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4.6 | 422 customer reviews
395 of the 422 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its almost 3month I bought this from Amazon.. Purchased a single prime lens with it.. Auto focus quality is good in this camera. Amazing for portrait even u can capture selfies with it. Attaching a selfie with it.. Clicks amazingly in low lights, less noise in picture.. Can share the photos very easily as it has WiFi facility.. U dnt need to buy extra adapter. Thank u Amazon for delivered it within two days
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By The Golden Girl Moumi
I bought canon 200D 1 week before
Good quality, right now battery life is extremely good, even after oneday use it doesn't come low, it is better to use with 55-250mm lens, then only you can realize the quality of this product. Before using this product read the instructions and safety precautions
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By Praveen ezhuthachan
This is an upper entry level dslr and not a dslr only for the beginners. Though, at this price range, this is one of the best dslr available. Good low light photography as well

Pros :

- launched in 2017 with digic 7 processor
- extremely light weight
- handy
- easy interface for anyone who’s a first timer
- good battery life
- great colour production, an advantage of canon
- great audio output quality
- could be used by beginners as well as semi pros
- cost effective
- the touch screen is exceptional. Allows the feel of a smartphone
- Bluetooth and wifi nfc is extremely smooth


- lower focus points as compared to Nikon
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 1,205 customer reviews
1,086 of the 1,205 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it for 27,500 on republic day sale.....I attached some of the samples clicked with this cam
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By Tej
I have been using this camera for a long time now. I bought this camera back in 2016 from Amazon. This has been a constant since then but then it is not the best constant you would wanna have that's why I shifted to cameras like 77d and a6300. You would wanna change the camera after a certain point of time. Because of its poor ISO settings and also picture quality is pretty average. It is plain and kind of bland. The focus points are less comparing to its competitor d3400 even the ISO kind of gives you a better performance in 3400. The ISO goes up to 25600 where as its pretty ordinary when it comes to canon. Paying some extra 6000 rupees for a better camera and a lens is definitely worth it. You won't regret on buying it at the end of the day. Because you
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By Aritra.
The product worked only fr a month and suddenly the shutter button stops working. It was a v.bad experience fr me wid amazon.. do not buy cameras online.
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By Madhushree N.
4.5 | 802 customer reviews
719 of the 802 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I upgraded to this camera from D3100 & Sony HX400V.
This camera is loaded with features. One of the best entry level professional camera or a great camera for amateur photographer. With my last DSLR i had 18-55 & 70-300. Having understood the difficult in changing the lens every time this time i went with 18-140 lens.
The camera is light weight, handy, menu is easy to understand, connectivity to mobile is awesome. Also installed Helicon Remote app & Adobe photoshop express app in mobile which makes easy to take picture, send to your mobile, edit & upload.
Lens is little heavy as I expected, but the clarity, focus response, sharpness is great.
Unlike other reviews i got a good camera bag.
Without any second thought you can buy this.
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Worth the money. I am a beginner in terms of photography. The telephoto lens are really good and pictures taken with then are truly awesome. They give the photos kind of a depth field perception in auto mode. The camera itself has heck lot of options and having a touchscreen really helps.

