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4.5 | 29,392 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome in class camera... oxygen
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By Kshitij Kumar
Detailed review --

Design - 4/5
+Reduced notch
+Premium glass back
-Camera bump

Performance - 5/5
+Latest and greatest hardware
+Smart optimisations

OS - 4.5/5
+Smooth Android experience - Oxygen OS

Display - 4.5/5
+Butter smooth 90 Hz Amoled display - treat to the eye

Battery -3.5/5
+Fastest charging ever seen
-Less capacity

Camera -4/5
+Overall good output with all 3 cameras
+ Amazing macro mode
- Misses details and messes up with Colors sometimes

Audio - 4/5
+Clear and loud - quality output
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By Amazon Customer
After reading a lot of geeky reviews on YouTube and portals, I bought Oneplus7t. Pls, note I have been using OnePlus from last many years now so my expectations were clear. My experience with the device says that most of the reviews or unboxing things are influenced. Pls, note I have bought it with my own money unlike leading reviewers or unboxing video geeks who get it for free. So pls don't go by them blindly. Go for users reviews who bought them with their own money. So I am writing my 5 days experience with the phone.
I am not a gamer or a geek. A regular user who wants to do all the office work on the phone, social media, blogging and vlogging, etc.
The last OnePlus phone I was using was Oneplus 5 and was quite happy with it until it screen got broken and replacement cost was higher
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By Praggya
4.5 | 7,568 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I use this to put my phone while it charges at night, also it is very convinient to watch videos on phone while it's on this. I put my Kindle on it sometimes too, makes reading easy.
Let tell you the good and bad of this product.
1) Very solid build. Made completely of heavy metal
2) It is plainly visible that the design is inspired from the monitor stand of the Apple Mac Desktop, which is a good thing. Looks stylish.
3) Has rubberised base and rubber straps where the phone will rest so has a good grip
4) MAKE IN INDIA initiative. And that is stamped boldly on it.
Now for the bad:
1) Price is a bit too more than it should have been.

