395 of the 445 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bedsheet was very good in color, feel and the length n breath was big as it fits well to my big beds which 6.5*6.5 and getting a gud bedsheet which fits well on my beds was a difficult task, but this time solimo bedsheets are just perfect.
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By Kittu
After first wash the colour and the quality remained the same.
Nice quality and looks good.
Excatly as described.

I was very disappointed with Bombay dyeing products which faded and looks old within 2 months.
Obviously it was the lower range Bombay dyeing product ( but same range as solimo range 600-800 RS).

I read the reviews of this product and decided to give it a shot. And I am happy with the product.

I would increase my rating to 5 after 2 months of use the product is as it is on day one.

I think it would be great if Amazon could add more designs.
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By Ayndarp
As you can see in my picturet the colors are a bit dull compared to the picture provided by amazon. But the material is soft and smooth and the bedsheet is neither too thick nor too thin , it's just right . It also easily fits my bed which a little larger than a king size
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By Fanatic Shopper
4.4 | 418 customer reviews
367 of the 418 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect bed spread, really very good quality & solimo is perfect brand for home.
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By Uma
This is one of the most amazing products I have ordered from Amazon
Brilliant packing, delivered in less than 24 hours, it is exactly as it is shown in the picture. The edges are stitched with superb finishing and the material is thick and soft at the same time.

If you are looking for bed linens for regular use, this is the most recommended product. Thanks seller and Amazon
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By Bhakti
Not as advertised. Neither the colour nor the material is as promised. The material isn't PURE cotton but a blend and so can be used only in the winter months. The colour isn't as pleasing as in the picture; would i have bought it in a store, no. Am i going to return it, no, not doing that either.
Will settle for using it in winter. Just be warned.
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By Uthra Sriram
4.4 | 278 customer reviews
244 of the 278 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product. Best Quality . Size is very large even though single bedsheet.Design is very nice.colour combination is perfect. Worth price.prompt delivery.good packaging.If customers want to purchase singal bedsheet They must purchase same bedsheet.colour is perfect and same shining after wash.
Choudappa Bansode
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By Choudappa Bansode
I bought this single bed sheet few months back and now I am reviewing it.
The fabric is very soft and of good quality. color is very soothing specially for summers.
The color is fast as it is still in the same condition as it was when the product was seen by me for the first time and it has been washed for 3-4 times.
It is also light weighted .
over all I am satisfied with this product as I have already bought another one from this brand.
A happy customer...
By: Disha
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By Disha S.
Material : Not Excellent but still good at this price.
Design & Colours : Attractive. Exactly same as shown in the picture. After two washes there is no change / fading of colours.
Size : Big enough for single bed mattress.
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By S Kumar
4.4 | 275 customer reviews
247 of the 275 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
100% cotton as promised. Last 1.5 years we are the fan of these bed sheets. You cant get better at this price from any other reputed brands..mark my word! No color fading after 50 washes....purchased 15 so far...don't know when it will end!
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Good product value for money. The print is good too.
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By Amazon Customer
For the price, it justifies itself.
The bedding set is not premium but good, decent for gifting too.
We bought it for using at our home.
The color combinations are really good.
The only thing that got me thinking a bit:
- seems less cotton, more polyester in some parts
- the blues are much duller than the digital images
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By Anu & Moha
4.5 | 148 customer reviews
131 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bedsheet is superb . Soft and bright. And yes, value for money. Just check the picture. And it’s king size I guess . Too big for my queen soze bed.
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By Hema Saini
I had ordered this reluctantly as I wasn't sure of the quality and was half convinced that I might end up returning this product.
But I am pleasantly surprised by the brilliant quality of the bedsheet. The colours are as shown in the picture. With 144 TC, it feels better as compared to other (established) brands with same TC.
I would wish to see more designs and also some plain bedsheets from this brand.
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Very vibrant colours and lovely design. Everyone loved it. Material is good and soft although not very soft. Haven't washed it yet so don't know if colour will run. It's real value for money as price is very cheap. This is a double bed cover not queen bed cover. I have an 8" thick mattress so it does falls short on length. However, I suppose it should be perfect for mattresses less than 8".
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By Kronosaphrodite
4.2 | 358 customer reviews
301 of the 358 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very very nice bed sheets. I have purchased 5 solimo single size bedsheets recently, the measurement is perfect as you mentioned. Quality of bedsheets are very nice with very much reasonable price. After wash the color remains permanent condition. I recommend to all to buy Solimo without having second thought.
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By K Narayana bhat
UPDATE 20th Oct 2018. As expected the color hasn't faded after a couple of washes. Still looks dull in person. Fabric is good though. The pic of bedsheet on bed is after washing

I'll write more about this after I use the bedsheet for a few days and wash it. Solimo bedsheets are usually good in quality, but like most buyers will notice, once they receive their bedsheets, is the color isn't that bright as shown in the images here. It will be a bit dull. The colors are enhanced in the pics. Bought it at 399
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By Shiv Shankar Ash
Color not as bright as shown in the picture,its dull but the stuff is good.please do not misguide your customers by showing glossy pictures.If you are showing bright color,then send the product with bright colors.
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By nandita prasad
4.0 | 808 customer reviews
584 of the 808 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome print and it's jst the same as in the pic. M jst loving it...worth buying it...
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By Sid Lais
This is 2nd time purchase, 1st time I got for rs 565 only , 2nd time rs 599, but still quality is super.. Wow quality is too good, bright white and flowers also brighten colour as well as pillow cover every thing is superb.. I'm confused because of all negative reviews but Even I too didn't expect up to this level super quality.. They had stitched both sides too..
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No star absolutely...
This is pathetic and poorest quality somebody ever can get. The cloth is horribly thin and the print is again of poor quality. Colors lost and fed immeditely when water fall on the bed sheet. Throwing it of in the dustbin just within 10 days of buying. Strongly not recommended
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By Manish B Bodade
4.6 | 73 customer reviews
70 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The bedsheet is really a top class product.
Looks exactly like the image.

