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4.6 | 791 customer reviews
719 of the 791 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Without doubt, the best planner available in Indian market. If you are looking for a product to help you plan better and work towards success – don’t go any further.

While every other planner is just appointment calendar and notes section, you’ll be amazed to see the amount of thought and research that has gone in to this.

Its starts with a ‘Life compass’ which helps you understand yourself better. Then it gets in to designing your ideal week and day and the top goals for the year and a roadmap to achieve them. It explains the scientific reason behind each of it as well.

The monthly and weekly pages are designed thoughtfully to have the right amount of space of planning the top tasks for the day, other errands, general checklists etc.

The true highlight of the planner is the TinyChange challenge given in every week which by itself is more than worth
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By vipin prakash
Congratulations to the team for such an incredible creation.

I feel that it was luck or destiny that I saw my friend's WhatsApp status and decided to order this journal.
I was having a tough time organising myself and just taking a glance and holding this journal gave me peace of mind.
I then ordered one for my younger brother as I was confident that it will help him at a much younger age than it has helped me at 26!
And the fact that they intend to support children's education and plant a tree per purchase overwhelms me with joy and pride.
The learnings, The roadmap setting, "Eagle eye to the micro" view, bucket list and gratitude list - all of it gives you a different experience.

My earnest opinion is this:
I have experienced that there are certain Tiny Changes that you make in your life and in your loved one's life that makes a
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By Vineeth Menon M
It has so much to offer apart from being an effective year planner.

1. At the very beginning it encourages you to fill in pages like "My True Self", "Life Aspirations" "Core values" and so on.

2. For the productivity minded, each month starts with blanks for "Outcomes", "Activities needed" and an overview for jotting down important dates. Each week is charted on the left with to-do, achievements etc on the right.

3. The section "Lifekit", with bucket lists, to-read list, movie watchlist, inspiring quotes and so on is where the planner really comes to life.

4. What I really liked: ID Cards details page has 2 columns "Myself" and "My Partner" (really nice), the 52 weekly challenges, the cleverly designed pouch on the inside of the back cover.

