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4.8 | 1,467 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had ordered this product for my father who had continues loose motions and because of frequent cleaning ulcer developed..which is known as incontinence associated dermatitis.. I was using cavilon spray after each episode but it didn't help me and skin worsened..later someone suggested me this product and I started using this.. after
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By Kalpesh Wayal
Have been using the cream for 2 months now. It is very effective. Baby feels relief within couple of hours. If used overnight, minor rash is cleared by morning. I did notice that the cream leaves marks if used with a nappy, hence needs to be used only with a
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By Harsharaj
We are happy with desitin product but the product we received this time is valid for only 11 months. In the questions seller has answered the product expiry will be in 2021. But we received the product with expiry 2020. When we are purchasing something which is expensive we always think to go with the product which is recently
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By Vidya
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4.5 | 4,036 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is best best product.. I applied this on my new born rashes due to loose motions n it worked wonders... Its a must buy... U can see the change in just one use... Dry the area properly n apply this generously.. The price seems on higher side but it lasts long... I only use when there r
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By Kail
This is what my child’s paediatrician recommended for diaper rash. We tried Himalaya diaper rash but was of no use. The rash was so bad that the skin fell off. That’s when we thought let’s order Desitin for diaper rash even if it’s costly. After using it the effect was instantaneous and the rash disappeared quickly and my child
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By Pratik
Provides relief in two applications itself however bad the diaper rash. Also helped against yeast but since it keeps recurring, better to use a localised prescription ointment for yeast rash. Perfect for plain diaper rashes. Can be used for adults too for burns,rashes etc. Fast relief altho it stings
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By Charlene
4.7 | 812 customer ratings
96% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
i ordered for pink shade first then replaced it with navy blue.Both are good but i needed a dark shade one.I loved this product.Earlier i used to dump all my baby stuffs to my hand bag and it was difficult for me to find things. Then i found out this and ordered it. I received it in 3 days with neat packing. I was too satisfied with the
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By Anjaly
- Perfect size. Neither too bulky nor too small. This is exactly what I needed
- Quite spacious
- Print feel vibrant
- Fabric type make it very easy to remove stains, if any.
- Over all material quality is very good including zippers, inside material and pocket material.

Issue: only one: you can't
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Delivery was super fast . I ordered for 2 bags with different design and color on Saturday and it was delivered on Tuesday 9 am.
I don't usually order anything online but Amazon has been surprising me.
-The bag is of good quantity, feels sturdy and good quality.
-Zippers are look strong and good quality too.
- The bag
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4.4 | 13,693 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pocket friendly budget pack of Supples baby wipes. It gently cleanse baby`s delicate skin. It has very good fragrance and very well moist wipes. Infused with the goodness of aloe vera extract and vitamin e. The thick, very soft and gentle wipes ensure efficient cleaning and it`s fragrance leaves the baby feeling refreshed. It is alcohol
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By Mandy
I am writing this when my son is on 6th week old.
I have used many good brands which are expensive as well.
When i saw this name I thought some cheap material product selling in cheap price.
But thought of giving a try..Used a single pack and become fan of this whips.
Now what are the problems with other brands..They
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By Pritam
I thought i was ordering snuggles Wioes but this is Supples! Exactly same packing'design, graphics. Amazon should not allow
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By saurabh kakra
4.4 | 13,058 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Used johnsons, himalaya, sebamed, little's and snuggles till date.

LITTLE'S : Best one overall. Costed Rs. 177 for 240 wipes(3x80) during sale. Pleasant odour. Smooth on the baby's skin. You won't need anything more than these for diaper changing or hand and face cleaning.

