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4.2 | 811 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Had this is my old house.. installed is yesterday and got sparrows flying in within just 2 days. Real nice to see these dieing species of birds at my window ... Makes the house feel like a home with their melodious
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By Rider Red Cross
Superb product

I have kept in my room, I thought nothing will come as my building is surrounded by buildings but few trees are there

I am extremely happy with this product as it given food to the birds

It attracts parrots pigeons crows and small sparrows

Ordered 6 more to
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By Amazon Customer
A novice idea ...but the quality of the container is decieving. It is as bad as a plastic bisleri water bottle stuff. I am someone who has relied heavily on the Amazon reviews before buying stuff and I must compliment Amazon for such a brilliant way to induce trust among customers. This is what separates you guys from the rest. But it was
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By Himanshu Khandelwal
product price FREE Delivery. Details
4.0 | 237 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product.. nice and sturdy.. but I hated your cheap tactic of giving away 20 paytm cash if customer reviews 5 stars.. that's a new low.
You have a good product, find another way to gain 5 star.. 1 star less for bribing
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By Karandeep Singh
The product is excellent that's why we have ordered, my family likes feeding birds & what better way can it be than this product. The only difficulty we are facing is to fix the screw of the bird feeder container with the plate as the depth is too much & cannot fix it by hand. Please
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By Hemanth H.
The food feeder is good and very convenient ... its the best ...
But the water feeder is the worst .. its difficult to close the cap as the cap is designed inappropriately...... sometimes the plate bends and the water spills out
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By Dheepak Raj
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4.1 | 144 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Made of good material, and supplied note is enough to describe feed liked by birds. All is done and now waiting for birds to come and enjoy the food.
Both items are defect less, no spillage observed during filling of
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By Arshi mahboob
Terrific product.
Must buy, this is a full size, 1 litre.

Just order it, great at this price, u will not be
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By Amazon Customer
Cheap quality product and with this product they told that if you give 5 star then we'll give you 20 Rs cash back.So please guy don't buy it waste of
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By Dr Dwivedi, S
product price FREE Delivery. Details
3.9 | 483 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
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By Badarinarayanarao
Loved this product because it's easy for the birds to feed through this feeder and very less amount of food is wasted. It took 2 weeks for the birds to adapt to this as they were afraid of being caught but as soon as they felt safe they started gathering around it and fed food,Nowadays i generally wake up by their chirpings voices and
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By Kaniz fatma
Have used this bird feeder for over two months and it is quite useful. It surely is not of the best quality. But my little sparrows eat happily from it so that leaves not points for complaint.

Update October 2020: In the past one year, I have purchased 4 bird feeders from this seller and as mentioned in my original review the
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By AlphaGirlReviews
product price FREE Delivery. Details
4.2 | 76 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have ordered another one. My relatives are asking to order for them too..
😍so lovely to see the birds coming and eating.. Especially in this lockdown we have time to see those and find relax.. Super product..In each house one should be there for the cute birdss..
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By K
One month after installation first bird parrot came to our window because of this product only. It was blessed feeling. Now parrots and sparrows daily visit our window Atleast thrice a day in groups.

Surpassed Expectations
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By Amazon Customer
Average quality plastic, plate cracked when i give extra tight in the screw.
I returned my first order since it has some missing items. In my second order also screws were missing. I think they are packing it with missing parts on purpose.
Feeder looks fascinating. I installed it two weeks ago still sparrows are taking food from
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By Arivarasan
4.2 | 63 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Quality and Usability: It's a beautiful item to add in your garden. The birds need water especially in hot summer months. The nylone strings appear sturdy. Water holding capacity of the bowl is sufficient.
Packaging: It arrived in a good condition- with bubble wraps securing it.
I recommend buying
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By Shruti
Though I received one of the product damaged out of set of two. I am giving one star less for that. I did not return the product as its really nice. Though the product in list shows very small but it actually not that small. Overall nice product to have. I am happy with the purchase except the broken one.
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By Madhu
The harness is extremely good and the color attracts birds. Unfortunately, the earthenware bowl was of poor quality and due to poor packing, it arrived in pieces. Returning the product was not worth it so got a new bowl from the market and using it. Birds not only drink from it but also take a bath from time to
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By Van Vaughan
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
3.9 | 124 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Lovely water feeder for birds but please be aware the you cant fit this from outside the cage for small finches if the mesh size is 1 inch or lesser, it thats the case you will have to put it inside the cages which is little
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By dotfish
This is a really great product. It's size is small and it's appropriate for birds like budgies,Lovebird and other small birds. To be honest it looks very cute! but price is
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By Mr. Digit
It is really nice. And the quality is also very good but it is good for only small birds because I ordered for my African lovebirds and they would easy open the feeder from down and all seeds would fall. So I had to sick it so they can not open. So it is good for only small birds like budgies or
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By Unknown
product price + ₹ 58.00 Delivery charge Details
3.8 | 199 customer ratings
69% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
quality of product is damm awesome. BUT THIS FEEDER WORKS BEST IN REDY MADE CAGES