If you want a good stand for your phone or tablet, go for it
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By Deb Sarker
Really nice, sturdy little stand, with not a great, but a decent enough finish. It holds my phone and my Kindle perfectly, and I think it should manage the average tablet too. The rubber pads are very useful for stabilising the phone. The only con is that it isn't adjustable. It holds the phone at the perfect vertical or horizontal angle for while you're sitting upright, but if you're lying down, you may have to wedge some folded paper behind the phone to prop it forward if you want to change the angle. But that's really not a deal breaker for me. It also could have had a little more distance between the phone seat and the base for the charger cord, but again, not a deal breaker. You can charge the phone sideways as well. All in all, perfectly happy with the stand, it's pretty much what I needed.
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By Anita
Build well, seems pretty sturdy. Not the best look wise , kinda looks like metal catching rust, but that doesn't affect the performance of the product. Seems like it will last a while.
However, there is one LARGE product design flaw. The distance of the phone once placed on the stand is in itself okay, but when you plug a charger in , this distance is too little, causing the charging wire to bend a lot for the phone to be able to sit snug in the stand. If you take the wire from outside and plug it in there are no issues, but if you route it through the cutout in the back of the stand, the wire bends quite a bit which could lead to it stop working and prevents the phone from sitting well on the stand.
If you don't plan on keeping your phone
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By nikhil lobo
4.4 | 100,623 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this product back in 30 April, 2017 for mirroring my laptop screen onto my tv mainly to watch anime and movies. Overall the HDMI cable is very sturdy and the output picture & sound quality is excellent. So far of usage I haven’t faced any issues personally, everything works smooth till now. If you are looking for a well built and durable HDMI cable that would last for a long duration of time along with providing top notch output.. then this is definitely the right choice to go with :)
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By Rik Aiox
Fits perfectly. I have connected my laptop to the TV and keep switching as and when it is required or if I'm feeling too lazy to get up and work on my laptop kept on the table. There is no lag, neither is it slow. I would recommend anyone who wants to buy this product, worth the money spent.
P.s.- As of now it's fine
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By Nikhil Jose
I have used this product for long time. Product build looks like high quality but when I started using clarity was slightly lacking and now after usage for few months sometime picture have turbulence or sound stops or different error comes. Always check product when you receive, if you find any error return it immediately. I should have done that.
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By Darshan Langalia
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4.4 | 49,321 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product from JBL, I really loved it. It’s sound it’s compactness. It’s a portable speaker made for music lovers. It’s connectivity also very easy and fast. It’s durable and I will definitely recommend you to buy. The best part is it has a AUX in put and a mic which allows you to speak through the mic when u attend a phone call . And it has really clear sound without any noise. But one thing I have noticed that it has very poor performance when comes to its battery. It lasts hardly 4 hrs when u play nonstop music with loud volume.But apart from that its a fabulous product. Go for it.
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I bought this after reading many reviews on Amazon but the sound quality was very average which is very similar to other cheap price product in market. The audio is clear but no bass. If you like music with bass than this speaker is not for you. It works like a charm with Bluetooth connectivity, but the sound quality gets distorted.
If you are seriously looking for a good quality sound output with some decent bass, then this speaker is not the one to consider. After giving this a trial...
I bought Mifa A1 and to my surprise this was the one I was waiting for. Sound quality is superb and as the brand claims.. This speaker is actually water resistant. The build quality is great and battery backup is surprisingly good.
The main difference between JBL Go and Mifa A1
1.      Sound quality is very clear and powerful in Mifa A1. In JBL Go the sound
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By Manoj l.
Average speaker, i bought it for watching movies on Mac book air. its loudest volume is equal to the laptop. Quite low performance, Bluetooth doesn't have password, so anyone can connect, its pretty frustrating. other brands like boat etc are much better. Not recommended.
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4.4 | 35,399 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The packaging was really good even for a memory card which one can easily misunderstand for a mobile or similar stuff visuall.
However there are a lot of fake ones available so in order to find out which one is real and which is fake check the sides of the memory card.
The real ones edges will be white in colour while the fake ones have black coloured edges.
Fast data transferring Adapter is include with this card.


1- The read/write speed of the card through the adapter is around 50/25 mbps.
2- The read/write speed of the card through my mobile ZenFone 2 ZE550ML variant with the original cable is around 40/28 mbps well technically it is more than what we get through the original adapter.
3- The card really is water proof since I accidentally dropped a glass of water on it and it was still working fine without any problems.
4-This card is really
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The problem with this memory card is highspeed recording. I am using it in my note 8 and when I try to record slowmotion videos, the recording gets stuck instead of being a smooth one. I have used sandisk and transcend memory cards instead of this for the same purpose without any problems. Ofcourse the work around is to record it directly to your phone storage instead of the external card. So it's ok. But do consider the above mentioned point before purchase. For any other work this card is quite good.
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By Dr. Rajarshi Middya
Within 4 months it get damaged on its own n is even showing undetectable in any devices..! :(
And not sure about its return policy....!!
Don't buy it ever!😔
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By Prateek
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4.4 | 14,627 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice phone...and impressive looking,.
Camera quality nice.i like it ....
battery backup very good.....
Better processor ...
And best pubg phone..,
Display is very good...
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The specs of the phone is already given in the products details so let me give my review based on the factors that I considered for purchasing this mobile. I compared Redmi Note 8, Realme 5s and this Vivo U20 which are similarly priced on various factors and finalized Vivo U20. Here is my review on how Vivo U20 fares against its competitors based on my usage and perspective.

I bought the racing black color version but it was not like Jet black and rather had a dark blue tone to it and some texture that reflects light.

