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4.6 | 2,657 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
the design, fit and fnisinsh of these banana clips is perfect. starting from ease of attaching it to your wires to the fit while plugging them into the speaker and AVR terminals which is neither too snug, nor too loose. However, having attached them to both ends of my speaker wires and on playing music and movies through them, there is a
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By D
The item of this quality is rarely available in India at this price of Ta.1199.00
The most advantageous part is, it doesn't need to be soldered with the speaker wire. The mechanism is so good the wires are held very fast and doesn't loose out.
Plugs fit snugly in the 4mm Banana plug sockets.
Doesn't know about the material
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I thought the amazon choice items are reasonable value for money. But this item Amazon need to change the design.
I was surprised initially when we plug the Banana plug in to the socket the plug keep rotating frequently. Since I did not face any issue I started using it. After two weeks I am hearing cracking noise from some speakers
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By Harits
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
4.5 | 29,681 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Updated Review : - Guys it's unique design may cause an issue to get fit in your system so please check the design before buying. It's slightly hard to insert it but if you don't switch them regularly then it's not an issue. For good quality we can do it. Again 5 Stars.

They are not just thin metal like most budget cables,
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By Sachan.Rishabh
Quality of the cable is good.
Sound clarity is absolutely fine.
The cable is durable and will surely last long.

Amazon did a great job with its service!!!

Only one complaint as everyone else here felt is that the connectors are hard to insert. I am facing this with the red connecor only, other one is
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By Danish Malik
I connected my mobile with sony 5.1 home theater system via this cable. To my surprise a constant humming/buzzing sound comes from the speaker. I tried reconnecting cable with different devices, but no use. My old aux cable (1.5m local market price 30rs) didn't produced such background noise. Expected this product to be a flawless
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By Sachin verma
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
4.5 | 26,488 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Hdmi ARC was not working with other brand cables. After connecting my Soundbar with this cable, it is working very well without any problem. This cable is the only solution for Mi TV 4a pro HDIM ARC connection. Quality is also very good. Now i can control the soundbar volume with TV remote and i dont have to use 2 different remotes. Also
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By Nick
This doens't look like original Bluerigger cable. The metal jacket got broken in 2 weeks. I have not even un plugged and re-plugged more than 2 times in this 2 weeks. This happened not because of rough use. It got broken just because of the curl of the cable itself. It could not even withstand the tension of the curl of the cable. Never
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By Poomalairaj
Thanks team for providing such a good quality of product it solved my problem.
Problem :- My Sony LED TV screen used to black out for few seconds and comeback, when ever i operate any switches or increase or decrease the fan regulator speed, i thought this was due to some electric loose connection so i have contacted the the local
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product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.5 | 15,934 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Unbelievable quality for its price. Awesome Amazon!
I recently bought iCopper Car wiring kit and I was not ok with the quality of that one. Then I ordered this one and I just love the output. Thing is, you will just like it and feel confident at a glance.
Attached a photo of the old iCopper RCA Cables and this one. You can
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By Rocky
As I have seen earlier, like all my other Amazon Basic cables, this is also an outstanding quality cable and met my need to connect my AV Receiver with my subwoofer.It is gold plated and the purformance and quality is outstanding.Anyone who will buy this, I am sure will be able to see the difference between other cables and this
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By Amazon Customer
Using a 15 feet Variant and a 8 Feet Variant for aver an year to connect the 4 Satellite Speakers of my Philips 5.1 Speaker System. No problems at all. Make sure to securely connect the cables else signal loss/noise might be present.

