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4.5 | 1,911 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Mix one spoon of reetha, shikakai, Amla, bhringaraj and hibiscus powder along with henna powder. Soak overnight, apply on scalp to hair, strand by strand. Leave for 1 HR and wash using mild shampoo. Leaves the hair smooth and silky, stops hair fall and dandruff and Colors the white hair.
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By Dr Ipsita
I ordered these powders from Amazon and recieved them in fantastic packaging. Though it's a new brand for me, I've used these powders earlier, albiet from a different brand. They are separate packets of powders which can be either mixed or used separately. All of them are great for your hair, give them strength and shine besides making them stronger. And there's a free gift too!
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By Abha
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By Rishika
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4.3 | 4,530 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This oil is more of a medical solution whose application can be done directly nor it can be for general use. Actually, castor oil is a thick solution like honey which should be applied with other hair oil. It's main use to make hairs grow in the area of baldness.
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By Abhi raj
I have heard benefits of castor oil from many and therefore I decided to buy this Rey natural castor oil. It is awesome. It has helped in nourishing my hair. My hairs are thin and castor oil is proving beneficial instantly. I have also used it on my Skin and it has provided good hydration to my Skin. This is 100% pure as it didn't cause any irritation on my skin. This is awesome product and I really love this product.
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By Shrisharma
Quality of this product is quite good. It is as thick as it's supposed to be. Quite sticky, so using some coconut oil along with it before applying to your hair will be better otherwise it gets difficult to mix it properly. I'm currently using it once a week before going to bed at night so that I can wash off in morning and it definitely gives your hair nice smoothness.
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By Mani
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4.3 | 3,551 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Paid 230 for 2 bottles 100ml each, all thanks to amazon👍 My sister loves it. It is an amazing product, makes hair tangle free nd removes dryness.
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By Rohit
We are using Levon instead of any hair oil since 4 years. First time I got the product in half of the price. While placing the order I some how feel that it could be duplicate. But Amazon proves me wrong. It's original. Love the deal.
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By NeeruT
Duplicate product guys...
I am regular user of Livon serum..
Actually this serum should be thick like castor oil but it is like coconut oil and very light... Don't buy and don't waste your money...
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By Raj
4.4 | 1,624 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stuff is amazing! I have brown hair naturally and I have been highlighting my hair for years. It's really hard to maintain the health of your hair when you're constantly highlighting - not to mention it's near impossible to grow it very long. I have tried countless products, including the highly praised olaplex, and many different in-salon treatments. NOTHING compares to this. After just one use, my hair felt amazing. I now use it every Sunday as a hair mask! I find it's easier to dampen my hair first and then apply it - then, I pin it up and let it sit on for at least an hour. I condition first in the shower to get the oil out, and then I shampoo twice. It is definitely thicker, like a pancake syrup consistency, but it comes out pretty easily. I was not paid or given anything for free
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By Vibhor
This oil has got the perfect consistency needed !
I've been using this oil for 10 days now and the effect of it has been amazing on my skin, hair as well as nails.
I use the oil in the following ways:
1. Hair massaging to promote hair growth
2. Body moisturization
3. On Cuticle for healthy nails
4. Eyebrows and eye lashes to promote growth

I highly recommend the urban botanics cold pressed castor oil. It's affordable and effective!
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Awesome hair oil.
✔PRICE :- ☆☆☆☆
✔SIDE EFFECT :- NO ☆☆☆☆☆
✔COVER :- GOOD ☆☆☆
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4.3 | 2,739 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product, actually works and doesn't make a hole in your feels smooth and tangle free.
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By Bodhisattva
Actually, there is another way to use this product ...just try it ...before shampooing, apply this serum like you would any other oil and keep it for as long as possible and then shampoo.... the results are really good ... kindly try and see ....

The way I discovered this was I had applied this after bath to get ready for a function when there was a power cut and could not make it in time ... so I went to sleep after some time and then the next day had a bath and the results were really good .....