The Redmi Note 8 uses a nice glass back, whereas Vivo U20 and Realme 5s uses a polycarbonate back finish.
The realme has a nice crystal design on the back which shines better.
Anyways most of us including me will be using the case so the design of the back is not much
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By Captain Retail
Hang oftenly, once starts the hang it's taking time more than 10 minutes to restart/switch off & on.

I strongly not recommend this mobile phone VIVO U20/1921.

No Return policy within 10 days
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By Radheshyam Thokchom
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4.5 | 4,339 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bought this mouse after a long research so writing here my review after 2 years of usage.
For those complaining aboit long keys and uncomfortable usage, let me tell you this is complete mouse and not mice so you need to understand difference. This is much more comfortable than mice if you work for long hours.
Now coming to delivery. Amazon did great job in delivering super fast also deal on this mouse was an add on.
Now coming to quality. This is heavy duty built mouse for longer run. Working like charm even after 2 years of usage. I have tried several different brands like Logitech, HP, etc but no one stand near to this.
Some others are complaining about very thin wire. Kimdly note there are several sellers on amazon so buy only from trusted sellers with higher ratings.
With return policy available at amazon you can try it once based on my
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By vitamin_D
Moved back to a wire mouse, as my wireless optical logitech mouse started giving problems,, anyways i am happy with this, as i dont have to bother about battery,, and it seems nice and rugged..
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By Mishal
Its an excellent mouse in this price range. Original genuine product with warranty card and online verify card. The packaging is excellent with lot of tamper evident seals so you can assure that the product you received is authentic and unused one.

Some of the pros include,

~Black matte finish body with no annoying paint brand logo on top and button so no reflections nor paint washout on usage.

~Cable length and mouse size in medium range so suitable for most and can be used for both desktop and laptop.

~Under the mouse the stand feet is curved continuous one made from same plastic and thus less chance to accumulate dirt.

~cursor moves very fast and accurate, no false moves.

Some of the cons include these

~Scroll wheel is not friction less instead step based so some sound and resistance there when scrolling.

~Click sound there but a pleasant one similar like keyboard key press sound.

But these cons
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By Prince
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4.5 | 3,941 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The iPhone design is good and the camera quality is awesome. You can also take pictures in wide angles and the image quality is awesome.

Phone got delivered at 9am on 28th September (I pre-order it on 27th September at 3am in the morning), I got my phone before the delivery date with nice and secured packaging.

The overall look of the phone is premium and face unlocking is fast. I grabbed this phone with HDFC 6K Instant Discount Offer at Just 64K (128 GB Variant).


1. The phone is great but if you use "in the box" accessories like "EarPods with Lighting Connector", then you might feel a little pain in your ears.