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By Devoleena Sinha
I bought it for pair of cockatiels.
1. Once filled, it can last up to 10 days depending upon your bird's diet.
2. Automatic dispense causes less wastage of food.
3. Transparent body shows how much food left.
4. Holds water & food nicely.
5. Fits well on cage.
6. Easy to fit.
7. It is for
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By Sagar
Its a good product. My birds love it. Less mess, less cleaning up.
I just feel the holder can be little more tight. I attached the holder with the glue, so it's steady..
After that it's really working fine with me.. I don't have to change the fees and water everyday
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By Ria jason
4.1 | 51 customer ratings
72% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Its awesome product. I have brought 2 of it for two rooms. It is easy to place and works
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By Rohan Pandey
Value for money good product
Go for it...
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By Manjul Chandrabhushan Tripathi
Very small plate for hanging if we hang it then plate are so small where bird eat and not sturdy very low material use for naking this feeder ,but who want keep in garden for birds then product is ok for birds
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By Shahnaz Jahan
product price FREE Delivery. Details
3.8 | 168 customer ratings
68% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The water feeder is useless. The bird feeder is good. Quality of material is poor. It's mainly designed for small size birds like sparrows. It takes 1-2 days naturally to come into notice. The concept is beautiful. If you want to buy, buy the one with a round shade above. In rainy season, the shade above is must. I feed them simple rice,
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By Kaustabh
Awsm product.....loved them both super easy to assemble and fill have hanged them in the backyard waiting for the birds to see them and feed

The water one has rings to keep the plate attached and the feeder has a screw to fix the plate so no issues with hanging it... Recommended for
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By TechAndy
I think it's a good product based on a simple idea, both for water as well as the feed. Was especially impressed with the water feeder. My feedback for the team would be to provide a groove kind of a setup in the food feeder plate as well, similar to the water feeder plate. This is to keep the feeder fixed to the plate. Currently the food
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By Sushant
product price + ₹ 80.00 Delivery charge Details
3.7 | 116 customer ratings
67% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
They fit two of my budgies each inside them lol which is perfect for me because these tubs are massive! They do tilt a little bit when they hang from the cage but that is a good thing since it makes me fill water only half way otherwise my birds would just drop it all over the floor (which my naughty monkeys still manage to do). They use
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By G S
It's definitely sturdy enough for budgies. Size is excellent. Using it as bird bath. Budgies dived straight in as soon as I put it inside the cage. Size is definitely enough for Budgie and any small bird. Infact using it as bird bath as well as water feeder. Value for money. Well made.

Hooks could have been deeper. It tilts a
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3 Stars because although the actual product is pretty good, the seller will always send you damaged ones, given what the other reviews are also saying.

Info: 7 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. depth is about a little more than an inch.

Perfect for budgies, but definitely not jumbo by any
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By Saikat
product price FREE Delivery. Details
3.8 | 33 customer ratings
66% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a must have for all homes as the tiny bird population is decreasing. And also it's nice to have them at your window especially during this
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By Shilpa
Good product and easy to assemble but if bigger size birds stand on bottom plate or takes the support of feeder, it will not
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By Sreeni
I liked the service of Amazon but I received the wrong item, I ordered the Large bird feeders as shown in the picture and also it is mentioned in the displayed picture that it is a set of 10 large birds feeders but I received the regulator size bird feeders. Its Not satisfied my
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By GY3 T.
product price FREE Delivery. Details
3.9 | 21 customer ratings
69% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
They took 10 to 15 days to adapt the habit of eating from that feeder. You need have
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By Zamir
Very attractive to birds. Lot of birds started visiting my terrace. Happy to watch
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A little overpriced and It Should have been a little more attractive , So that the birds Can adapt to It easily
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3.5 | 13 customer ratings
55% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
By Dhiren Sangar
Product is good quality of plastic used is also
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By Sarita
Birds have enough water around us, what they dont have is BIRD-BATHS . so place a plate or something like that with 1 or 2 inches
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