Piece of advice, If you are planning to buy a tripod along with this don't buy small ones as camera with lens tends to get heavy. I bought Amazon basics tripod and it was unable to handle the weight of camera with telephoto lens attached.
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By Snigdha
Best dslr for beginners. Loved it...
Lightweight and compact with everything the family photographer needs, the Nikon D5600 maintains its position as a great general-purpose dSLR for its price class.
DSLRTaken on its own, the Nikon D5600 is a fine camera, with imaging tech that still outclasses what even the best smartphone can manage by a huge margin. That's an important point to note for people looking for...
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By Devashish Pant
4.5 | 757 customer reviews
662 of the 757 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I received all accessories of camera in good condition. Camera bag, memory card, battery all things are proper. Camera bag is not fake.
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By Amrut Shipekar
I like camera quality and battery life
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By Shanmuga Raj
Found duplicate DSLR bag with camera
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By Abhishek Bhalwal
4.7 | 155 customer reviews
151 of the 155 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Picture quality is best and auto focus is perfect too, but one advice if you are looking for video recording go for sony camera in same price you'll be getting 4K instead of 1080p, over all 77D is best for portrait, landscape, vlogging and daily use. But purchase with 18-135mm lens and one addition prime lens of canon 50mm f1.8 for portrait and low light photography.
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By Subham Gurung
Before buying this camera I did lot of research, I am at very beginner level of photography. The good feature I liked about video shooting with dual auto focus. this is very cool features, It gives picture quality like cinematography. Really amazing, apart from video quality picture quality is awesome. Still I am learning to shoot photos in manual mode abut overall amazing product. I did bought this camera from Amazon at Rs. 49,000. this is not usual price available on amazon, but one day I was just looking price range and saw this price, without second thought I bought it. It's really good deal I got.
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By Manoj
1. Nice product
2. Too late delivery(reached 10days after promised final date of delivery)
3. Good packing
4. Efs18-55mm f4-5.6 lens is average. poor quality on low light.(feels like used one)
5. Had issues with warranty registration, but solved it by contacting canon.(got 1+1year warranty for body and lens.)
6. Package includes: EOS 77D Body, EF-S 18-55mm 4-5.6 IS STM, Lens Cap, Battery Pack, Battery Charger, Eye Cup,camera strap,camera bag, 16gb SD card.
7. Worth for money (49800-offer. please dont think second time if u found an offer like this.)
8. Best mid range dslr camera
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By Sreenath
4.4 | 3,392 customer reviews
3,033 of the 3,392 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good quality photos getting from 24px, really good start for beginners. Easy to handle, wifi is advantages. Price is little bit high.
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By Sivanandham k
Great camera. Perfect product for young budding photographer..... Useful for in-house, nature, functions, and spare time photography. Take high quality pics, videos , portrait, landscape wildlife, nature pics etc
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By Mandar Phatak
Ok the DSLR Giant Canon have launched 1 more entry level DSLR. Actually i bought this camera for my friend. Does this camera worth 31K. Lets see

1. Its easy to use
2. Decent battery backup
3. Live mode operation is not lagging.

1. While focusing the DSLR is making too much noise and its the kind of annoying that u will lose interest in taking photos.
2. No shortcut or assigned button to change F stop (aperture). A manufacturer who is keeping dedicated button for changing the ISO have to thing about the importance of aperture.
3. You can't change the focusing point by pressing the round dial in the system, if u press it some other setup will open up.
4. The output image quality is actually not mind blowing.
5. White balance- Use it if u want to take risk
6. Main issue. If u use camera flash to snap a pic during focusing it
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By Anand
4.4 | 1,398 customer reviews
1,225 of the 1,398 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product
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By Kishore Kumar C
Purchase it for the following reasons:
1. You're a beginner but need a camera which can be used at a mid-level as well.
2. You do not care for the lens just yet. If you do care for the lens then I will suggest you to only buy body first and then separately purchase 24-250mm lens to not have the frequent hassle of changing lens.
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By Pratik Khandagale
Received a faulty battery. And I am not able to ask for a replacement because Amazon won't allow me. The procedure gets stuck after step 2.
Edit: Finally talked to the Amazon professional. Will be getting a replacement. Fingers crossed.
Edit 2: Got a replacement. Everything is fine.
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By Rituparna Mondal
4.4 | 918 customer reviews
818 of the 918 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got the set 1. Camera body 2. Kit lens 18-55mm VR 3. Kit lens 70-300 mm for Rs 33.5k. The camera sensor has exceptional imaging quality. I'm new to DSLR. It has been giving a true artistic expression of reality, which even a best quality phone camera can never do. Best camera for those who while pursuing photo clicking have come to know the limitations of a phone camera. See the pictures I have taken with and enjoy

Thank you Jeff and Co. for trustworthy, timely and secure delivery.
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By Spirit Rebellious
With max ISO 25600 you will get a better control over low light shots, than similar beginner-level Cannon models.

I chose this camera over Cannon 1500D because I heard a lot of critic reviews, and all of them were recommending Nikon.

The camera has a good grip, and doesn't much weigh, so you can easily take shots with one hand.

Most people have complained about no WiFi. I haven't missed that feature much. Because, I will not have a WiFi while taking shots outside. I can easily transfer the pictures to my computer using the SD card reader.