2. The phone comes with 5W charger which charge your phone slowly. I recommend you to prefer using 18W charger.

Well, I've never tried the iPhone before and I'm using this for the first time (Yes, I'm already using other apple
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By Sunny Kumar
Awesome Phone. Nice upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone 11. Love this beautiful phone.
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By shanu Kumar
May be my first negative review about the product & Amazon both. I was much elated to receive the iPhone 11 so fast, next day of dispatch i.e. 28/09/19, but the thing I got started heating up every now and then. Contacted Applecare, just to be consoled that it's quite normal. As it continued, tried to return the product by speaking to Amazon customer support but in vain. Some body called me back to convey that only Apple will decide which one to take back. Why is then Amazon took up the sacred duty of selling such an item which they can't exchange/ have no control ? The product developed new issues like proximity sensor malfunction and last but most importantly loosing mobile network every other minute(even had two software updates). It was handed over to the Apple ASP as the return window closed on 10/10/19 (what use it was
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By Suman Biswas
4.4 | 10,229 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a sturdy electronics case. It is an excellent organiser for your travels. While it is compact, it has ample space inside and it can hold your power banks, cords, pen drives, portable (small) HDDs, maybe a Kindle device, and a small camera etc. It is a hard case and even though it is not shock-proof or water-proof, it is very well-built and does its job to protect your valuable gadgets. It has several pockets for better organising and none of the items really move around in it. Excellent product, I'm very happy with it. The delivery was before time and the packaging was great too. On a lightening deal, I got it for Rs.499/- and found it well worth the price!
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By Avani Pandya
If you have your drawer cluttered with here and there wires,sd cards, adapters, stickers power bank and usbs this is the right thing to buy, die cast qualtity, so reliable and great Package by Amazon prime, delivery was sexy. Got it next day. grab it without even giving 2nd thoughts better than the others same products provided on site and more reliable customizeable ;)
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By mohammed adeeb
Product was received well in time and in perfect condition, also the frustration free packing was really easy to deal with so it's kind of a plus point.
coming to the product.. it was same as described and quality and build is very good. feels sturdy to me, provided you handle it with some care. Usage depends on you and how you, store things in it! I mostly keep it stuffed with 4 wall chargers and a powerbank & an ipod on the left long mesh n external hdd in other side with cables.. and in zips n pockets AA batteries lendrives and some memory cards(it's pretty terrific storage capacity). If you travel frequently it is a must item to have in-order to have gadgets and small things at a place. Using it for some 5 months and is working just as it us supposed to!
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By Siddharth Goyal
4.5 | 3,688 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think I am the first one to write a review for this beauty :) I ordered this at 11 PM in the night and It was there in my hand in the morning 9 AM.

I have used iPhone X, Samsung s9 plus and Samsung s10 plus before coming to One Plus 7T. My experience so far with this:
1. Display: It's amazing. Sharpness, brightness and 90Hz displays makes it one of the most beautiful displays.
2. Camera: All of my previous mobiles had great cameras. 7t Pro is nothing less than that. If you are a professional photographer, you might find differences. For a normal user, it's just perfect.
3. Battery: I am getting a very good battery backup. When I go to bed, it's 30%. 30T Warp charger is a booom.
4. Performance: Blazing and Lightning fast.
5. One of the USP of OnePlus mobiles is its Oxygen OS. After using
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By BunnyDecoder
==== A lengthy & brutally honest review. It's worth the read if you plan on purchasing this device. ====

I am a Design Specialist by Profession & also into Mobile Photography, hence I was hooked in using the Pixel 2XL. This phone is a worthy upgrade if you're transitioning from Galaxy S9 / Pixel 1 or 2 series / OnePlus 6, 6T & below / iPhone X or 7 and below.

OnePlus 7T Pro is only an incremental upgrade over it's predecessor OnePlus 7 Pro.

===== What has been improved over the 7 Pro? ====
+ Faster Processor. Snapdragon 855 Plus.
+ Adreno 640. Better Gaming Performance.
+ Better Haptic Motor. Same as the 7T.
+ Fast Charging. Warp 30T Technology.
+ Brighter Nits (Upto 1000 compared to 800 of 7 Pro)
+ Super Macro Mode, Night reading Modes, Android 10 out of the box, Better Nightscape 2.0. These software updates will be eventually updated for the 7 Pro
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By Rinse John
Its fastest phone that I have ever experienced. There are no hiccups, none what so ever. Overall smooth experience between switching apps and regular functions.
The Display is to die for.
Magnificent Macro mode and Night mode in camera.
There is just nothing wrong with it.
Overall an overwhelming experience.
Call of Duty runs flawlessly ...
The phone is so fast it takes some getting used to.
Charging speed as advertised.
No Complaints.
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By Suhrid Bansal
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4.3 | 184,335 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Delivered within 24 hours.
Looks awesome.
Battery was 49% when I switched on..and after 2 hours of continuous use it is 42% now.
Camera is awesome.
Sound is loud.
Display is amazing.
Mine is Opal black one.
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By Azim
1.Looks stunning high end category.
2.Battery is also powerful.
3. Fast charging.