The two cables can be separated completely and used if needed. Each of the wire is color coded
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By Kaustav Ghosh
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
4.5 | 12,528 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Cable is perfect.. I bought it for my PC where I was using a VGA Cable before.. Bought this just out of Curiosity.. Well the purchase was perfect.. Delivered in two days and the quality is top notch.. I am now noticing superior color quality in my PC now, colors I haven't seen before.. One star off for such over price.. Otherwise
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By Amjadh C Nazar
It's very exactly 1m so it usefull only you I/o devices are near. Superb quality of cable worth for each penny but it's just support UpTo 1080p 60hz, so you will end up with boxed picture in your gaming monitor or uhd tv. Still it's very good for fhd tv. Surely it's
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By Tony Stark
On my 1080i TV, it did cause the TV screen to go blank for a second or two occasionally. The screen does not go blank with my other cable.
This HDMI cable worked OK on my android TV box. But it did cause the box to hide the setting from where I used to change the monitor resolution (with some other HMDI cable) . So maybe some HDMI
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By S L.
4.5 | 1,358 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This cable is a big improvement over my old one. I bought the old cable from after market which was a big mistake and was total loss of money. I use it for subwoofer connection from my Denon receiver.
- The bass now sounds deep and accurate. Initially the sound volume seemed to be less, but it's actually much clearer.
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By Ramkumar Ganeshan
I was looking for a new set of cables for my dual subwoofer setup and had this BlueRigger and Amazonbasics cable shortlisted. There are infact other better cables available but they are expensive and since I wanted 2 of these I got BlueRigger. Let me put down the pros and cons of this
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By jereenalex
For a coaxial cable the ground connection must be very good.
I ordered this cable to connect my sub woofer (Polk) to the amplifier (Onkyo) and imagine my shock when the speakers (Polk) began to emit a loud howl the moment i plugged in this cable. Upon changing the cable, I the problem got resolved. Apparently, the ground connection
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product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.5 | 1,124 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product , came properly colour coded to differentiate the video three from audio two
Easy to plug in
Supports HD ready TV sets which am using as my tv used up all HDMI ports
Make sure your tv and device both have a component output and inputs option before purchasing
Lot of tv have a common audio shared between
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By Jawbrea
This cable comes with a lifetime warranty. Now, when any product comes with a lifetime warranty it is bound to be of the highest technical standards.At least that is how it is perceived. I have purchased it recently and have connected this cable to my DVD player which too, I have purchased quite recently from amazon, and I believe I am
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By Debarshi Dutta
A good product which has good insulation with gold plated rca connectors which connect flawlessly into the inputs. The overall cable is strong and gives a good picture and sound. Recommended
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By Rohinton
4.4 | 185,211 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this product back in 30 April, 2017 for mirroring my laptop screen onto my tv mainly to watch anime and movies. Overall the HDMI cable is very sturdy and the output picture & sound quality is excellent. So far of usage I haven’t faced any issues personally, everything works smooth till now. If you are looking for a well built
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By Rik Aiox
Fits perfectly. I have connected my laptop to the TV and keep switching as and when it is required or if I'm feeling too lazy to get up and work on my laptop kept on the table. There is no lag, neither is it slow. I would recommend anyone who wants to buy this product, worth the money spent.
P.s.- As of now it's
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By Nikhil Jose
I have used this product for long time. Product build looks like high quality but when I started using clarity was slightly lacking and now after usage for few months sometime picture have turbulence or sound stops or different error comes. Always check product when you receive, if you find any error return it immediately. I should have
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By Darshan Langalia
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.4 | 72,489 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Packaging was very good. High quality rubber material used for coating. Quality is very good. Cables is flexible and sturdy. Working as expected. Optical fiber audio cable is just a high speed alternative for auxillary cable, most of new TV's don't support auxillary cables. It works same as that of aux cable , just plug n
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By Abhijit Musale
I had Sony home theatre .. I was using hdmi arc cable initially , after using amazon basics optical cable I didn’t find much of sound difference.. basically if u r using hdmi arc then continue using it. If u don’t hv hdmi arc then u can go for this
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By Amazon Customer
I brought this couple of week before and i have connected to my airtel hd+ set top box to f &d t60x , when i changed the spdif mode to dolby digital in set top box am getting hissing noise only on hd channels, non hd channels were no issue.any suggestion on this issue any one facing the same
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By Amazon Customer
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.4 | 11,313 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
My D2h signal was used to on and off for 1 or 2 seconds in a period of 15 min. It was really irritating, first i thought maybe because of voltage issue, then i went online and thought of changing the HDMI cable before buying a voltage stabilizer of my TV and voila ! Now there is no loss of signal from my set top box. This cable is really
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By sid
Amazing build quality. Very strong cable and soft to bend at the same time. I see no distortion on oictite quality using this cable. And connecting laptop to a tv is smooth. TV displays all four corners properly which is not the case with other cheap cables. This is highly recommended cable and s world known brand. Go girl
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By Sarkhazi