Is soft to touch and looks beautiful on the bed.
The material is durable and doesn't bleed at all!
At this price (I got it on lighting deal of 409/-) I couldn't have asked for more.
All other trademarks are pathetic infront of this.
Already bought 2 other designs from the same range.
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By Miit
Well the colour is a dark peach very close to orange and has pink leaves. It is absolutely beautiful. I bought it after going through the previous ratings. The bedsheet seems softer than the pillow. An absolute delight to have! I was on standby mode though in case I would need to return it but I have been thinking of buying the bigger one for the bigger bed :)
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By Amazon Customer
I am highly impressed by Solimo products , be it dry fruits , bedsheet or kitchen cooking appliances . Solimo is best in quality and never disappoints.
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By renu
4.1 | 247 customer reviews
191 of the 247 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well as described, its polycotton bedsheet bt the fabric is quite thick. Very happy wd d purchase. Size is also perfect. The bedsheet in actual looks more good than the pic 😍😇❤️❤️. Good bedsheet for winters cuz its warm fabric.

So go for it guys 💞🌟👍🏻.!!
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By MTS777 -100%honest reviewer
Yeah don't judge by what's shown in pik in site... I know that's a bit light but I think it's more appealing than what it's shown over there..
Seriously guys this is amazing look in best price
And fabric is also superb
It won't disappoint you by the colour me.
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By Pranav Kumar
The fabric is nice to touch. Even after a couple of wash the color has not faded. The print quality is not that great. Looks fine from far distance but on close look you can see the print is pixleted.
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By Saurav Paul
4.0 | 484 customer reviews
353 of the 484 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bed sheet is superb. Quality is awesome. Double size also fits for king size bed
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By usha sri
I ordered this bedsheet despite some very negative reviews when it was available for 400 rs.
I am happy I went ahead and bought it.
It is almost pure cotton..... it seems to be a blend.
The color and pattern are just the same.
I have washed it 3-4 times and it has got better only.
The first wash gave a little dark water but the back and grey stars look the same.
So I recommend this.
Hope my review is helpful to you.
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By Karmic Voice
They're not bad looking sheets, though a trifle thin. But for 500 bucks one can't expect more. But I did take issue with the fact that they turned a dingy greyish white on the first wash itself. Also, they smelt horrible when they were dipped in some chemical.
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By Daisychain
4.1 | 226 customer reviews
179 of the 226 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Solimo bed sheets are finest quality, the measurements are exactly found what seller has mentioned. No color fading , no shrinkage. Since long time, I am using solimo bedsheets by purchasing from Amazon. Several times I purchased under lightening deal, really worth for money. Everyone can purchase without second thought. Thanks to Amazon.
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By K Narayana bhat
I have fallen in love with this bed sheet. Will look to buy more colours and importantly my trust for Solimo products have gone up very high. Just hope it retails the same colour and softness after a few washes.
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By Sudip
Material quality is awesome
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By Anita
product price
4.3 | 112 customer reviews
94 of the 112 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Thanks to Amazon on time delivery, good product, material is also good at the price best thing i like have zip in pillow cover one can go for a buy
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By Jayesh
I had purchased this one based on other reviews. Its 100% cotton. Fits for my king size bed. Colourful bedsheet. pillow covers have zip to bedsheet for Indian climate as it is pure cotton.
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By Anusha
Good print, and your room also looks good.
But not worth the price.

As TC is less, you'll not feel the cotton.

300-400 should be a price for a double bedsheet.
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By Tushar katyal
3.9 | 883 customer reviews
615 of the 883 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is amazing.just go for it.perfect for King size bed.Very good quality.
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By Andy
Good quality bedsheet. Bedsheet looks as shown in the picture. No fading after first wash.
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By Tania Bhattacharya
Good value for money. perfectly fits queen size bed but small for king size. Quality of fabric is nice and colour same even after many washes.
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By P Konwar
4.2 | 106 customer reviews
86 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This bedsheets looks great! Slightly duller in real life than photos but super gorgeous nonetheless. Not too harsh as well. The colour didn't bleed upon washing the first time so that's a good sign for future washes . Bought another design from the same seller . That was pretty nice too.
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By Mahima
As can be seen in the photo, the bedsheet looks pretty nice and subtle. The design is soothing but also not boring. I personally think this was decent value for money
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By Amazon Customer
The product I received is different from what is shown here. The colour of the fabric is a dull beige colour and not white as can be seen in the photos. Quality is good but it has some oil stains on it.
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By Shaunak