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4.4 | 354 customer reviews
306 of the 354 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is good...
Value for Money...
Over All Good....
Reach on time...
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By Sabarinath M.
I was surprised to get a good item at such a low price. All pieces were strong and without defect. Can bear quite a lot of weight
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By Amazon Customer
This product is totally up to the mark at this price point the finish is good material is very heavy and I m using it from past 6-7 month and I can say that this product is very very durable.
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By Rajat
4.8 | 35 customer reviews
34 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These hooks are really strong and good... They are bit short...we have to check whether the length is okay for us before ordering it.
Very good quality
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By Mohammad Furkan
First of all I loved this idea.Hole free,Screws free.Just peel the plastic and stick to wall 😍
The adhesive used for this is very good.It can stick to any kind of surface.However I would like to recommend you to clean the wall first.
As it has to sticked on wall not screw fit,you don't need drill machine or labour 😜
Steel is of good quality so I can say they didn't compromise in any way and still it's value for money.Go for it.
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By Mahipati Jadhav
This strong adhesive 6 hook hanger is good quality product and very useful also. It can be stick on tiles, sunmica, glass, cabinet and door. This product ideal for kitchen and bathroom. Value for money.
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4.7 | 41 customer reviews
39 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent quality . Worth the price. And since it's a set of two, it's totally value for money.

Hooks are sturdy, Plus they came with screws

Overall: must buy
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By Raj Mehta
It met my expectations.. Good product.
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By Sameena Asim Shaikh
Excellent product ,product was very nice hooks are glossy finish rod is mat finish.
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By Sornalatha
product price
4.3 | 99 customer reviews
83 of the 99 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These over the door double hooks work very well. They are very sturdy and you can easily hang your heavier towels on it, this is a very good alternative to screwing in hooks behind the door , except that since its an over the door hook, you do see a part of the device on the other side of the door (please see the pic attached) and thats the only gripe i have about this otherwise very useful product.
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By Deepak Viswanathan
Was expecting some el-cheapo plastic hook that may break after few days. The hook is surprisingly good and fits comfortably on those old house doors. If you have doors with narrow shut lines it will be a tight squeeze.