Worst quality, TV to set top box main boardswere burnt due to melting of wire.
Dont BUY and DONT waste youe money on Chineese
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By drpbaskar
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.4 | 8,084 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Perfect length though 20 feet would be appreciated. Works well. Cable is thick & long when compared to the 6feet cable. Easy to use & setup plus the thickness of the cable ensures it doesn't get damaged easily. Excellent
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By raghu102
A great hdmi cable for 1080p/ 4K at 30fps purposes as it does NOT SUPPORT 4K at 60fps (tested on WIN 10 GTX1070ti) the screen would just black out and keeps resetting. Keep in mind before buying. The picture quality is excellent at 1080p/4k@30fps. No black pixels, or screen tear whatsoever. The thickness of the cable is quite good as it
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By Dawar j.
After 5 months it stops working. Frequently the HDMI signal drops & the screen blanks
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 397 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
CableCreation 15 Feet Toslink Male to Toslink Male Digital Optical SPDIF Audio Cable, Braided Fiber Cable with Metal Connectors can be found on Amazon for less than Rs. 500.

The quality of the cable is very good as it is braided. Thickness is also good.

Connectors are well protected in the package with plastic caps
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By DesiMedicos
The cable is braided and very well built. It is very long too. I'm happy with it. I use it to connect my soundbar to my
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By Pranjal Sharma
i think only if it was a little cheaper compared to others i would rate it 5 stars. but it does the job im not sure what others would sound like compared to this so the technical aspect cant say much but the built quality is quiet neat and feel
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By Rohit
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
4.3 | 15,179 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I hoped for a good quality chord for this price but I didn't expect such a top quality one. Its definitely worth more than the cost. I got a lengthy one, enough to connect my Blaupunkt Soundbar to my Motorola TV.
SOUND is crystal clear. Crisp and clear audio. Highly recommend this
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Small and compact product. Have been using this with my LG tv and edifier speakers since last 6 months..
The frequency of the output sound is well distributed. High notes are much well defined after using the converter.
The bass of the output sound is less muddy after using it.

Go for this product if you have a good
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By jagannath satpathy
If you are looking at affordable cables with premium quality, Bluerigger is the company to go to. Highly responsive, with an outstanding warranty scheme ( never had any issues with their cables so far ). The cables are sturdy, with no lag in transmission quality and with outstanding fit and finish. So much so that all my TV cables are
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By skanda
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.3 | 5,843 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this cable thinking if it would work or not .. I have a 55inch MI Tv and 5.1 Onkyo home theater setup .
Plugged it into the coaxial output of the TV and into the coaxial input of the onkyo system which is by default works on the Blu-ray mode on onkyo .

All in all 5 star in quality and value as well .

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I recently bought a budget Panasonic 4K backup TV for my bedroom. I was a bit disappointed with the HDMI ARC performance with my Philips HTL2163B soundbar. It would work perfectly at times and other times no amount of tweaking would make it work. I resorted to using the 3.5mm audio jack in the interim and wasn’t happy with the sound
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By Ravi
Works as expected. Good quality. Using with MiTV Pro 43 and Logitech
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By Samrat Mitra
4.4 | 768 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been looking projectors on Amazon. After comparing it for a few days, I finally chose this brand new Everycom x7 series Projector. Because of the same performance, but the price is cheaper and there is also 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty which is very good.