Pros: Very well designed. Nothing feels out of place, with the right amount of detailing to each section.
Cons: None so far. Except maybe the lack
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By Tuhin Purkayastha
product price
4.6 | 906 customer reviews
534 of the 906 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product good quality and everything.
I'm using this product for the first time and believe me guys you will be amazed by these pens.I used to draw with general black pen and now with 005 I can detail my drawing very nicely.It will improve your skills guys go for it
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By Lakshman rao
The ink doesn't bleed through the paper. May not be as smooth on watercolour paintings. Instead, I drew or wrote whatever I had to on the paper and then painted over it but the lines appear less bold and clear. After inking over pencil, don't erase too vigorously. The paper may get damaged over the inked areas.
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By Amazon Customer
I ordered these pens because i wanted something great to doodle with and they are fantastic.! I can create super detailed doodles with them because of the different sizes. I love them....
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By Saloni Siag
4.6 | 451 customer reviews
416 of the 451 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I loved the product. I could easily stick it to my iron cupboard. Please see the video demo that I've shared. This magnetic planner is already motivating me to be more organized.
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By sayalee vadnerkar
Good quality product..nicely packed..serves the purpose...if you need this then buy it,don't think twice. I only had problem with one of the pens provided out of three was not working as the ink had dried, which happened because the cap was not fit to it properly and therefore the ink dried in transit. Otherwise I am happy with the purchase .
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By Poorti Sajwan
I do not know if it is overpriced, but it is definitely worth it. It is as long as the top panel of my fridge. Markers are good that come with it. I use another cloth as a duster since duster balls on the markers came off when I used it aggressively. The day wise planner is good for people on diets or with busy schedules. I use it to write small messages for my family. Its fun and interesting. Magnet works fine and no problem after, I think 2 months of use. My mother is using it for a year, and except the markers there is no problem.
P.S: make sure you do not use permanant marker. My nephew did and I had to rub it off with a thinner.
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By Vini
product price
4.4 | 1,101 customer reviews
965 of the 1,101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Loved the product so much .
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By Anamika Sharma
Best product under 100rs. Must buy it.
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By Sumith
All the things related to kid are available in it. Nice one
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By Sunil Kumar Tiwari
4.5 | 497 customer reviews
448 of the 497 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am using these pen since last 4 months I have taken a chance to use it an after using it 1st time i was very surprised. Now i am using only V5 nothing else. At 108₹ it's great deal. Definitely recommend for student in examination i personally use this every day.
1) Very smooth writing.
2) last longer
1) Use and throw Nature
2) Ink is not water proof.
Thanks for reading
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By Umesh Benake
Bought this pen-set just to revive my handwriting that was orphaned ever since I left college. They still look and feel the same although my hands shiver now as I write. I bought two of these sets thinking what if the world goes on war and they stop making these forever..
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I enjoy writing with such a smooth and consistent pen,gives a sharp and thin handwriting as I prefer, no regrets buying it
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By Anon
4.5 | 479 customer reviews
410 of the 479 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I read the reviews before I placed an order it was terrible because most of the reviews were like the pens are not comes in a good package I was confused but anyway I ordered coz I need it badly now I’m fully satisfied
The packaging is good and all the pens are writing well
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By Monisha
Uni-ball makes excellent pens and it is true in this case as well. What I have trouble with is how the 10 pens were sent to me. They were just wrapped together with cello tape and now I have a bunch of sticky pens that write and draw beautifully​.
Dear seller, please use as zip lock bag at the least.
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By College-kid
All pens arrived intact but the packaging by the shopkeeper was terrible. Bands of cellotapes around 10 pens! Has made the pens sticky to hold.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.5 | 436 customer reviews
386 of the 436 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easiest way to calculate gst of all slabs very precisely in a split second. After using this for a month i am writing this review.
Here are some pros and cons.
1. Its very acturate.
2. Buttons are very tactile.
3. Easy to use GST values.
4. GST values i.e 0%, 5%,12%,18%,28% already set as defult.
5. We can change the GST values whenever we want.
There is only one con to mention that is the brightness of the display which is very dull..Beside this ..itz an amazing product..👍🤗..
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Hard to change gst rates
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By Abhijay
Product seems to be ok, however the landed price is higher than MRP which is not acceptable. Seller must reduce the basic or freight charges within the MRP.
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By Amazon Customer
product price
4.3 | 694 customer reviews
562 of the 694 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arguably the best highlighter pens. I have used camlin, luxor and other brands as well. This can be used for a much longer duration.
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By Bodhisattva
colors not deep enough compared to sketchpens, otherwise good.
color may bleed in an a4 paper if too much pressure id applied. see image
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By Gaurav
Colour are good .but one colour missing .Amazon slove the problem. Now I happy.😊😊😊😊
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By Nutan Sharma
4.4 | 675 customer reviews
581 of the 675 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have been using these pens for past 20 years and the quality is the same
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If you’re a fan of 0.7mm tips, this is the pen for you. Only thing i hate about ink roller ball pens is refilling them is one big task. But best use for a use and throw pen 👌
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By Narsing Rao Pochiraju
Excellent for a 0.7mm pen.
Glides like an angel.
If you are a 0.7 mm fan then get this.
Too thick for a 0.5mm user. If you are, then buy V5
Ink does not dry quickly. So get ready to get some ink on your hand.
Not suitable for all types of paper.
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By Shri Manu ji Maharaj
4.3 | 1,936 customer reviews
1,611 of the 1,936 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got 2 pens ( blue + black )
4 blue cartridge (1 in pen and 3 in the pack)
3 black cartridge (1 in pen and 2 in the pack)
Please believe me !!
I expected 2+2 cartridges
Thanks for the extra cartridges.
Writing is smoother in blue pen than the black one.
believe me , gift it to a student who writes rarely and watch him grow to writing and remembering everything .
I fell in love with writing.😊
Cartridge are sold at 23 rupees for set of 2 .
Don't buy cartridges online before checking nearby shops
The black pen though writes a little coarse , give nice matte finish lines .
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By Pritam M.
Nice pen better than v5 and the best part you get this on cheaper price on amazon.It is good if you have to write long and it comes with 2blue and 2black refill.
Best for writing on a4 size sheets.I have used this product for long time i will definitely recommend this product to everyone if you like heavy pen .It is sort of heavy feeling if you hold it for too long.
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By Kumar Abhinav
So, i really don't use costly pens, but when the time comes to write too much, i use to buy pens like this one. It is indeed an amazing pen with no boubt i could say. It is smooth in writing, thin nip, which really helps to write amazingly and fastly. Just the problem is, its not waterproof. Just because of this problem, i am rating it 4 stars. But at the overall rating, its an amazing pen. If you want to write in a good hanwriting and also fast, then go for this pen.
Thank you,
I hope my review will help you to take your decision.....
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By Nofal Khan
product price
4.3 | 1,899 customer reviews
1,552 of the 1,899 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Wonderful product with premium feel and smooth twist operation to reveal the tip of the pen. The writing is seamless & comfortable.