1.Camera is not upto mark as it says 48MP it's like 8 Mp
2. Storage & Memory statistics are confusing. Showing 900 mb free though I am not accessing much resources.
3. Earphone slot given at down side which makes difficult to handle phone.
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By J_akshay
The camera quality is disgusting, and It doesn't fit the description of 48mp.
Even when there are no apps running, I am getting only 2.8GB usable ram.
When I am asking for a phone replacement for defective piece, associates deny it by stating that we don't have any proof for product being defective.
I am a prime member since a long time and this is how they treat their old customers.
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By Vammy
1 Offer from product price
4.3 | 91,033 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Febulas performance Redmi Note 8 ...I love it ..😍
first time I parchase online and Amazon give full satisfaction of product.
Thanks for Amazon 😘
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By Anil kumar sharma
OR UNDER 15K....
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By Arijit Mandal
Phone hanged many times .I return it for replacement but not get back yet.Amazon shipping and replacement service is too bad. I uploaded a video....
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By Ashraf
4.3 | 82,602 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
💝 Awesome mobile in this price.
💝 Value of money

🎁 Display : 5/5
🎁 build quality : 5/5
🎁 Camera : 5/5
🎁 Buttery : 4.5/5
🎁 Screen : 4/5
🎁 Sound : 4.5/5
🎁 Tuch : 4/5
🎁 Performance : 4/5
💐 All-over 4.2/5
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By Mukesh leve
I dont know why some people giving less stars,
Let me give my review after using since 15 days.
Divided this review in pros and cons.
1.Finger print and face unlock is super fast.
2. Touch is smooth.
3. IPS Display which is HDR Enabled is upto the mark.
4. Beautiful colours available i am using Gamma Green.
5. Feel and Look is just awesome.
6. Notch Display.
7. Ram and internal Memory.
8. Processor is super fast.
9. All 4 Camera working perfectly, i love macro camera.
10. Beast for Gaming.
11. Build quality is awesome just side with plastic xiomi can give metal at sides.

1.While watching YouTube,
video quality is poor, why!!! i don't understand as in other videos it is good.
2. While playing games or doing heavy task temperature warm at processor side (which is left side of camera).
This 2 things xiomi can fix by software updates.
One less star just for this 2 cons.
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By Mohammed Abdul Rahman
after using 17 days ..i would like to say ..if you are thinking To by this phone for processors then go for it...i am giving 3-star just for running smoothly..but if you thinking to by for Quad camera then its Bad decission like me...( No detailing in long distance subject in Image..if you go for more than 4x zoom image quality Die..slow motion video not support to take long well micron lense not professional ..)
presently i am not happy with camera.. Hope for Future update...
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By sanower ali warsi
1 Offer from product price
4.3 | 54,383 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best camera, very good battery life, eat body material, average weight, best performance, best display.
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By shailesh
This is best thing you can get at this price from a reputed brand with Made in India tag. First time I ordered on the first day of online launch and am happy. I'm writing after few days of usage, but this should not be different as my experience with Samsung has been most consistent as compared to other mobile brands I've used earlier.


- Android 10! Beautiful looks! Finally I can delete SMS from notification now!!
- Display is excellent with Blue light filter.
- Performance is good. No heating or lagging. Real Racing worked fine.
- 6000 Mah battery is BIG
- 128 GB storage is pretty good. 512 GB card supported with dedicated external card slot.
- Both dedicated sim slots support LTE
- Fast charging and 15W charger top with phone. The phone came with 0% charge. Charged fast.
- Mobile speakers sound is good, but I prefer external speakers for better bass in
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By Ajay KS
3rd class front camera. 32 MP front camera n looks like 2mp front camera. In very disappointed with this kind of front camera. Need refund.
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By surojit das
4.3 | 27,913 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome mobile at this price point
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I simply liked it when i unboxed it and saw it at first glance. Its 16.15 cms display is quite impressive. Most of the time i watch movies while travelling to and from office . Hence I can have a better screen view now. The camera is also excellent.

