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4.4 | 1,965 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is pure sweet almond oil. It has many multiple use .Most comonly used for hair protection .and making it more smooth and shiny .it can be used on skin as well on dark circle and spots .
It is very affordable .So Go for it .it dont have any side affect


I can rate this for 4.75/5

If my
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By shubham
Got my hands on this Urban Botanics Almond Oil and so happy with my purchase. I have used this for 2 weeks and can really vouch for this product. Let's talk about this in detail.

Urban Botanics Almond Oil is a 100% pure coldpressed oil. It is free from chemicals and additives. The oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
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By Deepali
I have been using this almond oil since last few days now and I really like it.

➡️It is pure almond oil which is really very beneficial for skin & hair...
➡️It is a multipurpose product. I use it as moisturizer for my dry elbow,,,, use as makeup remover to wipe off my eye makeup,,, I also sometimes mix it with my
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By Ankita Agarwal
4.3 | 6,822 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This oil is more of a medical solution whose application can be done directly nor it can be for general use. Actually, castor oil is a thick solution like honey which should be applied with other hair oil. It's main use to make hairs grow in the area of
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By Abhi raj
I have heard benefits of castor oil from many and therefore I decided to buy this Rey natural castor oil. It is awesome. It has helped in nourishing my hair. My hairs are thin and castor oil is proving beneficial instantly. I have also used it on my Skin and it has provided good hydration to my Skin. This is 100% pure as it didn't cause
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By Shrisharma
Quality of this product is quite good. It is as thick as it's supposed to be. Quite sticky, so using some coconut oil along with it before applying to your hair will be better otherwise it gets difficult to mix it properly. I'm currently using it once a week before going to bed at night so that I can wash off in morning and it definitely
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By Mani
4.3 | 3,861 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent product, actually works and doesn't make a hole in your feels smooth and tangle
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By Bodhisattva
Actually, there is another way to use this product ...just try it ...before shampooing, apply this serum like you would any other oil and keep it for as long as possible and then shampoo.... the results are really good ... kindly try and see ....

The way I discovered this was I had applied this after bath to get ready for a
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By Chinni and Chobby
2 star only for fast delivery and packing,other wise product is not that good, I used this syrum first time ,yes it reduced my Friz hair for that time , smoothed my hair for 1-2 after using,but after that my hair started falling very much ,what is use of smooth hair when there will be No hair on head
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By Shivani
4.3 | 3,477 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Can be used in Many ways .It has so many Benefits for Hair ,Skin ,Nails ...........etc. Cold-Pressed You can use them in Your DIYS too -

Mix Castor Oil + Coconut Oil (For Thick Lashes and Eyebrows)

Mix Castor Oil + Coconut Oil + Few Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil (For Boosting Hair Growth)