Amazon delivered this product without any leakage/spills whatsoever ... thank you Amazon and the seller ....
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By Chinni and Chobby
2 star only for fast delivery and packing,other wise product is not that good, I used this syrum first time ,yes it reduced my Friz hair for that time , smoothed my hair for 1-2 after using,but after that my hair started falling very much ,what is use of smooth hair when there will be No hair on head ??
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By Shivani
4.4 | 1,452 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product had a great impact on lice and my daughter is free after 7 years suffering.
Washed out all lices in just a single wash and hair is also not affected. I RECOMMEND THIS .. WOULD LIKE TO GIVE 10 STARS if possible :).
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By Amazon Customer
Amazing product which helped my daughters in getting of lice in a very first attempt...i will give100% to this....they were suffering from years and finally i got a solution....
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By Amazon Customer
It's tooooooo gooooddd product..1000 times better than Medicare..Medicare products are degrading day by day..if you have lice problem then go for it.. there will be no lice problem after 3 wash.. the comb given with this product is too too too damn can trust this product blindly to get rid of lice problem..
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By SatyIpsita
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4.3 | 2,185 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
SUPER smooth conditioner
I have been using Tresemme products for a while but hadn't used this conditioner.
This is too good
The hair feel so smooth and lively post use and remain like that day long.
Thank you Tresemme for this.
Amazing conditioner
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By Shanky
Shampoo and conditioner has a very good smell and it makes my hair smooth and Frizz free,It is really a good product which i am using for more than 2 years. I found it perfect for all kind of hairs due to its smooth and shine features.
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By Vs
I ordered 2 bottles of this conditioner. Both the bottles were almost 40% empty. Bottles were not sealed. Shampoo ordered along with the conditioner was properly sealed
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By Aditi j.
4.3 | 1,822 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can be used in Many ways .It has so many Benefits for Hair ,Skin ,Nails ...........etc. Cold-Pressed You can use them in Your DIYS too -

Mix Castor Oil + Coconut Oil (For Thick Lashes and Eyebrows)

Mix Castor Oil + Coconut Oil + Few Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil (For Boosting Hair Growth)

You can use Castor Oil for Your Skin To make It Soft and Supple .But I Don't Recommend You Guys to use this on your Skin Because it is a Comedogenic Oil which can clog your pores and further Cause acne problems which I think None of Us Dreamt of😅If Anyone wants to Add this Oil in Your Skincare Regime So,Apply it for 15-30 minutes and wash Off With Lukewarm Water.And Get Soft , Glowing and Youthful skin😍
You can use This oil for Your Cuticles and Get Healthy and Strong Nails 💅 Because Our Nails Also Need Some
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By @Bling_ur_eternalbeauty
-It helps to increase our hair growth, and prevent hair fall to a certain extent.
-Just dispense 2-3 drops on your palm and message it into your hair daily, let it stay for at least for 2-3 hrs before shampooing.
-Incase you are having difficulty in applying this thick oil on a regular basis, mix it with coconut oil/lotion.
➖➖➖➖➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖
➖➖➖➖➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖
✔️You will see the texture of your hair improving from the very second/third week.
✔️Its a very thick oil and works like wonder in moisturising severe dry skin.
✔️Its very cost effective! Trust me a bottle will survive more than 6 months even on a regular use.
✔️It can also be used as an anti fungal agent.
✔️It's results are very promising.
✔️Comes with an applicator.

✖️Its a bit sticky in nature.(just keep it for 2-3hrs before shampooing)
✖️The smell isn't that good
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By Rohan Roy
Incredibly thick oil with a clear goldenish color. It is organic according to the seller, so I've been using it lavishly on the face and body for severe dryness. Castor oil really is very good for dry skin and already I see that it helps with locking in moisture and keeping the skin soft. Also worked really well on dry cracked heels and elbows.
Edit: I've seen through regular usage that directly applying such thick oil doesn't always work well, so I mix it in with lotion at times as it helps spread the oil and it seems to absorb better. It really helps with dry sensitive skin. It is very cost effective as well...I've only managed to use about a quarter bottle despite liberal application, so it will last 5-6 months at this rate.
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By Daisychain
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4.3 | 1,782 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The advantages of the oil
1. Cool and refreshing
2. On regular application one can see less hairfall
3. The scalp feels a cooling effect followed by some heat. But there appears to be some effect
4. The oil is not very sticky
5. I got it at a very good price
6. The packing is good and there is minimal chance of spilling.