One Suggestion: Please reduce the small gap between the ring & bottom part of the pen, sometimes a little silver area inside the pen is revealed in this gap.
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By Peter
It's really heavy. But has a nice smooth feel to hold. Had to change the way I hold a pen because of the weight. The Matt finish is nice. Will update if it comes off. Writing is good. If it was lighter I'd rate it 5 stars.
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By Shekhar
pen is nice but tip point is not fine.
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By Sandip Ranaware
4.4 | 619 customer reviews
530 of the 619 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
User friendly, easy to use, very handy for students pursuing CA.
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By Ekanath R
Expensive. You should wait for a sale. But don't compromise with other brands. Casio is the longest lasting and has the best feeling buttons.
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By Ed the glove
Excellent calculater,must for commerce students,& businessmen .quality too is good ,wish amazon had exempted the delivery charges, that is why giving one star less for adding delivery charges.
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By rekha jain
4.3 | 1,480 customer reviews
1,217 of the 1,480 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
- Lasts a long long time
- Flow is ultra smooth
- Grip = fab!
- 10 in one pack, usually on a sale. 70 to 80Rs. + Prime delivery = Good deal!
- Has a red protector dot on the nib, remove it before you write, it protects the ink from drying, no need to keep it, its only for when the pen is brand new, throw it.
- I'm not a student, just needed pens for the entire home.
- 10 pens, 10 spots, all distributed now, you'll find a pen everywhere in my home now. ! lol.
- one for car, one for kitchen, one for letter box, one for mom's purse, one for diary writing, one for signing stuff, you get the idea!

Go for it! :)
Leave a thumbs up for the review if you too getting these pens! :)) Cheers. Happy Writing.
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By ashishsinghxyz
Its awesome... fluid ink, performance is awesome
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By Iqbal Afzal✔️
I purchased it for Rs.100. "Cello" is a well-recognized name in the 'Pen industry'. 'Pin Point' was one of its major products which were very successful.
The best part is that you can still purchase this pen from online websites. The worst part is that you can't find its refills nowadays. So you will have to use it in 'use & throw' manner.

1. The point is really smooth.
2. The grip is made of rubber which makes using it more comfortable.

couldn't find any.

Final comment- If you are a die-hard fan of these pens from Cello, go for it. Otherwise, normal 'use&throw' pens found in the market are a good alternative.
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By Dhirendra
4.5 | 358 customer reviews
320 of the 358 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packaging was excellent so is the product.It can be easily stuck to n removed from any flat metallic surface.It is in rolled up form so can be stored if u r planning to use it later.
Much bigger than expected so meal n weekly planning can be done with the more than sufficient space provided.
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By Asha shenoy
Does its job perfectly well. The board is sleek, magnetic and has a beautiful finish. It can be rolled up when not in use. The pens have erasers attached which is enough to erase your writes completely. Once erased, the ink stain doesn't remain unlike some whiteboard dusters.
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By Shalini
Need a way to keep track of my schedule and things to do visually. Needed something I can wake up and see to plan my day rathe than waiting for the phone to buzz. Got this.

Great packing. Robust quality. Little smaller than expected but still sufficient to write. Pens are great too with sponge to erase on top. Very strong magnets. Delivered in time as expected from Amazon.
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By Yash E
4.3 | 905 customer reviews
750 of the 905 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I wrote 9 upsc mains papers with just two pens...grip is good and it runs can write legible and neat at high speeds especially for poor hand writers like me
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By Amazon Customer
This is an excellent set of Pilot V5 pens. It contains 3 pens. I bought it for Rs. 121.

1. The packaging is excellent. All the pens are packed quite safely.
2. The point of the pens is quite smooth.
3. The ink supply mechanism is excellent which makes the regular and optimum supply to the point making it an excellent tool for writing.
4. Excellent grip.
5. The ink tank can hold a large amount of ink. It saves you from an issue of refiling the pen again and again.
6. It is refillable. It can be refilled by the Pilot ink.
7. As it is an ink pen. So you can write quite fast with it.
8. Nice look.

1. The point is somewhat delicate. You need to keep the pen from dropping on the point else the point is definitely going to get damaged.
2. Once the point is damaged, you don't have any option except
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By Dhirendra
Best best of all ..
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By vindhya s.
4.3 | 874 customer reviews
727 of the 874 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
One of the finest Ball pens i have used till date.
Bought it for office use, gave few to my colleagues & we all had the same expression - >Wow!

The Good Things :
1. Extremely Smooth writing experience.
2. Found No Leakage till the end
3. Ink is not too dark not too light. I found the balance to be as per my liking.
4. Each pen comes with Nib protection.