Overall a nice phone within a nominal budget. I’ll give it a 5 stars for now.
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By Dipak Kumar
I was looking for a budget smart phone which can perform the entire task for me. I was using MI note 6 and looking for something fresh bcz I was bored with it’s UI. I explored the content available over internet and waited for it to buy after getting the right fitment against my requirement. I am so excited to share my personal experience after my early purchase of this device. I love taking pictures of mine and surrounding too. So great camera quality is one of my main priority, after using it now I must say that it has the best camera available in this budget.
It’s plastic made but mirror finish back panel is the coolest thing in my blue colour device. I also appreciate the makers for understanding our further need and offering the tempered glass and transparent back cover for device protection. Once you will keep the
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By Priyanka Kumari
2 Offers from product price
4.3 | 23,118 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this Earphone as a replacement for my Boat Earphone. I mostly use earphones for listing to music and will use them as a headset for my Pubg mobile game which is why I needed the one with a mic.
I found great reviews on realme 1 buds. so, I thought newer version will also do justice & at a decent price so wanted to try them out.

I am comparing them with my Boat, (which speaker went out on one side but just came back).

⚫ Sound Quality:
The sound quality is actually very good! I'm impressed by crisp and clean sound with good bass! They are not headphones but for earbuds, they are top of my list even better than my boat which I thought were amazing.
You get a nice bass at all volume levels and at higher levels the quality is still great and crisp/clear.

⚫ Durability:
I can't say too much
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By Aman Singh
I have already used Boat baseheads 225, Boat baseheads 152, JBL T160 and JBL C100si, and now I have realme buds and their sound quality is good according to their price range and the base is also very good.
I will give you a small comparison of these five earphones so that if anyone buys one of these earphones, it will get an idea -

1. Realme buds 2 -
This earphone is very good in 599 which you get sound and base are really very good in terms of price range, if you compare them with realme buds 1 then they have improved a lot.
Bass - 8/10
Treble. - 9/10
Comfort - 8/10

2. Boat basshead 225 -
These earphones are also very good, their bass is also very good and the sound quality is also good but
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am currently using Sennheixer cx213
thats a legend headphone..
but after using realme bud 2,, I realised Sennheixer iz best in best..btw price matter its 1499 headphone i got it from flipkart around 899 on sale..
Now Cumming to the realme bud 2 its has noise cancellation holes, left right indicator, and a average mic also.. build is 10/10
bass is much higher site, Sound is very surrounding types ..Wire quality is suped very durable i can say dat..
But at the end my old headphone is best.. i bought realme bud 2 for my father and he is liking it dats all
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By Abdul Karim
1 Offer from product price
4.5 | 2,522 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
M happy with this product. m carrying my WD 2TB hard disk, 2 pen drives and 1 set of earphones. its is a must have product to carry ex. HD on regular basis. I am using this case from last 3-4 mnths and the quality is very good. I've no complaints for this product. Go for it if you can afford it. This is a Value for Money.
Made of very good quality.
Zip is also very good.
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By Aady Rocks
Good product for tension free carrying of your external hard disc. Product make and quality is above average. Very good for a 3.5 inch hard disc. But it is big for a 2.5 inch ultra-slim drives like Seagate backup plus slim (which I have.). I have put an extra spongy material inside so that my hard dive won't move inside the case.
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By Ranjith R
A very poor quality product.
The protection for anything in the 'thin walled' casing is abysmal.
It is also not as soft on the inside as it should be and other comparable cases are.
It is totally inadequate for the purpose it is being sold for. I would never ever put a sensitive external hard drive in it.