1. Strong Fragrance which will not go away.
2. Expensive then routine oils

I have used this in the past with good results and i will continue to use this.
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By Ekts
This is probably the best ayurvedic oil in the market.
- has a nice cooling effect.
- good for hair growth and dandruff control.
- very effective for headaches and minor body pain.
- this size of the bottle is pretty good. Will definitely last for 5-6 months
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I have received a damaged parcel and also quality of this product is not so good.
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By Vashisth
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4.3 | 1,775 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a beautician so i always play with my hairs..but its really tough to manage color treated hairs..but this conditioner helps me a lot on daily bases.i am usingit from last one year.i recommend it if you have dry,damage,rough or colored hairs..go for it,you will never regret!!
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By Aashana
This conditioner made my hair super soft after just one use. The only issue is that, after one day ot started to weigh my hair down.
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By Darshana
Hair looks shiny and smooth after using this ...
Good conditioner
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By Himanshu
1 Offer from product price
4.4 | 1,093 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
By Shibam Guin(116)
The product was in good condition when arrived and the seal was intact. I have ordered the same bundle from different website but the price was high and here I got discounted price and 50% Amazon Pay Balance which brought the effective cost to Rs 200/-. Always loved parachute products and the coconut oil is used in every household so it was a great deal for me and ordering experience was also wonderful on Amazon app.
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By Jayesh Raut
Good product price is also reasonable I ordered it in offer.. smell is good but not sure about it's ingredients not mentioned about cold pressed oil or not,, without preservatives how could it's selflife is a 2 years
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By Manoj K.
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4.2 | 4,369 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
For Men who are facing hair fall issues its a Boon. Hair fall is frustrating, I am writing this review after one month of continuous usage, it is a better product as compared to other chemical compositions available. You have to be a little patient with the result, and you will notice it does what it says. BRINGHA, NEEM are scientifically proven to improve hair health and stimulates new growth.
Additional Tips: Drink a lot of water, cure your stomach if you have digestion issues, get proper sleep, do a conditioner every alternate day and most important replace your old combs with wooden bristle brush or comb. It's tried and tested do it regularly and you will get the desired result in 30 days. Thank You its a great day. :)
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By Amit Sharma
I've switched between a lot of known shampoos - L'oreal, Sunsilk, Garnier, Dove, even Pantene!! (never again) - that claim to relieve hair damage and stress, but I know by now that it's mostly all hot air. All you women out there suffering from hair damage need to understand that NO shampoo out there can solve hair issues on its own. That rests entirely upon you and the kind of lifestyle you lead (read: what you eat, drink, how much sleep you get, the level of pollution in your city, etc).

All a shampoo can do is clean your hair of dirt and impurities without resorting to using sulfates and parabens in its chemical composition. I bought Indulekha's shampoo because I have used their hair oil before, and noted visible change in my hair health before I stopped using it again due to a busy schedule. I have used the
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By Sayoni
Why is it so hyped? I noticed no difference in my hair. In fact, I think my hair fall increased after using it. Didn't like this product one bit. Won't buy it again in near future.
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By Kam
4.4 | 1,056 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got my hands on this Urban Botanics Almond Oil and so happy with my purchase. I have used this for 2 weeks and can really vouch for this product. Let's talk about this in detail.

Urban Botanics Almond Oil is a 100% pure coldpressed oil. It is free from chemicals and additives. The oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it super beneficial. It can be used for skin, hair, and nails.


1. Very effective as a moisturizer
2. Suitable for all skin types (I have oily skin and this doesn't feels greasy at all)
3. Suitable for all hair types
4. Really helpful in reducing dandruff
5. Travel friendly packaging
6. Strengthens the nails
7. Restores natural pH levels
8. Good for hair growth
9. Helps prevent stretch marks
10. Will protect your skin from sun damage
11. Ideal for meditation and aroma therapy
12. Can be applied on dark circles
13. Helps in enhancing eyelashes.

None for me. This is pure almond
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By Deepali
I have been using this almond oil since last few days now and I really like it.

➡️It is pure almond oil which is really very beneficial for skin & hair...
➡️It is a multipurpose product. I use it as moisturizer for my dry elbow,,,, use as makeup remover to wipe off my eye makeup,,, I also sometimes mix it with my face mask to get hydration,, Lastly I use it with my hair oil to get smooth & shiny hair's...
➡️Packaging is quite sturdy. It comes in plastic bottle which is very travel friendly...
➡️It is suitable for every skin type. I have combination skin and I haven't faced any side reactions yet.
➡️Considering that it's 100% pure,, it's quite affordable as well...

This is definitely a great product to include in your skin care stash.
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By Ankita Agarwal
Another gem of Urban Botanics! Recently i have picked something which is worth for money. Almond oil from Urban Botanics helps me to improve my skin and hair structure. Yes It has multiple uses which is unbeatable indeed.

We all know almond is a perfect and healthy ingredient for us as it has antioxidant, minerals and fiber. It restores natural ph level so its suitable for all types of skin and hair.

It will not make you fair but somehow I felt it has reduced skin dullness and tan. So we can apply it as a remedies of sunburn too. Even my dark circle got decreased. It smoothly fights for dandruff, hair breakage and thin hair.
At last but not least fragrance is mindblowing.