SNUGGLES: costed 299 for 6packs(72 per
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By Sindhu
Theses wipes are pretty good.. Comlrarble to the expensive J & J wipes... I reviewed various other options before buying them.. Writing this review post 1 month of use.. The only problem I felt was there is no opener like J & J so i found a solution which only Indian minds can do.. You can fin it in the pic attached... Used a fewiquick
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By Anoop Hajare
Very goood product ... after using mee mee and himalaya these are the best the most important things is it stays moist for longer time never gets dry .... while with mee mee and himalaya they get dry after few days. And price is reasonable too !! My baby never got any rashes while using littles ! I am very happy with the
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By raina chatterjee
4.6 | 892 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Awesome bag, quality is also Gud, compartment all r Gud, worth to buy it. Nce
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By Shiva
The quality of the product is amazing. The material is waterproof and strong. Looks classy and's a unisex diaper bag which even father's would love to carry. Too many pockets for different purpose. A bit pricey but worth it. Colour wise just slightly different but still it is nice. Chains both at back and front. A pocket is
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Wonderful product very spacious and nice color same as
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By Bhawna
4.4 | 4,245 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
"These diapers are perfect for infant. My daughter sleeps through the entire night and we do not need to change her diaper until the morning. Most other brands we've tried must be changed at some point in the middle of the night, or my daughter wakes up soaking wet. These diapers truly absorb everything and keep her comfortable!" Thanku
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By Nishu Aggarwal
The biggest advantage is that there is a colour indicator which turns yellow to blue once the diaper is wet. For new parents I would recommend this as it is easier to figure out why your baby is crying (if the baby doesn't like being in a wet diaper) only by looking at the indicator from the
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By Cyril
My son is of 3 months and I always choose bigger size, as I think, for him It will be more comfortable, to wear loose size.

I prefer tape diapers than pant style, because you can adjust band as per your need. Pant style diaper's waist band gives marks on my son's waist.
Currently I am using pampers active baby's small size
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By rashmi
4.4 | 4,142 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hai guys..!👋

I purchased this product for my cousin's newly born kid and the product was fine for the first few days.After a few days usage the sticker which is the opener of the packet is loosing its sticky nature and after that it becomes useless because they are loosing the moisture.So we need to use the entire wipes of a
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By ✌Ramees Rahman✌
I have been using Himalaya wipes for a few months.i have not faced any issues so far, but I feel it has soap in it.I clean the area using a wet cloth thoroughly so that any soap residue will be removed.I have used wipes from pampers and didnt feel the issue of soap in it.These stay wet if we keep the tab closed after is very useful
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By Ann
Product is good..but I would like to notify the Himalaya company about packing...the sticker comes out after two to three usage due to which the wet wipes lose their moisture... please try to find out an alternative for closing the packet after using the wipes instead of the
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 3,347 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have used Mamypoko and himalaya brand diapers earlier.. but after switching to pampers active diapers we never looked back... They are comfortable for the baby, easy to use and most important they DON'T LEAK. These diapers are very effective, and the price was pretty good on Amazon. I like to buy these on amazon because you don't have
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By Mudit
I have been using this since my son was born. And I have never faced any issues, till the time my son started opening the tape itself.
- Material is thick and quite absorbent, he hardly gets any rashes.(Though I recommend using a rash cream at every change)
- It fits well. We can tighten it or loosen it whenever required.
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By Shweta
There is no option of 0star or negative marking otherwise I would have given negative marks..
Such a brand name but awful results..
Not at all supportive , even Urine gets leaked just imagine..
I did a mistake getting these, Everytime I had to change my babies clothes as these were leaking now and then from here or there
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By Pooja Krishna
4.4 | 2,288 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried many diapers for my baby since his birth but none could match Pampers Premium Care pants. It's as soft as baby's skin, no wonder it gives that extra comfort and care that a baby requires. My baby is happy, he is free from diaper rashes. It's quality is excellent. It's a perfect gift that a mother can give to her
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By Chandana D S
There are thousands and thousands of reviews on this product, but still want to publish mine. Well to start with many ppl had raised their concern on genuinely. This is a very genuine product and I have compared it with what I bought from a retail shop. We have been using Pampers for our child for the past few years and I must say,
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By Rk
Pampers are always a trusted brand ..I use for my kids since birth .when they launched this I was excited n buy. But it failed to keep the mark . It often get leaked n i literally have to change in every hour or 2 to keep my kids dry. Whereas the normal n premium is better than this version. Even it does not keep the kids dry for the
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By Baishyanti
4.4 | 1,753 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazing product.
Best for your kids.
Pampers give Real comfort and care to the baby
Best quality diapers..
Have been using it for years for both my kids.
Blindly trust them for my dearies ..
Thanks pampers..
Received before expected time.
Super fast delivery by
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The bonding between my daughter and Pampers Active baby turns 2 years now. Since day one I'm using it... My experiences are as follows:-