You can use
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By @Bling_ur_eternalbeauty
-It helps to increase our hair growth, and prevent hair fall to a certain extent.
-Just dispense 2-3 drops on your palm and message it into your hair daily, let it stay for at least for 2-3 hrs before shampooing.
-Incase you are having difficulty in applying this thick oil on a regular basis, mix it with coconut
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By Rohan Roy
Incredibly thick oil with a clear goldenish color. It is organic according to the seller, so I've been using it lavishly on the face and body for severe dryness. Castor oil really is very good for dry skin and already I see that it helps with locking in moisture and keeping the skin soft. Also worked really well on dry cracked heels and
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By Daisychain
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.3 | 2,208 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Best hair oil. I used it 9 years. I like this hair oil because it's very refined & very thin oil.
The pack 300 +100 ml with great price 155. But no discount. If partly buy 300ml MRP 155 & 100 ml MRP
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By S Mondal
For years I were using Keokarpine non-sticky hair oil. As a break, tried this one. It is equally good. Non-sticky with nice
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By Saubhik Bandyopadhyay
This product contains 65% Mineral oil which is not mentioned in the product description page. The customers are deceived because they market it as Fruit oil when 65% is mineral oil. Mineral oil is bad for skin and scalp, so kindly avoid. Go with pure oil like coconut which is good for skin and
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By planetron
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4.3 | 1,240 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I had seen this oil serum in other countries and couldn't wait buy it when i saw that it was finally available in India!! This is even better than moroccan oil and so affordable!! Makes wonders to dry hair... shiny, soft and with no frizz at all even in mumbai weather
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By Amazon Customer
I've Been Using This For Three Months Now.. It's Probably The Best Product In This Price Range.. It's Thick And Not Sticky Unlike Oil.. Gives Off A Shiny Yet Not Greasy Look.. You'll Start Seeing Damage Repair In Two Weeks.. I Generally Use It Before Applying Hair Wax To Protect My Hair And Get A Nice Shiny Look. Good For Both Men And
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By Sameer Shrivastava
Extraordinarily oil serum has been a blessing for me. Have just started use since few days and my hair gets an instant shine soon after I use it which stays throughout the day. I apply soon after i shampoo daily. I make sure to apply it every time i go out. My hair gets a smoothing effect and shine. The best thing about this product is
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product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.3 | 1,016 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this one because after a very long time I found a shampoo that works both way in only 1 use.. I mean who doesn't want to just washoff in the morning before office and have both shampoo and conditioning at the same time... it saves alot of my time.. and the most amazing thing is that it lasts bery long.. the smell is amazing and
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By Rituparna Baritha
I was having dandruff issue with dry hair. The shampoo works really good. It removed my mild dandruff totally in 3 wash and makes my hair soft. The shampoo has creamy consistency and fragnance is also very mild and nice. I will
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By Samannita
Worst shampoo ever. It makes hair more dry and frizzy. I had purchased this product after reading the positive reviews here but it turned out to be horrible for my hair. Totally waste of money. Please don’t but this
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By Kaifiya
4.5 | 338 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Adding into my wash day routine the mixture of equal parts of Rey Naturals Castor Oil and Coconut oil is the great way to get thicker, stronger and glossy mane. This Pre-poo treatment promotes hair growth, reduce hair loss, while leaving scalp and hair hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated. Strongly
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By Shreemayee Chattopadhyay
I so look forward to wash days when I have a new product to test.

I love hair oils and castor oil is a hot favorite as it improves hair growth.
This month I am trying out @reynaturals cold pressed castor oil.
Surprisingly easy to wash off with no residue left behind.
Am using it on my eyebrows and eyelashes
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By Shruti Haksar
I have been regular user of castor oil. Castor oil is used for many purposes, foot, lips, skin n castor oil makes ur skin wrinkle free, treat chapped lips, help with cracked heals. Because of the reviews I bought it but this was not at all effective. I m going back to my old brand. Total wastage of
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By Nandita
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.2 | 5,115 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have very frizzy curly hair and need to condition my hair and apply serum every time I shampoo. This serum is so good that I can hardly notice the difference even when I dont apply conditioner sometimes. It makes my hair relatively more smooth, silky and most definitely frizz-free. It requires only a little quantity per application so
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By Sneha
Streax pro serum is the bst and my all tym favorite product..... It softens your hair and gives a silky, classy look... It is good even on sensitive hair with zero bad effects... But Amazon delivered it without cap... May be they will send me cap in the next parcel i guess
So rating for serum 5/5
N rating for packaging
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By Amazon Customer
It doesn't do it's job. Even after the applying my hair still is frizzy. It doesn't give any shining or frizzy
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By Kanimozhi V
4.3 | 799 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This oil works amazingly! My hair has become very soft and shiny. I am using this oil for premature greying and hair fall. And this particular product is free from preservatives. It’s cold pressed, hexane free and cruelty free as well. Price-wise also this one is more affordable. Go for it.
And the product arrived within the
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By Swati Life N Style
"Kalonji" is also popularly know as black cumin seeds.
Kalonji Oil has endless benefits and can been used in various home remedies!
Most important component is they have antioxidant properties.
Kalonji works as an excellent remedy for various kinds of allergies, asthma, diabetes, headache, high blood pressure, digestive
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KALONJI black seed oil by urban botanics
Delivered on the door step by @amazondotin
Received it a month back and I restricted myself from reviewing it, as I wished to use it first and experience the change and benefits.