The camera doesn't have geo-tagging feature. But you can easily pair the SnapBridge App with the camera, and it will use phone's location and use it for geo-tagging. I really liked it.

Overall the camera is great.

Things I missed:

- It has a fixed display. Would have been great if it rotated.

P.S. I got all the items from
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By Subhojit Paul
Picture quality- Awesome, better purchase and see for yourself. Nikon basically is for stunning colours as the same colour vivid ness you can't find in any of the Canon DSLRs untill and unless they are full frame models.

Battery life- Avg. Usage of 2hrs every day gave the battery power running continuous for 3 days to me.

Durability- Here I have to mention that as it's a entry level DSLR. My suggestion go for it. Why? Let me explain

i. The grip on this is DSLR is almost like a professional cameras. Just go to shop and physically feel the grip. You'll love it. And do compare with other cameras also if I am no wrong.

ii. And for sure I have to say it's not weather resistant. According to me if you have 70 plus thousand rupees definitely go for weather sealed body full frame DSLRs. If not then grab this NIKON D3500
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By Ramesh Babu Rayapudi- kindle customer & Prime member
4.4 | 367 customer reviews
311 of the 367 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pics are delightful to watch as DSLR has its own charm. Also as it can be synced with your mobile phone via snapbridge app, it gives immediate access to the photos on your mobile with automatic size adjustment. If you are looking for an entry level DSLR, you can bet on this product. Still exploring various other features, Amazon packing! Well amazing as usual!
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By N2 Prime
Loved this camera! It's just the right one for beginners with DSLR's. Battery life is also good. One great advice would be to read the user's manual before handling the cam. Also, the camera options and snapbrigde app options (in the device) should be handled simultaneously so that the device is connected immediately or else the connection won't happen and you'll keep wondering what went wrong where and the device will take ages to detect your cam model! Do watch some related YouTube tutorial which would be of great help as it was in my case. The packaging was good and I received the camera in good condition. A Nikon camera bag was also included.
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By Smita Arun
Perfect weight for my delicate self. Handy to run around with and take gazillion photos with. Great Nikon color. A little wonder for all the baby photographer aspirants.
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By Nithya
4.5 | 192 customer reviews
172 of the 192 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The difference between Nikon P900 and a DSLR is in the size of the sensor. P900 is having a sensor size of 1/5.6 th as that of a full frame 36mm sensor DSLR which cost around 2 lakhs. But because of the smaller sensor only Nikon could accommodate the mega 83x 2000mm zooming in a handy 900 gram camera with a price of 30k. The noise level in the picture caused by the smaller sized sensor can be corrected by built-in noise filters such as NR+/Normal/NR- which are found in setting tab of the camera or you can use software like Adobe Lightroom which gives best results. P900 is having a good value for money. With the manual focus mode using side zoom control switch we can create bokeh effect/background blur. It has time lapse recording by which you can shoot something like blooming of a flower or movement
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By Anoop
Dont buy telescope,binocular. P900 is a substitute
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By rizwan
Good comera especially on zooming the moon
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 349 customer reviews
299 of the 349 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of my avocations is photography and before this camera I enjoyed Nikon D3100 DSLR, now I purchased Sony HX 400V, it is the best point and shoot digital camera which provides excellent quality images, it's zoom capabilities is just superb, NFC and WiFi connectivity is just fabulous, it transfer all images quickly to my smartphone and in last I would say, its worth Purchase in 25K for family photography and videography.
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By Preet Pal Singh
One of the best Camera for beginner. I'm very happy with the camera performance & result.
Apart from that there is play memories where you can download effect and use them. It also blur the background and focus on subject very fast however in HX300 there was option for defocus high, mid & low well !!! This option I have not found in HX400.
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SMALL like bird's & insects,small objects etc.)
. CAN SHOOT UP TO 1080×720 P AT 60fps
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By Rajeev mandle
4.3 | 946 customer reviews
769 of the 946 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Purchased on 5.09.18 for Rs 3999/- in lightning deal [ Colour Cobalt Blue] .Delivered 11.09.18. Camera used for the first time on 17.09.18 on Vishwakarma Puja. Films and camera case purchased separately from market and are cheaper than online rate . Camera is made in Thailand .Camera has functioned well so far , however, the battery cover has become loose within 3days.