For those staying at rented places where owner despises of nailing towel hooks into walls this issue great soultion.
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By Pradeep PM
The frame is sturdy alright but it hangs very loose on an one-inch thick door which makes it wobble on the door surface. The rear clamp needs to be adjusted by bending to fit to the door thickness. The clothes hook are large enough to prevent the clothes from slipping. Though there is a thin foam lining on the inner sides but it looks flimsy and would probably wear out or come off in a few weeks. The price is pretty high and hard to justify.
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By Mrinal
4.2 | 213 customer reviews
174 of the 213 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Please buy only this clothes hook hanger. This is the best stainless steel hook hanger I have ever purchased. The build quality is too good and has 8 hooks.
This cones with 1 year warranty too. But i bet the build quality is so good, and if u use it only for clothes, it would last a lifetime.
The grips and screws are provided for wall fixing which are also of heavy quality.
Other sellers are selling 6 hook hangers for the same price and the sturdiness/built is not as good as this item. Warranty is also for a short period.
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By Amarnath K
Extremely tough, long and sturdy with quality steel and at the best VfM possible. Hats off to seller and amazon. An essential home item at best quality and price.
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By Shantamay
Product is actually not stainless steel as described in the description, bit quality is okay and really have a good finished look. Screws included inside are not preferred to be used as of low quality. Remaining all seems to be good.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 29 customer reviews
27 of the 29 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
By Sajan Jose
Excellent and elegant looking wall hangers. The packaging was imaculate and all the screws etc were intact. Very happy with what was delivered.
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By Saikat Debray
Seems to be a good product. Delivered as per time line.
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By Prabis
4.3 | 86 customer reviews
73 of the 86 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good quality.. has caps to hide the screw after fixing.
Came with screws and 6mm plus...
I liked the product...
but exxpect it to be a little small.. and the space betweeneach legs is not that great.. but okay..
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By Hafeesh Fazulu
Good product, i attached two in a same row with some alter works. Thank you for the product
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By Emerald Robert
A very good product at this affordable price . Excellent quality , finish and look ! Well designed thick hooks with extra thick Base plate . A very very good buy. I am very happy over the purchase and would recommend to all to experience the same .
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By Jayathkumar Thomas
4.2 | 155 customer reviews
125 of the 155 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These hooks turned out to be very useful. No need to drill and they come in various sizes to hold different weights. I used these for hanging a big frame but these are meant for hanging other things since it is visible. I am looking for a different type of command hook to hang frames
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By Priyanka
Works like wonder. Using it since day one and can hang some weight around 1-2 kgs.
Easy to install and use. Comes with the instructions, so just need to follow and get it done.
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Don’t buy, it peels off wall paint when you try to remove.
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4.1 | 535 customer reviews
415 of the 535 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is by far the best I have used to hang photos on.
While installing, the nails didn’t bend as it did with the other cheap products. It was perfectly made and can definitely hold a big size poster. Have attached some examples to view.
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By Dr.Mahesh Anandhan
Just WOW Amazon I don't believe that the time has just so much. Earlier time we use to get hooked up nails and wait for these drilling machine guys to come and help us but not anymore. Guys for frames wall clock and many more things you just need MABALO it's awesome. I am very happy with such an outstanding product.
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By Lotus
Easy to use, plastic quality was little low. Couple of pieces broken while hammered. Don't use it directly on wall, it will broke.
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By Kathiravan Loganathan
4.5 | 36 customer reviews
30 of the 36 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I got only 10 pcs of hook not 12. Product is good and better than given pics. Lightweight and came with screw.
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By Sun-up Terrace. Gangtok.
Good quality
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By Naina
Good quality
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By Saurabh
4.3 | 45 customer reviews
37 of the 45 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very elegant, fit well on my doors and look good. I ordered another one after using the first one for a month. Can take good amount of weight too, we hang at least five coats and heavy jackets on it at any given time. Durable and value for money too.
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By Ankita Singh
I bought this after reading many reviews that it does not sit comfortably on door frame.
But when I added the bags after hanging, it was fixed in place and able to close the door.
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By Sangheetha
The image says the width of the hanging part width is 5 cms. It surely isn't. The one I got is 4.5 cms. Now it doesn't fit my door. Will be returning it. I already bought another product for that width for another door of mine.
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By Kalpesh p.
4.6 | 22 customer reviews
20 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My purpose of taking this self adhesive hooks was that I wanted to put something in my cupboard without having to put nails in it. I came through this and bought it. It is a nice and neat piece. Very sturdy I must say. The quality of stickers is just too good.
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By Gitika Jha
This hanger can be used for many purposes , it can be used in kitchen , bedroom and bathroom , this is very sturdy this makes it to prefer over other hangers , the quality is good and durable , it's easy to stick to tiles and other surfaces , overall for this price this is a must buy product for home .
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By Vikram
Using this in washroom.
Good in quality.
Can hold upto 500gm as I have used this much weight only on this.

Easy to stick on walls.Good product in this price compared to market products.
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By Jayanti Nayak
4.2 | 61 customer reviews
48 of the 61 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I put a couple of these on back of loo door for towel/garment. Another is holding my calendar. So far, so good. Command may cost a little more than generics, but adhesive seems to be so much better, actually holding things in place. Great for fragile walls. My generic plastic hooks, adhesive did not last more than a few weeks, stuff fell down and I had to araldite hooks back into place. Save time, headache, money in long run by buying a better product from the start.
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By Amazon Customer
I use these for coiling and holding up cables (had lots of unruly cables under my TV) and also have one in the bathroom as a towel holder. Bathroom use is not recommended as I don't think this is waterproof, but it works great anyway. Spent way less than I would've otherwise done on a holder and then the additional charge of getting it fixed on the wall
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By AmazonCustomer
We purchased a combo pack of 3 of these 3M hooks as we thought paying a premium for a known brand will guarantee quality... Sadly, that wasn't the case!