This Oil is free from -
❎ Hexane ❎ Chemicals
❎ Additives
Kalonji popularly
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By Yasir ty
4.2 | 2,855 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Livon never dissapoints ! 😊 And this is no exception.. I literally don't get why people spend money on the overpriced hair serums and oils bcoz Nothin can replace this! And I am writing this review after using it for more than two months..
Well my hair is partially dry and had oily sculp with dandruff trouble.. and I have to
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By a happy soul
This serum works the exact way shown on tvs. I had washed my hair applied the serum. Then i travelled the whole day on activa fir few works. After coming home i noticed my hair were shinny and friz free.. its truly a good product coz usually if i go out with wet hair they become sticky and i have to wash them. But livon does
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Fake product received, no holographic packaging, no slip , pamphlet received along with the package, . Dull smell... Print on package is dull .no
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By Dr Guru
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.2 | 2,037 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very easy to use, light weight. Heats fast and gives silky smooth texture. Worth to buy at this
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By Rekha Sharma
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By Ankita Paul
Good product,light weight and easy to handle and of course have very attractive colour.It heats up very fast and facilitates quick straightning of hairs of any
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By Farah H.
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.2 | 1,973 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used many types of hair oil like - sarso oil, olive oil, coconut oil, aavla hair oil, Bajaj almond hair oil, but not satisfied , this is fullfill with all ingredients Wich of need our hair root part and root part glads,. If root part healtgy then your hair will healthy, so am so happy to use this hair oil from two year, I recommend this
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By jaspal kaur
I am using this almost 3 times in a week. I was having a severe hairfall, I used it and trust me it really work. I haven't noticed any negative/ side effects. It is easy to use, make hair shiny and healthy.
I recommend it to all those who want there hair
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By Sadaf_R
good product.... this is my third bottle.... I am satisfied with this product.... I usually apply it on hair and leave it over night.... next day wash with SLS paraban free shampoo and conditioner... it makes my hair soft....from the first use i noticed my hair fall stopped to an extend...
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By sreelakshmi v
4.2 | 1,652 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Parachute advanced ayurvedic hot oil enriched with malakangani and black pepper, deeply conditions my hair, leaving it soft and manageable
This hair oil is designed for winter dryness, heals damage and nourishes dry hair.
Hot oil penetrates 90 percent into hair-strands, increasing their strength, while reducing breakage by 60
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By Swati Prem Gupta
Parachute is one of the best brand i everknow..I tried so many oil for my rough hair but no work well but when i used Parachute hot oil it looks like wonder on my hair my hair become super softer and less damageful even it stop my hair fall ..i totally love this ..the fregnence of this oil is super and it feel little warm on my hair so no
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By Saloni sinha
Saffola parachute hot oil as it contains pure coconut oil, white thyme, malakangani, piper nigam & hibiscus. It the best oil as foe working womens and mens doesn't have time to make infused oil so this is the best oil just need to take it in the palm rub it and apply on your hairs as well as to the roots and you can see the difference..I
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By swati suvarna
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.1 | 6,188 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
No doubt, product is awesome and available at very reasonable price in comparison to other serums and even better than those.
But Amazon or Streax, can you tell me how to extract it without it's upper cap??
Obviously, It may be a fault either by Manufacturing Company or Amazon while packaging.
But overall, I am not finding
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By Pankaj Gautam
Best serum ....smell is toooo good...I realy liked a lott...just take a small quatity f serum and aply al over the hair before u go fr per the description it realy protect the hair from damage...thumbs up fr the
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By Supz:)
This is not the same product as advertised. I received a Steax Vitariche gloss serum instead of Streax pro Vitagloss as the product name suggests. Called CS to get the refund and since i had closed my bank account since the order was placed i wanted the refund to come through amazon pay. However Amazon rep Aniket and the supervisor
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By Abhi
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.1 | 5,876 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Detangles hair, smooth the frizz, makes your hair shiny and healthy looking. I have tried so many serums so, matrix etc, some were either way too oily or didn't work at all. However this serum is a boon. It suited my oily scalp and dry hair
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By Sonal R
Great serum
I have been using this from last one year
Its gives great look to my hairs. It lasts for 2 days
I also recommend this to my mother and sister. They are also became fan of this serum.
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By Moni
Delivers above average result
Prevents tangle
Prevents frizz to some extent
Less buildup compared to cheaper products like Livon