I am a novice in normal photogaphy ( i.e., I use only point & shoot cameras as in mobile phones). Some reviewers have described Fuji Instax Mini as a toy but I do not agree with them. If you like experimenting with photography ,you should try this. If you like something just for fun then too try this.

Instant camera means you have just one chance. The photo may be good or bad depending how you handle it.But this process is immensely satisfying as you strive to improve.
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By Amazon Customer
Instax Mini 8 was one of the favourite fun camera for instant photo lovers and while keeping its popularity in mind Fujifilm has now launched this new Instax Mini 9 with some minor upgrades. Unlike other countries, Instax Mini 8 in the Indian market was not a successful attempt due to less popularity for Instant cameras, to turn the tables Fujifilm has now come up with its updated version equipped with a selfie mirror and few minor upgrades. Let’s get into details:

In the Box:
1. Camera
2. Two AA non rechargeable batteries
3. Strap
4. Close-up lens
5. Few Manuals, sticker and warranty card.

The unique retro design with attractive pastel shades is one of the major reason people love this camera more than any other instant camera. Fujifilm while keeping the retro look intact, has now renewed its colour range with cool colours like Cobalt blue, Lime green, Ice blue, Flamingo pink and Smokey white.
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By Hem Sadan
I dont lyk dis product at ol. It is a complete waste of money. Guys do not buy . Bad pictures
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By arushi
4.3 | 366 customer reviews
304 of the 366 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's my first camera.
Just go for it. It's a Best Point and Shoot under 20k
Yes, you get DSLR kind blur effect.
Superb zoom capability.
Nice and compact.
I have added pics...all are taken from nikon b500
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By Abhishek
This is a great camera if you know exactly what you are purchasing and how to adjust the settings to suit you. Out of the box.. Camera, 4 NiMH betteries, 16GB SD card, lens cap, usb cable, carrycase, HDMI cable... Set up is pretty simple. The 4 AA-NiMH batteries with charger make it a real bargain buy (It retails at an absurd INR 7,700). Don't leave the batteries in the camera for long periods of time as they can exude and damage the terminals. The Wi-fi is a good feature but works only with the Snapbridge phone App. You cannot transfer to PC via Wi-Fi. You first have to connect to Snapbridge through Bluetooth - be patient it takes a while. Only then can you connect with the camera wi-fi through Snapbridge. Do not attempt to connect with wifi through the phone's wifi, you can't and it can interfere with
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By Gauthamadas
Camera is for beginner only. Good camera on this price. The problem I found is that blurring happens consistently.
If you zoom anything then may be blur happened and after some time only the picture will show clearly.
This is the only problem I found rather then everything is good.
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By Suryakant
4.3 | 248 customer reviews
213 of the 248 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
By Pritam
I bought this camera in September 2016 and been using it for more than a year. Following are some useful points for those who are really interested in photography:

1. Excellent battery life
2. Super fast focusing
3. Weather-sealed body gives you confidence to shoot during rains and wet conditions.
4. Great choice of lenses(any Canon camera would have this advantage)
5. Excellent from-camera JPEG images(which most Nikon users feel is a disadvantage for them and often prefer post-processing)
6. Good shutter speed
7. Amazing live-view for shooting and focusing( This is where it does better than Nikon cameras. Video mode has Dual-pixel CMOS technology for focusing. So gives you cinematic effect)
8. Touch-screen gives you better control during focusing if you are using Live-view(for both stills and videos) and also helps you to navigate through menus and images faster and review the images in a faster way
9. Kit lens has good zoom range of 18-135 mm (which
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By Karthik
I have bought it EOS80D, when I tried to register it with Canon EDGE, It is astonishing to see the message " your serial number is already registered" etc. That means what I received is not new! or re-furbished one! what is this?
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By Mohana
4.4 | 128 customer reviews
115 of the 128 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really a product worthy every penny invested. Perfect for beginners and for people lil about beginner too!

Pros: super handy
Light weight
Amazing picture quality
The two lenses power pack this camera to a higher level
Speed of shoot is brilliant
The features surpass DSLR!
Ease of charge with a powerbank
Transfering of pics vids is brilliant using the app and nfc feature
The best part is the amazing video quality!


