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4.1 | 75,627 customer ratings
77% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are really, really good and a third of the price of others available on the market at the purchase price I got them at (1299). I notice they are no longer available at that price, so I will have to look for alternatives. I have one paralyzed cat and a puppy-in-training, so I use about 15 a day and these are terrific. Please Amazon,
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By Madhavi
The floor becomes wet after I remove the puppy pad which means that it doesn't absorb moisture as much as my previous puppy pad did. Also, I don't let the puppy overuse it by over-peeing on it. I change the puppy pad once a
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By Gaurang
Value for pup loves to tear it up..but that's how puppies use is a at night when I am not there to frequently change the newspaper.
I found out how to make it work. Rub it on some pup urine (don't just put a fresh sheet, put it inverted on spilled urine, dirty it a bit, then put it in the correct way). Pups will
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By Samarth Dhingra
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4.1 | 676 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My dog has this passive aggressive trait of identifying the one neighbour who is outside their house, going there, and make eye contact with them as he Poops right in the centre of their rangoli.

This helps me alay any awkwardness and be responsible at the same
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By Datta
Well satisfied with the product. Its very easy to clean. Although the material used is plastic, the product is quite strong.
No more need to listen to the 'dog poop' tantrums that my neighbours used to throw before.
Completely recommend this scooper to all.
I recommend you buy poop bags as well so that you dont need to
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By Ojesvi C Kanumuri
This is very easy to use and I had ordered it again for my dog. Giving only 3 stars because I received the second one without a nut on one side. Unfortunately this is a non returnable
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By Rustam
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4.0 | 99 customer ratings
74% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is must buy for all the let's veyr easy to use and clean the surface nicely..though not always.. and don't forget to buy plastic bag for this.. price should be less or esl3 product is good so
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By Nishant Jain
This product is fine to be used when the poop is solid but if it even a bit on the liquid size it will make almost impossible to pick it with this product ... Have used it a lot during lockdown .. so if the poop is not liquid or stuck to the floor this product will work fine otherwise find a alternate option to pick the
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By varun khanna
It is a very flimsy product. Not sturdy at all. I worry it may snap sometimes during use. The value lies in the poop bags which are 90 small bin liners, but not worth the money. A sturdier product would have been worth it
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By Ambita Sahney Chenai
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3.7 | 394 customer ratings
62% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very useful for first time dog owners, specially for apartment dwellers in potty training your pups. Can be used for older dogs too in getting them into a routine and defining and restricting the
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By Asha Latha
Great for training a puppy when you live in an apartment. My 2 months black lab stopped peeing and pooping around the house and has very less to no accidents thanks to these pads!
Could be cheapet though as you cant use the same pad more than 2 days...even if only one side is soiled. Ran through the 40pads in 1
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The product is very thin. And since there no stickie below to keep it in place., it easily flys away with some breeze. Unless you have a cage where you wana put or a dog pen where ul need a bunch of these to make a carpet, its totally useless. My 5 month frenchie doesn’t prefer. Gotta find something else. Good for a 2 month baby
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By Dr Isha Singh
3.7 | 229 customer ratings
63% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
A very good product to keep your surroundings clean after your Chield does it's Work.

Be a responsible pet owner as well as Citizen and keep it Clean....

Good Deal for
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By Pavan
Pros: Very handy, Perfectly sized for travel and take-on-the-go.
Cons: Cheap quality plastic and small-sized springs make it a very fragile product. Cheap plastic makes it very vulnerable to damage. I have ordered a different brand now, made of better plastic now. A couple of hundred rupees more will ensure I don't have to worry
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By Varun Hotanakatte

I bought this product on 17 Jun 2020 and it is not even two complete months that it has broken. It had already broken in the first month at the joints near the hinges. I tried fixing with mseal and feviquick but each time it broke again. There is a design flaw with this product. The hinges need to be more strong and broad
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By Shah N.
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3.7 | 173 customer ratings
63% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Guys this is a must have for a pet parent. But WARNING, only meant for small breed dogs.
The quality, size of the handle is amazing. But the poop scoop mouth is too small for big breed dogs, my lab poops bigger than the mouth of the scoop, so had to return it. Otherwise its
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By Abdul R.
You have to use a paper or a plastic to ensure the poop is intact in the holder, I guess this is how it is meant. But every time I try to put paper in the poop if fly offs ;) and thus becoming difficult for me to pick the poop with the scooper. Still I recommend this for small breed dogs as it's better than picking it with your
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By Amazon Customer
The product is so small, it is just as long as a small scale and it is not good to scoop large breeds poop. I have a GSD and found this
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By kannan
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3.6 | 28 customer ratings
60% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent option to some off the other foldable ones that break soon after use. The mechanism on this is extremely reliable and easy to operate. I have a Mastiff and Boxer so it's a lot of poop... Does the job well. Only crib is that the bags it comes with are tiny and don't fit even the head of the scoop. Other than that it's
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Lovely product. Been using it for 2 months now. The only problem with it is that, the plastic scooping bags cannot be wrapped on the insides of the scooper. You will have to lay the plastic bag on top of the poop, and then use this device to scoop it
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By Atreya Kumar
The poop scooper is useful and handy, however I found some issues with it because of which I was disappointed such as- There were no poop bags as given in the description. It was a big let down since I chose this poop scooper over others because of the poop bag being provided. Also, there were no instructions on how to use, where is the
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