1. I have never faced any leakage problem. If you use the correct size and change as per the need, you will never face the leakage problem with Pampers Active baby atleast.
2. It is long
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By Debjani
1. Material is very good.
2. No leakage unless baby sleeps on one side for long hours.
3. Absorbing capacity is very good.
4. Compare to Huggies and other brands even it is far far better than normal pamper diapers.
Do not compete with Pamper premium, but this is very good.
Please do not go for normal pamper
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By Fahed K.
4.3 | 16,224 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using them since so long. I have used othr wipes .. compared to himalaya the thickness is a little bit less but it is exactly what we want to clean the baby... not too thick not too thin.. price wise its v good.. reasonable range wipes... u can go for it.. rather than buying high end wipes go for this..ultimately u r going to
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By Faraah Dabhoiwala
It has the small box covering to seal the opening, this is great about it. Wipes have Lemon Fragrance. Liked the product.

On the cons side, it's tough to tear the wipe and wetness does not last for
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By PewDieBhai
This product is not at all good. I don't know how it got 4+ star. If you used Johnson's product then you come to know. It is not wet very dry one, if you try to clean baby skin either you have to wet with something or rub it more on skin which is not good for baby skin. I try to return but this is not under return product. Please buy
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By Manoj
4.3 | 8,947 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I think luvlap wipes can be the cheapest solution if you are trying to find prime quality wipes in reasonable prices.
1. Exactly same size as littles, meemee & Johnson ( you can see the picture I uploaded on littles or meemee review to verify)
2. Luvlap has similar talcum fragrance as Johnson but very mild.MeeMee & little also
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By Irfan Nakade
Yesterday afternoon I ordered this product.. They mentioned 2 days to deliver.. But today morning itself I received the product.. Fast delivery from Amazon.. Luvlap baby wipes are very useful.. For this rate, I got only one Johnson's baby wipes, same 80 numbers.. Here I got three.. Which contains herbal ingredients, paraban free.. In
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By Saraswathi Vijay
Do not buy this product anymore. It used to be manufactured by Ginni filaments, india. Now LuvLap has outsourced the production to china. The quality is distinctly inferior. We had used this brand for our first baby and were very impressed with the quality. Two packets remained unopened since last time and so we could compare the quality
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By Sweta
4.7 | 446 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best preventive medicine for babies getting rashes. Value for money and easily available in all most every medical shop. It was first prescribed by pedatrician. Earlier we were using mother care rash cream but it works better than Mothercare. For healing diaper rash I would highly recommend desitin but as a preventive medicine I would
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By Niyaz
My friend was suggested me for my baby to prevent diaper rash. I used it for my baby and get excellent result. No rash, irritation or red marks comes after using B4Nappy cream which is very common problem for my baby after using diaper. Very good fragrance, moisturizing excellently and a smoothening effect.
Value for money.....
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By Santu Chaki
Our family pediatrician prescribed this product to our baby for rashes.
It is really effective and better than other rash creams in
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By Sreeram
product price
4.3 | 7,718 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product but just wish the cost is cheaper!


1) Quality is obviously good since it is of Himalaya brand.

2) It is very wet unlike some other brands which feel very dry.