Fails to perform in humid weather for my hair type; Cant risk using it on beach holiday
Has silicone but so do all other serums in market
Leads to
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By Monishka
4.1 | 4,039 customer ratings
78% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I would genuinely recommend this product if you want to cut down on the frizz in your hair every morning while going to work and get smooth naturally straight looking hair. Your hair doesn’t look like that horrible parlour straightened hair. It comes with a plug point and an easy to use large paddle brush with a temperature setting of 1
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By Hinita
My hair generally becomes frizzy after 1 day of wash. Straightener takes up quite a lot of time as I have thick hair and I needed some product that I could use before rushing to office. Philips brush actually solves my problem within 5 min. It’s easy to use and straightened while I brushed. Took up no time in getting ready. Wonderful
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By garima
The plug was of cheap quality. I had great difficulty to keep the plug in the socket.. Half the time the machine will not switch ON. Not sure if I got the original cos I don't think Philips product comes with this low quality
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By Sree
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.2 | 713 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good 👍👌 product
Used so many products as experiment but after buying this one I just loved the effect of this
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By Souvik Dutta
I have been using this hair creme from past 5 + years and it's really worth to have in your personal utylity kit if you are a hair styling fan and you also want a product nursing your hair. I use it in the morning it gives a goos wet look and ones u come in contact with Airconditioning atmosphere your Ser style will remain till 12
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By Pravin Kandalkar
It is an okayish product, not effective in hairfall. Yup it does makes hair smooth, soft and fragrant.
But to what it says regarding hairfall I didn't felt any significant results.
But at this price it is good.
If you can pay just double of this price then go for Himalaya or parachute gold
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By Reader from a star
4.2 | 643 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
U can see the difference in first application itself , mix both oils and massage to scalp and hair for atleast 10 min,leave it overnight , morning after shampooing ur hair will be silky soft and bouncy ... i noticed less hairfall
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By Amazon Customer
I'm using this products for my hair fall problem, dry fizzy hair and low hair growth and I'm very happy with the
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By Poonam Paul
I have used Virgin Cold pressed Coconut Oil of PATANJALI and BELIEVE me this item can't come anywhere near that, be its Aroma or Freshness.

I bought it as it was in combo with castor oil and also at a discount.

Castor oil is Good.👍
And Packaging was Top
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By bharat mishra
product price FREE Delivery on first order. Details
4.1 | 2,381 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hi there

Been using this h&d black shampoo since a long time now and i am more than satisfied with this product , it is that same head and shoulder but comes in a bigger bottle
The bottle is having pump action and it makes it a lot easier to use . You are saving a lot on this bottle then the small packaging so i would
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By Rajat Kailley
This shampoo is really an amazing shampoo. I really loved its quality and its packaging. It comes in a pump bottle which makes easy to use it. You can also see its name that silky black which shines your hair and gives smoothness to them. It is upto 100% dandruff free shampoo. So if you are looking for a good and trusted shampoo then this
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By Himanshu K.
Over a month of usage & am still skeptical of the overall effectiveness of the Product!
Have mixed reactions.

The Good things :
1. H&S does what it does best i.e. Effective dandruff control. I have dandruff problem & few months back i tried a different shampoo but it didn't work so shifted to H&S again & it didn't
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By muFFi.