As seen in the images/photos, we installed 2 of the 3 hooks and they came-undone and fell-off within 5-10mins.; even WITHOUT any weight/load being put on them.

Using the second/reserve set of adhesive strips, we're hopeful that they'll at least stick now. In not, we'll be compelled to return the product.

So save yourselves the trouble and don't buy this one.
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By Honest Reviewer
4.1 | 101 customer reviews
78 of the 101 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's been almost a week since I've received this product. For me its really useful. The only drawback is they provide small screws that don't fit very well but u can use bigger ones and it does the job beautifully.
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By Aishwarya
The wall mount is very useful and convenient to hang the mop, dust pan and such things. Now everything is clutter free. There is provision for 4 screws. But we just drilled 2 holes nd used 2 screws only. But that's more than enough to hold the weight
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By Sariga R C Babu
It's not suitable for mop when its wet since it falls due to weight
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By Amazon Customer
4.3 | 35 customer reviews
30 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a superb product, does its job perfectly well. Quite unlike me to take the time out for a review, but exceptional products deserve it! Might order more for other rooms.
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By Sameer
Adhesive is good stuck quite well with the wall and Quite strong. Doesn't looks should grab this for kitchen if you don't want to drill holes on it kitchen walls or tiles.
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By sana alia
Large sticking surface. Very durable. Excellent
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By Sudeep Das
product price
4.2 | 48 customer reviews
40 of the 48 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quite useful. Easily fits over my door which is slightly thicker than 3 inches, and there is no problem in closing the door. It’s cushioned as well so no scratches on the door.
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By Pallavi
The thickness of metal and the width of the loop may create a limitation for some doors. Did not work for the door I was planning to hang on, so went somewhere else.
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By Rajesh
These are actually too large. I could not use them over my bathroom door or even cabinet door but I did finally find a good place to use them - the back of the chair. I have hung my duffle bag on it, keeping it off the floor.
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 47 customer reviews
37 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very easy to follow instructions. Went up easily. So far, I love it. (It's only been up a few hours. If it falls off the wall I'll come back and tell you. Hopefully it won't)
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By Amazon Customer
Rather than drilling holes in the tiled walls in my kitchen and bathroom these were a quick, easy, and effective way to hang some framed posters.

Securely hanging and making me happy.
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By Christine N.
I was not too sure about the adhesiveness of the product, now I am convinced it works perfectly. I am re-doing my entire wall of frames. The other products by command are also the best solution for DIY frame hanging projects and are quite forgiving as you can readjust the position of the frame.
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By Nigel
4.0 | 108 customer reviews
77 of the 108 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Worked well. I used it to clamp the pipes for my new aqua guard water purifier on ceramic tiles on the wall - I didn't want to drill holes to fix normal clamps. I secured the pipes in the hooks with a rubber band and got it working in 5-10 minutes. Holding well after 1 month
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By Gautam
These hooks are amazing. Visually appealing, very useful, hold strongly, lasts long.... definitely worth a buy!
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By Senthilkumar
Nice product, easy to use, clear instructions. Very useful, helps in space utilisation and organising, I used it on the inside of the kitchen cupboard door to organise my kitchen accessories which were otherwise taking up a lot of space in the drawers.
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By Advit Gandhi
4.2 | 37 customer reviews
32 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It looks nice and shiny after eight months of purchase. The hooks are plastic, it pays to be careful with them. Saves some storage space, since things like ladles and tea strainers can be hung up.
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Excellent and value product.. has been using it for more than 7 months. It works like wonder.. adhesive is of superb quality.. its worth every penny spent.. thankyou amazon
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By ruby
The hook is of plastic and it breaks and only few spoon can be hanged as the hole in spoon are small n this hook is slightly bigger still we managed to put our cooking spoon in difficult to hang
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By vidya
4.1 | 54 customer reviews
46 of the 54 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By Susmita paul
Good product
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By Dinesh
Very good product in this price.Go for it
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By Fahria