1) Much expensive costs INR 1.75/wipe. Instead I would recommend you buy Babyhug brand. Quality wise
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Hai guys..!👋

I purchased this product for my cousin's newly born kid and the product was fine for the first few days.After a few days usage the sticker which is the opener of the packet is loosing its sticky nature and after that it becomes useless because they are loosing the moisture.So we need to use the entire wipes of a
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By ✌Ramees Rahman✌
I ordered them looking at the reviews. My baby got rashes after using just for a couple of days. And after that I haven't met a single doctor or parent who recommends these or any kind of baby wet wipes. Every parent I met told me that their baby got rashes by using wet wipes. Every doctor I met told me to stop using them. I don't know
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By Sumit Gambhir
4.4 | 910 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are two basic types of diapers - Active Baby and Baby Dry. Active baby type is for active babies that move a lot and it manages to prevent leakage. Baby dry is for when you want to use the diaper for long hours such as at night and wish to have more than average absorption capacity. As such they can be used interchangeably even
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By Gadget Guru
First I thank to pampers and amazon good quality and nice packing but in India every diaper have touch like sand inside I checked that is not sand I think small cotton balls but very uncomfortable for babies that blue and yellow colour I bhought in Hongkong very smooth and soft diaper I used mamy pocko in India that's also sand type balls
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By V. Prathyusha
For the past one year, I had been averse in buying diapers from Amazon after reading so many reviews that this is perhaps a fake product. Finally last month we chose to buy these diapers from Amazon rather than visiting our local store like we usually do. And I am cursing the decision till date. The packaging, look and feel of these
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By Rahul G.
product price Fulfilled
4.5 | 575 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have used several different diapers like Pampers regular, Pampers Premium, Mamy, Huggies, Libero etc and i was fine with Pampers Premium which had a good absorbency and prevent diaper rashes, but after trying our Merries i fixed this one has the only diaper that am going to use for our baby.

👶🏻 The price seems to be
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By Captain Retail
Been using pamper premium, ultra soft Huggi.but this the best product.though my baby didn't get any rashes from huggies,it leaves kind of marks on the waist line. pamper premium has leakage problem.i just bought this product after reading Rewiews, it's amazing, so soft, no marks on baby's skin. And best part it holds the pee up-to 5-6
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By shyaam
A super quality , product from merries. Never heard the brand before in india but saw the positive reviews and took a chance to try the product.
I was genuinly satisfied with the product quality. It have won my trust and satisfiction. Previously i used mamy poko pants but since this i have shifted to merries . Mamy is a good brand
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By Jenis
4.4 | 794 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a perfect bag. It has sufficient pouches for keeping bottles (2 holders - one zip and one open).
There are two zippered compartments, with ample space.
However my personal recommendation is to buy a bag one size bigger. This same print / same brand had a bag which is slightly bigger with additional space/ pouches. Trust
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By C
This is a really good bag to have if you have an infant. I use it to carry my baby's toiletries and his feeding essentials while travelling out with him. All these perfectly fit in the multiple compartments of this bag. Only shortcoming I can think of is that this can't be worn across your body i.e the longest strap is not long enough to
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By Mahesh
Expected stylish bag and high-quality bag which turned out to be a normal carry bag with a gift wrapper type outside design... compartments r useful.. thread has come out from bag and it loosens the stiching. Not worth for the money
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By Ayshwarya
4.5 | 517 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I searched a lots of diaper bag and I selected this one. Worth buy...
It's not too small not too large... perfect for traveling even one day outing.

- men and women both can carry it. Good style
-lots of pockets (my favorite thing)
-bag and other accessories (mat,bottle cover and stroller strap) are good
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By Monica Prashant
It's worth comfort for the value of money. Very useful for mom's with kids, no matter of kids age. It got multiple pockets very easily accessible and can avoid clutter. Very comfortable in travel. And the bag can hold baby clothing diapers for 2-3 days.
This is the best buy
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By Ramya
Good diaper bag for traveling or for any outing... as per size, I'm bit disappointed bcuz of small(not too much small) size... and I don't know about water resistant so not rated... but this bloody Amazon cheated me, I bought this bag for 2,399/- , the next day they reduced the price to 1,799/-... till the day I bought it, I used check
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4.2 | 8,027 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is written 0-5 kg, but fits only for babies of 4-5 kg weight. Not used yet. If your new born is under 3 kg of weight, then without any second thought go for Pampers Pants, because thats the only diaper which will fit your
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By Amazon Customer
It is not mentioned on the pack that these are scented diapers. I don't know if it is good for newborns to use such strong
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By Amazon Customer
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By vicky jain