Overall I love this product and will recommend for everybody
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4.3 | 1,553 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best hair oil. I used it 9 years. I like this hair oil because it's very refined & very thin oil.
The pack 300 +100 ml with great price 155. But no discount. If partly buy 300ml MRP 155 & 100 ml MRP 60.
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By S Mondal
For years I were using Keokarpine non-sticky hair oil. As a break, tried this one. It is equally good. Non-sticky with nice fragrance.
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By Saubhik Bandyopadhyay
This product contains 65% Mineral oil which is not mentioned in the product description page. The customers are deceived because they market it as Fruit oil when 65% is mineral oil. Mineral oil is bad for skin and scalp, so kindly avoid. Go with pure oil like coconut which is good for skin and scalp.
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By planetron
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4.2 | 3,280 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We were using Yellow Sunsilk from a few years. It was certainly one of the best shampoos available in Indian market until the recent makeover/update they introduced. It ruined the quality, we were in love with.
We were already looking for a change and were confused between Dove and Tresemme when I got this Dove shampoo in a dirt cheap price in a sale.
Not every shampoo suits my scalp and let me tell you all, I do shampoo my hair daily and I'm pretty satisfied with this shampoo.
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By Vibhor
Dear Team,

I m happy with your service but just let me know .. i received the product < Dove Shampoo> open and with leakage..

i m not going to back it .. just informing you for better complaince..!

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By hiren patel
There was a seal leak n half of the shampoo got leaked in box only.
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By Krishna B S
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4.4 | 901 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Parachute Advanced Gold hair oil. This is only for external usage. It is 100% pure and natural coconut oil for strong and long hair. It gives nourishment to the hair and scalp. Can be applied on body as a moisturizer, perfectly moisturizes the body in winters. Fragrance is like real coconut. It has no chemicals ingredients. It is little sticky and thick oil, but once applied it get absorbed in hair and body very gently. No allergy or irritation at all, it also prevents dandruff. Seeing a huge difference after using it. Happy with the purchase. In budget and pocket friendly.
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By Nakshatraa
Parachute is one of brand we know since our childhood my mother use parachute oil on my hair since a long time.i love its fregnence and texture.Parachute Advanced Gold oil help me for taking care of my hair on my busy schedule i have nothng to do jst apply oil at night and wash on the morning it makes my hair silky,soft and is very light on hair and a nonsticky formulla so never feel so heavy .i totally believe on parachute and recommended everyone.
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By Saloni sinha
This is fake as it says 100percent coconut out but it contains veg oil n fragrance to pretend that it is pure ,don’t know what percentage of coconut oil it has , in winter also it is in liquid form .
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By Ruchi Vasistha
4.3 | 1,178 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pantene is my best shampoo, it has a very nice fragrance, I trust pantene product because of the quality and instant effect.
The shampoo helps my hair to remain silky smooth through out the day, there is no need of any conditioner along with this shampoo.
I had lot of hairfall problem and after using Pantene Hairfall care shampoo, I can see the result. My hair are stronger than before and hairfall had been reduced. I really recommend this shampoo to my family members who is suffering from hair loss. Good quality family pack, value for money Pantene shampoo.
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By Niranjan hiriadka
👍 Good fragrance.
👍 Makes hair soft and smooth.
👍 Cleans out chemical build-up from hair.
👍 Easy to dispense flip-open cap.
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By Hëéñâ👑
It's wrost shampoo I have ever used . artificial chemicals are used in high quantity which is not good for hair's might get temporary smoothness but it will give diverse effect on scalp and hairs.
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By Rahul kapadiya
3 Offers from product price
4.2 | 1,935 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I honestly first used this at a family members house and realized that my hair felt much better, softer, less dry, etc.

I automatically have more volume in my hair and have to use very little shampoo to get it there. It doesn't make your hair too dry or too oily at all. Wish I had known about that sooner.

This shampoo is so awesome! I highly recommend it.
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By Rosh
Tresemme has been a renowned international brand since long, but I started using the smooth and shine variant of this, just last year. And boy, never did I even think of going back to those professionel shampoos! This gives my dry hair, extra smoothness and also works efficiently in controlling my oily scalp. The consistency is runny yet perfect and definitely removes complete oil from your hair (if you oil before shampooing) in a single wash. 2 proper pumps of this shampoo suffices my chest length hair and works well with any good conditioner/hair mask.
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By Anupriya Sanga
Gives good shine and a lustrous feel. I have long hair reaching my waist and they are curly and wavy, which means lots of tangles.
This shampoo prevents that and gives a glossy feel to your precious hair.
Best when used with the conditioner of same type.
Always use the same brand conditioner for best results.
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4 Offers from product price
4.3 | 1,016 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just go for it, very good product.
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By Suvadeep Roy
Definitely helps with frizzy hair and adds a shine bit nothing too extra ordinary, just fine.
Good conditioner paired with its appropriate shampoo forms a good duo
Great for daily hair care
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By Kavita P.
I received a brocken cap bottle and all contents spilled in box on checking it was found to be non refund item so no reviews
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By Amazon Customer