Battery drains out
Last for a continous shoot of five hours easily.
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By Arun
Great camera for beginners. I suggest to buy an extra battery. The options the camera has are extremely useful for beginners
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By Ramaraj K
Battery is not charging. I contacted Sony care they said they do not have service center at Hadapsar, Pune. I contacted other service center at city , they said it has to be sent to Mumbai for repair. Not sure what to do.
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By Dharmesh Vyas
4.3 | 197 customer reviews
171 of the 197 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am firt time you sing came so my feeling really wonderful tq good product
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By Koteswararao
I waited for a long long time to get my very own dslr. Wanted a decent enough dslr with good features and withing my budget. However at the same time didn't want to go for the entry level dslrs which are available. In the end was contemplating between 700d and 750d. N thanks to the great Indian Amazon sale last month, I got a superb deal on this one! It was available only for 42k and to top it I had a gift card from a friend which I utilized so it was a steal deal 🤝! Now my time goes in exploring the camera 📸 and the various features, got some amazing clicks!
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By Amazon Customer
So far so good, initially there was difficulty charging battery as charger plug was loose (partly fault of points at my home) . Wifi transfer is the feature I was most interested in which is nice only thing is it connect to 1 phone at a time. Other good feature is touch screen to focus at point and click.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 89 customer reviews
81 of the 89 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to replace my Canon 600D DSLR camera I purchased more than 6 years ago. Compared to 600D this camera is small, light weight and build quality is also much better. Initially it may take a couple days to get used to electronic view finder as there is a small delay (may be fraction of second). It takes excellent photos with punchy colours in JPEG and videos. I have yet to try 4k video as it fill up the card very quickly. The bundled kit lens is very compact and good quality for its price.

If you are new to DSLR or already own an entry level DSLR you can give this one a try. The other comparable (mirrorless) cameras are offerings from Fuji. I had played with it Fuji cameras during a US visit, XT-20 is an excellent camera with great kit lens but about 30k pricey in
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By PShankar
This is my first high quality camera. And, I am still exploring.
Image quality and video quality seem really good.
The full rotatable touch screen, mic input, and a good user interface makes it a very good deal for me, as I plan to do personal content creation.

I considered the Sony a5100 as an option, but could not make the compromises and got this instead. But, the Sony a5100/6000 is great value for money even today, if you want it only for still photography.

I got the m50 at around 51k on Amazon Prime day. I think you can wait if you plan to buy. In US it costs only 650-700 bucks, so the Indian price may reduce in a while.

I would recommend the EF to EF-M mount adapter along with the Canon 50mm F1.8 STM lens, or even the EF-M 22mm F2 lens if you prefer the compact form factor (no adapter
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Overall great camera and is highly capable

-It is small, compact, light, very portable
-Awesome picture and video quality
-Hass lots more useful features.
-Single shot at 10fps and Servo at 7.5 fps
-720p slow motion at 120fps
-Time-lapse video mode
-The dual pixel autofocus
-canon's color science is also highly commendable
-with a lens adaptor, it can be equipped with Canon's EF and EF-S lenses.

-Rolling shutter, lack of Dual Pixel Autofocus, and excessive crop factor in 4k
-Max shutter speed is only upto 1/4000s
-Doesn't have an extra dial or buttons to customise more shortcuts
-No 1080p slow motion at 120 fps
-Battery performance is poor (but is expected in most Mirrorless DSLSs)
-Have to spend extra cash to buy a lens adaptor

I'd like to give 1 star the courier service (DTDC) which "delivered" the package. It took 12 days to ship it from Delhi to Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh. Others typically take 2-3 days for that kind of distance.
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By Chetan Phurailatpam
4.5 | 88 customer reviews
79 of the 88 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Must read and read till end!

I won't go much into deep in terms of specs sheet. But some important points regarding its competition worth mentionable-

*There is not much options in this price range. The comptition is nikon d7500, nikon d7200, nikon d5600, canon 80d and canon 800d. But price range is different.

Now i will explain deferences briefley -

1. Nikon d7200 - way old model. Lacks rotating screen. Lacks dual pixel autofocus. Old processor.

2. Nikon d7500 - 25k pricier. Lacks dual pixel autofocus and rotating display.

3. Nikon d5600 - lacks secondary quick info display on top. Lacks dual pixel autofocus. Lacks secondary command dial.

4. Canon 80d - 20k pricier but same sensor. Same picture quality.
differences- 77d has newer processor which means better iso performance (25600 vs 16000 in 80d).