the only thing good about it is the zip... for that it gets 1 star... no more!
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4.3 | 16,555 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this one in perfect condition. Working perfectly with my laptop. It's very easy to use and weight is very light. Its really fast. Got it in very low price. It's really worth buying.
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For all those who are like me thinking that this pendrive will provide a masaive speed compared to usb 2.0 will be disappointed. Yeah the pendrive is faster than USB 2.0 but not as fast as said by company you will never be able to see a write speed of 100MB/s. So here is sone strange thing regarding the pendrive, if you are transferring a huge file of around 10GB then you will notice that initially the speed will be around 20 MB/S but once the pendrive becomes hot ( in 2 to 3 mins) the speed will be decreased to around 6-8 MB/s.
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By Meet
I purchased this USB drive because of its small size. This USB is really tiny and feels fragile & delicate. The small size is good for carrying, it is very portable, but it is very easy to loose it. The outer body is transparent, making it difficult to locate if you loose it. However, it has good storage space 32GB in such a small package.

I have observed that if you are copying large amount of data (10GB or large), you only get 10 to 10 MB/second transfer rate. If your file size is 100 MB to 700 MB, you achieve a transfer rate of 36 MB/second. I have not achieved transfer rate higher than 40 MB/second. The transfer rate from drive to computer is also low. The packaging says transfer rate of 150MB/sec. It is highly doubtful.

The drive is easily detected by most of the smartphones.

I have also observed
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By Kendy
4.4 | 4,121 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this cable and i am loving it. The cable is well built and here are the pro and cons:

Pro - Fully compatible with all the devices i tested so far. Any host device (i.e smartphones, portable music players) 3.5 mm CTIA standard analog Jack will work with this cable.
- no need to remove mobile covers as the analog male connector are very slim and you do not worry to take off the mobile covers to listen to music on your external music players
- very durable and does not tangle and totally hassle free during usage.
- Two year warranty with customer care details so peace of mind.
- no distortion in sound quality and i am totally satisfied and can play music from my Laptop to my Altec Lansing music system as well as smartphone.
- cable has special mesh covering the wire to protect it from any kind of external
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By Bhupender Thakur
Hi Everyone,

So if you are looking for an Aux cable then definitely buy it without giving any second thought.

Now what I don't like about this cable is the market jargon they have used which is not something ethical and should be stopped Immediately.

You might be wondering what I am talking, let me explain it to you.

They have said in the description and also in product headline "Indestructible" and I hope they know the meaning of indestructible because this is not indestructible, I mean nothing is indestructible everything gets destructed at some point of time (it can be even million years also).

So I request these companies to stop using marking jargons simply for promotion and more sale. (I deducted 1 star just for that)

Now talking about the product.
1. Really sturdy and robust and I think this will be the last aux cable you will ever require if you did not lose
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By Akshay Singh Yadav
Does not do what it's supposed to. Had used this to connect the source - TV and Mobile phone - to the Swans M50W. Used this for a week till I replaced the cable with a C&E. The change and improvement in the sound transmission with C&E is unvbelievable! The sound being transmitted by boat was muddy and subdued to say the least. Definitely not recommended
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By Raja Iyer
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I bought a 5-piece pack from seller "CloudTail" and I'm happy with the purchase. This is way much better than Maxell CR2032 batteries which I usually buy. The stock was also new - April 2017. The charge seem to be lasting quite well. The MRP printed on the back says Rs.40/- per piece & Rs.200/- for a pack of 5.
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Ordered them for replacement battery of my aToyota Innova Crysta keys, works well till now. Will post later on how long they last. Much cheaper online my local shop used to charge 200 Rs. a piece where as these are like 1/3 the price.
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I bought these batteries for my ear thermometer and remotes for led lights. Locally they sell Maxell which is ok. They lasts about a year on normal usage. The issue with them is the weird price. Maxell is cheap but is sold in local stores at Rs 50+
These are genuine Panasonic CR2032 batteries. I checked the voltage and it showed over 3.36 V for a new one, which is good. Longevity and durability needs to be tested. Will update further on how it fares. It's made in Indonesia and has a 5 yr shelf life.
Hope this review is helpful.
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By Shiv Shankar Ash