Conclusion : Can be easily used at office, schools, colleges, etc especially for exams.
The fluidity Is unbeatable at this price point.
Highly Recommended! 👍🏻
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By Muffi.
Perfect for business for bulk buying for Customer interactive counters, looks elegant, writes well and comes with reasonable cost.
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By Kunal Vankani
@ Pro's
- No Bulky Body,,,
- As suggested low Viscosity,
- Increase Writing Speed.....
@ Con's
- After using a week
- Ink colour wasn't dark Enough..
- I took pressurized HandWriting to WriteWell
@ Conclude
Only Somthness is +Point i.e Leads to
low ink colour....
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By HimGoo
4.3 | 871 customer reviews
708 of the 871 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The knife is sharp and has a good grip while cutting .The blades dont lose their sharpness even after prolonged use. And there are 4 extra blades provided,a bonus.Wortth buying.
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By Amazon Customer
In working it is good. But within a few uses the screw which holds the blade was broken and became useless. Now it is not holding the blade properly
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By srinivas nainala
It isn't a 360 degree rotating blade like the other reviews or description mentioned. Sadly thinking that it was, I bought it. It's a normal, super sharp blade. It's much heavier than usual plastic blades. It's good for cutting centres and small holes.

I would have given 5 stars if I wasn't led to believe it was a rotating blade.
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By momoftheworld
4.4 | 426 customer reviews
362 of the 426 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought it for Rs. 108 under the lightning deal. The MRP is Rs. 150.
It contains 2 blue+1 black pilot V7 pens.

1. Good combination of blue and black as it contains 1 black and 2 blue and we all know we use blue more than black. So it makes perfect combination pack to be purchased.
2. Nice packaging.
3. Great pens. I haven't found any pen to be softer than this one i.e. V7.
4. Larger ink tank.
5. Can be refilled by ink.
6. Since it is butter smooth, it gives you ultimate speed while writing.

1. The point is somewhat thick.
2. Since the point is thick, more ink comes out while writing which leads to refilling more often.
3. You can't write on a very thin paper as the ink is reflected on the back side of the paper then.

Final comment- If you have to write with ultimate speed and clarity, this is one of
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By Dhirendra
It's working good and very smoothly....If we use it on light paper it's not good for
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By Raddy
Perfect writing. Just a precaution, Don't use these pen on bad quality paper, specially on bank documents and government paper because ink gets bloat.
Plus ink spreads on wet surface. So, if some one need this pen for notebooks or dairy than these are the best buy
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By Dhananjay Singh
product price
4.3 | 777 customer reviews
646 of the 777 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a small cute tin box with a good finish. The photo is clicked showing the small hands of my 11 yrs old daughter to give u the feeling of its size. The contents are sketch pens...30 pieces...a passport size colouring book of 16 half A5 pages..2 nos. half A5 size colouring sticker pages...the box and its contents seems to be expansive.. But as Faber Castell is a premium products the price seems justified.
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By Rupak Medhi
The number of colours are good. 2 duplicate blacks, others unique.
Lighthouse is a tin container housing the 33 sketch pens. You get 2 themed stickers too for colouring.
Sharp, hard tips. Does damage softer paper.
I had tried drawing on an adult drawing book and the sketches did peel the surface paper.
Not impressed with the quality, expected more from Faber Castel.
Maybe sketch pens, in general, have hard tips, but i expected softer and more "feelable" from this brand.
Got it at 200/-. Still felt it to be costly comparing the quality. Cost is for the brand.
Also, not brilliantly bright/dark as I expected from sketches, and that too from a brand known for its brilliant colour choices.
What works best in this purchase's favour is the availability of these many colours to play around and a great container for the sketches, the reason for the 4 stars.
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By koolbluez
I would rate these kind of so so, I was very excited to get them since I love doodling which I think is one of the most relaxing things you can do if you have anxiety or worry too much, anyhow I was excited since there are so many colors in this pack so it kind of beats the normal 12 pack of pens that you find on the market but the excitement ended soon since I after using them for two or three times only I know that the ink wont last too much time :( and I did not even use them on my regular handmade paper doodle sketchbook which would use up the ink at a much faster rate than normal paper but rather on a regular paper sketch book and still not good cause of the ink..............
If they fix the ink issue they would be
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By Ria Singh
4.3 | 689 customer reviews
584 of the 689 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Though the packaging was a bit worn and old, pens are very smooth and ink is bright. I recommend them buying in lightning deal or with some discount.
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By Adarsh Sachan
Really impressed by the range of colurs and the flow!!! Excellent product
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By Maryna Andrew
All the colours of Octane gel pens are unique and give very attractive writing but the inks are not waterproof and smudge. Writing with them is more like using fine sketch pens as compared to usual blue/black/green/red octane pens available in the market.
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