80d is better - 80d has large bettery, weather sealing and 7fps vs 6fps (not a big differnce)

5. Canon 800d - the only
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By Dr. Vishal Singh
*Lies between 80d and 800d
*18-135mm lens is great for intermediate users
*Focusing system is so silent and quick
*Battery backup is great if flash is not used.... Using optical viewfinder rather than live screen adds the battery life
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By Jijo Shibu
Canon camera body does not have in body image stabilization, canon provides image stabilization through lens and camera body depends on lenses for image stabilization, if lens does not support image stabilization camera will not be able to stabilize.

1080/60p video capture
Microphone input jack for external microphone for better audio recording
24MP sensor with Dual Pixel AF
3" fully-articulating touchscreen LCD
45-point all-cross-type phase-detect Fastest Auto Focus System
6fps continuous shooting
Built-in interval timer for time lapses
Digic 7 processor
Dual control dials
Accurate Auto Focus in both photo and video
Responsive touchscreen and interface
Top LCD for shooting information
Twin control dials for more hand on control
Very good video and image stabilization
Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,NFC that can be used for image transfer and as remote control.
Light weight.

Plastic build quality of body
Lag behind in dynamic range
No 4K video recording
Pentamirror viewfinder instead of pentaprism viewfinder

Do check local store, price in local store tends to be less than price on amazon.

Canon 77d sits in between 800d and
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4.4 | 116 customer reviews
102 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this for my wife, and the design, size, & more importantly the accessibility for a learner, made it a great pick.

Fujifilm doesn't make cheap stuff, so you get what you pay for:

1. Great build quality
2. Full suite of creative options
3. Fuji film color profiles
4. Nice kit lens (and access to brilliant X mount Fuji lenses)
4. Bunch of options and aids that will help someone mature to become a better photographer.

The pictures right out of the camera are brilliant (even without the X Trans sensor).

I personally switched to an MFT (Olympus OMD EM 10 II), and love the fact that I have DSLR like quality (and better features in some respect), in such a small form factor of a mirror-less camera.

If you are not a professional photographer and have some appreciation for art & craftsmanship, you should definitely consider a mirrorless (certainly the XT100) over ugly and bulky DSLRs.

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By Abhijeet
The camera is super fantastic for the pricing that is fixed . The camera is aesthetically beautiful with a touch of RETRO design . The build quality is superb though it is hard plastic with metal trim on top and bottom . The image quality is really great with better noise management even in higher ISO range . It has a fully articulating touch screen display and a bright OLED viewfinder . Three mechanical dial controls for easy access and quick navigation of the menu . For this price range , I must say that is has more functions and creative options than it's competitors .

There is a bit of compromise in few areas which are not a big deal , I guess it is due to the pricing point .

# 4K shooting mode is restricted to 15 FPS . You get good FHD video but .
# Touch Screen
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Good for beginners, would definitely recommend!
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By Ovung
4.4 | 108 customer reviews
98 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I would recommend this this camera to people who may want to do some casual photography, and may even plan to develop it further as a hobby later on. At its current price in 2019, it is in my opinion the best value you can get for your money. Skip the newer models like A6400 and A6100, and invest in this battle tested and better-valued camera.

The biggest strength of the A6000 are the its price, compact size and XAVC video codec output.

The biggest negatives will be its battery life, low-resolution electronic viewfinder, and lack of in-body image stabilization.

Update #1 - Lens recommendations.

After using the camera for a while, I got a Sigma 16 mm f/1.4 prime lens for it.The image quality is on a whole another plane of existence, and the large aperture makes it a great lens for low light situations. The 16mm focal length does seem a bit
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By flossy_malik
This camera is a beast.Easy to carry and handy.Pictures taken with kit lens are very good quality.Its very easy to use.Battery life is moderate.At this price it is the best you can get.Just go for it.All of my photographs taken with kit lens.
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By Aritra Ghosh
I was looking for a replacement for my ageing Nex 5. Had a tough time choosing between 6000 and 6300. But after getting my hands on 6000 I think I have made the right choice.
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By Amazon Customer