My daughter likes it very much and won't hurt her eyes.. It's
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By Rohan
Projector was delivered in time. Decided to buy this just in time for festival. Projector quality is very good it has got HMDI and VGA support as well. Picture quality and projector brightness is impressive it's a great deal overall. In built speaker sound quality is decent. Highly recommend pairing it with home theatre sound system for
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By Vivek
When i received the first one remote was not working, due to remote i had to return projector as well. Clarity was good and i asked for a replacement. Second one, which i received clarity was not good. There was no option to replace it again so i had to go for the
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By Nagaraj Saudari
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery. Details
4.3 | 1,644 customer ratings
82% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Blue Rigger is bringing the best of products into the market. For those who look for sturdy products this is the brand to go with. I already have a VGA cable from Bluerigger and was very happy with it.
So decided to purchase this cable from the same brand. This is basically to connect the soundbar with the TV.
It is essential to
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By Shan
i have always thought hat GOOD cables should be in the sub thousand price range and this one just did that. I guess GOOD is an understatement. the cable looks nice but the sound quality and separation beats them all. Kudos to the manufacturer he/she knows they are doing, keep on the good work at this superb price. Must buy...totally
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By Lenny
The product works well, agreed.
But the country of Origin ( i.e. China) is not mentioned.
This does not help me in making an informed
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By v.amit
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
4.4 | 496 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Theres nothing you can dislike about the cable in this price, they look really durable, they're flat and flexible so you can easily connect it to whatever you want! The Packaging was a little difficult to open (which is a plus point for me as it protects the cable well enough)
MRP on the package was 999 which surprised me as I bought
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By Dhairya
This cable is good , good package this box is hebby hard and good 3 days delivery, good , 999rs mrp but I got it 139 .No delivery charges,
Good pros. Below|
Video quality is good .
No problem
30.06.2018 my youtube channel is showing unboxing video
Utpal home made invention my channel name
See how box and
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By utpal home made invention (youtube)
It's not original tizum hdmi cable

The tizum original package cover was teared. I think seller teared the cover and replace the original hdmi cable and put custom one into it.

But I never expected original of that price and the hdmi cable was working fine.

That's the reason I gave good amount of stars but
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By Anil
4.3 | 484 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got it very fast, this review is for New model Real HD 720p just released on 2nd June 2020.
The packaging was good and secure, got brand new products.
Got the lens cover and other accessories with the package.
when projected on a white wall or white screen results are amazing as you can see in the images I
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By Parth Thummar
I ordered the E9 Real HD projector. This seemed to be the best value for money 720p projector (others in the price range are generally 480p).

First day of use extensive use (Windows applications (MS office), HD games and Movies), I'm pleasantly surprised by the image quality:
1) The projector is capable of a BIG image in a
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I think i m first reviewer of this product..tried Video and Ppt in both dark and some light. Performance good.720p and 2400 lumens given by company which is atleast required for daylight ppt presentation.need to make proper setting of focus and keystone to get clear picture quality .
My suggestion is only that before buying any
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4.1 | 710 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have bought this product Mulo Arena 5000 & Guys seriously the TV Room has become like a Cinema Theatre. Ultimate Cinematic Hall Experience.. How powerful bass oh! God I'm blown away.. The Glass Windows & Glass Doors vibrates and full room creates low rumble whenever there is a low frequency sound. I have seen orphan film & I'm still in
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By Audio Engineer
After a lot of research, I bought this MULO soundbar and here’s my review:


1. The subwoofer is very punchy and powerful and you will be pleasantly surprised by the surround effects
2. Bluetooth connectivity is seamless
3. The bar is very sleek, not too small and is perfect for TVs for all
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By Malinee
Totally blown away by this new arrival from MULO. I have already been using MULO Wonderloop and super happy with MULO products. I recently bought a Xiaomi TV and as new TVs are too flat to offer good sound, I was looking for an affordable soundbar below 5k range. Even without any rating, I took the leap to buy Arena 5000. I must say this
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By Ranojit Giri
product price Fulfilled FREE Delivery on orders over ₹ 499.00 . Details
4.1 | 486 customer ratings
80% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Using this one for the past 4 months, no issues till date.
Pros -
+ Support 4K and ARC, and works absolutely fine
+ Gold Plated for better audio-video
+ Flat Cable for more durability
+ Long at 2M
+ Cheap, very cheap

Cons -
- If I were to nitpick, the cables could be braided. But at this
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By Dev.N
My Sony 55X9000E led tv & Sony HT RT3 is connected through HDMI ARC and my Tata Sky HD+ to my led tv through normal HDMI cable but after purchasing this cable,
I have connected my Tata Sky HD+ to my Sony 55X9000E led through this Tizum HDMI cable, there wasn't much difference in picture quality (a little bit of improvement) but the
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I wanted a cable to connect my roku to my 4k tv .the earlier cable was doing a fine job of delivering 4k 60hz HDR at 4:2:2 but inhad to use it for a new soundbar I bought ,so i bout this cable .this was not able to do it at all the picture flickers every few seconds and tv looses the picture every few minutes .dont know if it is a cable
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By sachin s