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4.2 | 25 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had ordered the plain bowl but I got very different shape. Rather it's more beautiful.. I will thank for this manipulation.. 😃
Glass quality is good, clear glass, perfect thickness to hold heavy items like pebbles, sand etc. Overall, loved
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By Sumedha P.
The glass bowl was packed well and delivered on time. The product is just the type I was looking for. Thank you
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By tamanna
Best product i would have given 5 star but cost of the bowl is bit high hence 4 star for the
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By karthik
product price FREE Delivery.
3.7 | 591 customer ratings
63% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is very small but good product for beginners for keeping 1 or 2
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By Amazon Customer
It's beautiful! My beta looks happy inside
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By Nayani
It's an excellent high quality tank for Beta Fish, my Beta is very happy now used to be bored in glass bowl. Have much more space and comfort for fish with compact size of tank.

If you have beta fish and want to see it happy and look beautiful go for this tank.

Packing should improve, they should added bubble or air
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product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
3.7 | 152 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
very very good
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By kumar sonu sain
The moment I gave this fantastic piece of art to my fiance's father, the first thing he said was, "No wonder it will be special, after all its given by you!" And after 2 days, it really became my future in-law's drawing room's CORE attraction! The Multi-colored LEDs, the Depth of the item and most importantly, the built quality of the
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By Avijoy Chanda
Firstly I would like to appreciate the packaging. It’s a glass product and I was scared by seeing some of the reviews which stated that the package was delivered in damaged state. However, when I got the delivery it took around 15 minutes... it is bubblewarpped in 5 layers.

Secondly, I expected it somewhat big. But it is a
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By Chandra
product price + ₹ 58.00 Delivery charge
3.8 | 20 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This product does its job. It releases CO2 bubbles so tiny that you can't see with your eyes without difficulty. The bubble size is as like from the CO2 diffuser.

It gets dissolves completely but
The particles break and disperse in the tank if you move the tablet while it's getting dissolved, or when you place it near any
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By Ayub shaik
This product does really work... I haven't planted my all plants yet in the tank as they haven't arrived but just for a trial I had added a single tablet for the plants which is present in my tank for now. And yes this CO2 tablet is effective because they became green in colour the very next day after adding the tablet. I have
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By Nainali G Holkar
Good product for low maintenance planted
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By Shrinivas Gondwad
5 Offers from product price
3.7 | 26 customer ratings
61% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Plastic carrier is not good to keep animate things. It makes water soon getting
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By Nilavarasu Kannan
Won't recommend for long term keeping of Betta. Too small for that. temporary housing is
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By Shreyasee
Too small and wastage of money . I was not satisfied with the product and I returned it immediately . Even the big product in market was available for
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By Kirti Solanki
3.6 | 80 customer ratings
61% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product is gud thanks to amazon giving this
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By Amar Gurav
Fish bowl is very good, but ordered purple plant, received a mini size green grass. The picture is showing a good size plant. Request to send the right items. I am not returning it only for the reason of plant. Request the seller to send the right purple
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By Geetha
I like the bowl.but the tree shown with it not the same as is so small.dont know why they shows fake
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By sabita
product price FREE Delivery. No Minimum order value for first order in this category Details
3.7 | 7 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Looking very beautiful .... Just loved it a lot... Must buy it.. Thanku
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By Santosh todkar
Its perfect!! very beautiful!! My fishes are very
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By Pranjal Misra
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By Harsh Yadav
3 Offers from product price
3.6 | 16 customer ratings
67% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
very good finish and quality of the pebbles, gravel and flakes in the kit is good.
thought the build is a bit flimsy. not so strong as you would expect it to be.
i recommend
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A good set up for
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By Jitendra
Smaller than expected.dimension are not
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4 Offers from product price
3.6 | 15 customer ratings
57% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Product actual dimension for water is 5inch x 5inch x 5inch. It will contain exact 2 ltrs of water. 6x6x6 is the box dimension. Looks small and fragile but appears ok. Shifting my beeta now to this. Will edit my review based on my betta's reaction.
Pleased by fedex delivery. Nice packing and on time delivery
Edit - After one
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By Aditya
Price can be lesser. All things are present as mentioned in the description. Only stones are very small in size so getting scattered. This one is perfect for small space. Overallroduct is
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By I.S.
Design is good. Plastic is very
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By Vivek Narayanankutty
3.6 | 6 customer ratings
58% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's small, but
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By Amazon Customer
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By Azizul islam
This is an absolutely USELESS product. The size doesn't allow even a small sized fish to survive in it. At this price, I could have got a better sized glass bowl from the local market. DO NOT BUY THIS at any cost, you will only lose your
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